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What are the elements of the signs of the zodiac and their review

A review of the elements of the signs of the zodiac: how people are affected

Astrologically, all the signs of the Zodiac are divided into four elemental elements regarding the power of their influence. The ancient experts of astrology believed that the 4 elements of the signs of the zodiac correspond with 4 concepts that characterize life, namely: Spirit, Space, Time and Matter. In addition, each concept has its own 4 variants of gradations and interpretations.

In this article we will examine in detail the 4 elements of the signs of the zodiac with their general description and find out how the representatives of these elements interact with each other.

What are the elements of the signs of the zodiac and their review

How the elements affect people

The elements of the signs of the zodiac have an impact on the process of formation of the personality temperament and how it manifests All zodiac constellations in ancient times are divided into the following elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water (according to the science of 4 elements).

In this case, there is a correspondence:

  • The fire element is associated with the Spirit;
  • Air — with Space;
  • Water — with Time;
  • and Earth — with Matter.

It turns out that all the zodiacal constellations are distinguished by a strict regular relation to the qualities of manifestation, the strength of which will depend on which of the elements the sign belongs to.

Each element has the formation of a trigon — or three symbols of the zodiacal constellations, that is, a peculiar triangle of relations.

One should not take the name of the element in the literal sense, because they have more philosophical meaning, which speaks of the totality of specific personal characteristics.

According to astrologers, the elements of different signs strongly affect people’s behavior. Thus, it is difficult for individuals who belong to different elements to find mutual understanding, they often have different fundamental differences and trivial quarrels.

Between them there is also often the emergence of «internal friction», a complete mismatch between views and tastes, since they act as complete opposites.

Overview of all the elements

Now we will consider all 4 elements with their detailed description, as well as which zodiac sign belongs to which of the elements.

Fire element

The fire element is a triangle of will. It is represented by the following signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

The element of Fire gives its representatives intelligence and energy, such people are carriers of high energies.

In ancient times it was believed that the fiery element is a reflection of internal burning, incessant upward movement, development, self-improvement, as well as the constant desire to express themselves and live. Eastern philosophy says that the element of Fire is a reflection of the powerful influence of the heavenly will, fills its representatives with life force and high survival.

The energy of life that is present in every person is characterized by a powerful energy potential: fire destroys everything that has outlived itself and helps to renew a person, to reincarnate him.

The astrologers of antiquity described all the signs of the fire element as follows:

  • Aries — as a pioneer and architect;
  • Leo — as an organizer and generator of vital energy;
  • Sagittarius — as a builder and performer.

What are the elements of the signs of the zodiac and their review

Earth element

The earth element is trigon action. It is represented by signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

The element of the Earth gives its representatives practicality, caution, dedication and respectability.

Also, people attributed to the earth element are reliable enough, specific, have a high degree of disability, clarity, dedication and perseverance in achieving their goals. Such individuals tend to get involved and with noble motives use all their strength and resources, both spiritual and physical.

They are not selfish, they are unfamiliar with the concepts of self-interest and lies, which is fraught with certain life difficulties.

But thanks to their increased endurance and patience, such people are able to find a way out even from very difficult situations. They tend to remember offenses for a long time, but at the same time they are distinguished by generosity and responsiveness, as well as they are constant in their feelings, and tend to be attached to people.

Representatives of the earth element is not easy enough to converge with others. In some cases, they may be subject to impulsiveness, temperament, when they express their thoughts and feelings.

As a rule, such personalities are difficult, but interesting enough intellectuals who need to be understood so that interaction with them brings pleasure.

You can characterize the representatives of this element as follows:

  • Taurus — a person who is distinguished by creative perseverance, patience and strength;
  • Virgo — an individual who performs all his duties very carefully;
  • Capricorn — as an excellent leader and organizer who is not afraid of responsibility.

Air element

The air element is a triangle of thinking. It is represented by the signs of the Zodiac Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

These are people who have a very good intellect, adore change, and often they make real geniuses.

The ancient philosophers said that the Air element in its elements is very similar to the Fire Elements: both the first and the second are distinguished by an active principle, able to captivate and provoke movement. The difference lies in the fact that the Fire Element is characterized by constant activity, it has a purposeful action, and the Air element is distinguished by a variable, unstable in focus and strength in activity.

People air signs of the zodiac are incessant search, they are always attracted by the novelty. They are monotonous, non-creative activities that can destroy their initiative and the manifestation of the most positive personality traits.

Air signs very often become diplomats and politicians. They need control, but it is very important that it is not too intrusive.

People of the air element have a connection with the Spirit, the Breath of the Most High. The sages of antiquity believed that such people were able to extract ideas from the air (Eastern philosophy says that “ideas are carried in the air).

Abstract ideas and delusions often arise in their heads, but at the same time they retain their stubbornness in their positions, even when life repeatedly refutes them. Such people often cause a lot of trouble to their relatives.

What are the elements of the signs of the zodiac and their review

The astrological characteristic describes the representatives of the air element as follows:

  • Aquarius — as a man, father, freedom-loving person;
  • Libra — like a woman, mother, desire for equality;
  • Gemini — like children, fraternity, the desire for unity.

Water element

The water element is a triangle of feelings. It is represented by the signs of the zodiac Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Water gives its «wards» emotionality, developed intellectual abilities, great power of the subconscious and excellent intuition.

The water signs of the zodiac are very emotionally susceptible, tend to feel thinly other people, perfectly perceive cosmic signals. Also, such personalities possess excellent occult, meditation and other abilities that bind a person and the other world.

If we compare the people of the element of Water with other signs, then they are distinguished by a stronger immersion into their own inner world. For such people, emotional connection is much more important than business.

They are distinguished by great constancy in the sensual sphere. But at the same time, not only emotionality is inherent in them, but even impulsiveness and ill-considered actions: such people are used to first do and then analyze what they have done.

Water marks are distinguished by their high survival rate and resistance to various life shocks. Their water symbol is distinguished by its mighty life force, which helps them recover quickly.

Representatives of the water element accumulate enormous potential that helps them develop.

Astrologically zodiac signs are characterized as follows:

  • Cancer — responsible for intuitive abilities and developed feelings;
  • Scorpio — he concentrates on his own feelings and emotions;
  • Pisces — use their feelings and sufferings for spiritual development.

It was a review of 4 elements of the signs of the zodiac, into which all people are divided. Finally, we invite you to view the horoscope for the elements in the following video:

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