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What are the distinctive features of the signs of the zodiac in October

An overview of the signs of the zodiac appearing in October

October is a fabulous time of golden autumn, a time of inevitable changes and the rebirth of nature. Wonderful personalities, extraordinary and many-sided, are born this month.

About what features of character have people born in October, read in this article.

What are the distinctive features of the signs of the zodiac in October

What zodiac signs fall in October?

People who celebrate their birthday in October are protected by the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio. From September 24 to October 23, Libra dominates the star arena.

And on October 24 they give way to Scorpio.

The main planets that influence the people of October are Venus and Saturn. The impact of these celestial bodies makes people born in October sensitive and balanced, realistic and slightly pessimistic.

With the arrival of the star arena of Scorpio begins to feel the influence of the militant Mars and the mysterious Pluto. These planets determine the complex character of the sign, which is not fully comprehended even by experienced astrologers.

What features have people born in October?

Golden autumn presents its beneficiaries with kindness and charm, responsiveness and kind heart. But at the same time endows a controversial and complex character.

Their temper is reminiscent of October weather: sunny and warm, cool and rainy.

October people are very sociable and friendly, responsible and responsive. They are witty and never get lost in the crowd.

Since childhood, they are surrounded by friends and acquaintances. And the people around them appreciate them for the love of justice and a kind heart.

People born during this period have a well-developed sense of beauty. They have excellent taste and know how to feel harmony in everything.

They love to dress with taste, surround themselves with objects of art, understand music.

The health of people born in October

Usually people born in October, have excellent health and have a flowering appearance. But their weak points are:

  • Cardiovascular and nervous systems, because representatives of the sign tend to take everything too close to the heart.
  • Spine — frequent pain in the back;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Headache;
  • Propensity to depression;

How is the career of the October people?

People who were born in October, have logical thinking, are able to analyze and draw conclusions. It helps them to make an excellent legal career. A prudence and seriousness will allow success in science and medicine.

October people make excellent doctors and scientists, many of whom receive scientific degrees.

Usually, these people are not in a hurry to start any business, but first they assess their capabilities. But, if they took up something, they do the work until the end so that it is not a shame for the result.

Often, fate throws the October people into politics. They can make a brilliant career in this field.

However, they do not seek to satisfy their ambitions, but approach their responsibilities very responsibly.

Usually people born in October get married quite early. They are wonderful husbands and exemplary hostesses.

These people tend to marry once and for all and do not allow the thought of treason.

They are kind and generous to children and their second half. And family values ​​are valued above all.

They support each other in difficult life situations and do not think about divorce. However, they are slightly indecisive and afraid to openly express their feelings.

Intermittent Libra: the main sign of the zodiac in October

Most of the month is influenced by the Libra zodiacal sign. Representatives of this sign are fully consistent with its symbol: like weights, they sway from side to side, showing indecision and inconstancy.

They themselves are deprived of internal equilibrium, so they seek to compensate for this deficiency by harmonizing the world around them. Representatives of this sign never show aggression, but on the contrary, reconcile others.

They are interested in various types of art and creativity, they are trying their best to decorate and ennoble life.

What are the distinctive features of the signs of the zodiac in October

October Libra is very kind and highly spiritual, attractive and attractive. They have an easy disposition and a positive outlook on the world.

They never argue and avoid criticism. It is easy and pleasant to communicate with them.

Libra is considered the most socially adapted sign of the zodiac.

Positive qualities of Libra

  • They have a light and peaceful nature;
  • They are sociable and diplomatic;
  • Elegant and idealistic;
  • Self-confident and friendly;
  • Extraverts;
  • Optimists;
  • Smart and interesting;
  • Congenital leaders;
  • Self-sufficient and objective;
  • Dreamy;

Negative qualities of Libra

  • Dependent on the opinions of others;
  • Superficial and unstable;
  • Indecisive;
  • Inattentive;
  • Sly and conceited;
  • Authoritarian and despotic;
  • Infantile;

From 4 to 13 October, the sign is ruled by Saturn. Under its influence on the light, calm and sensible people appear, a little cold and alienated.

They do not have a craving for science and often drop out of school or an institution. They are not easy to choose a profession and find their purpose in life.

Often find themselves in a circle of people associated with art.

From 14 to 23 October, Jupiter enters the arena, which presents those born during this period with vitality and optimism. These people are loving and compassionate, they do not stint giving love to others.

Sometimes they go too far into religion and charity.

These are true friends who will never substitute or betray. All life remain faithful to one partner.

Wards of Venus aim to create a strong family union and have many children.

Passionate Scorpios — the sign that ends October

On October 24, the zodiac constellation Scorpio, ruled by warlike Mars, takes effect. Thanks to him, the representatives of this sign have a powerful energy and ardent temper.

These people are subject to strong passions and emotions, sometimes unrestrained and even aggressive.

Another patron of the mark is Pluto, which determines the inconsistency of the nature of Scorpions, their propensity for the thirst for pleasure. These people do not know what a sense of proportion in their actions and words.

Their main feature is mystical sexuality, so they spend most of their lives on carnal pleasures. However, they are very jealous and vengeful.

Scorpions are distinguished by well-developed intelligence and observation. They are in a short time able to master the knowledge that will take others for many years.

Scorpions are complex and closed people, but at the same time charismatic and attractive. Often they feel craving for mystical teachings, occult practices and paranormal phenomena.

To raise a little Scorpion is a difficult task that requires patience and endurance. Such children love to offend others and do dirty tricks to others. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to cultivate in them a feeling of pity and compassion.

Otherwise they may grow antisocial and prone to criminal activity.

Scorpions are very hardworking and goal-oriented, achieve their goals by any means. But at the same time do not forget about true friendship and become loyal friends.

But Scorpios can revenge their enemies as no other zodiacal sign can.

What are the distinctive features of the signs of the zodiac in October

Positive qualities of Scorpio

  • Bright sexuality;
  • Discretion and practicality;
  • Severity;
  • Realism;
  • Devotion;
  • Sensitivity;
  • Observation;
  • Determination;
  • Industriousness;

The negative qualities of Scorpio

  • Obsession;
  • Suspicion;
  • Unpredictability;
  • Stubbornness;
  • Pessimism;
  • Vengefulness and rancor;
  • Intemperance;
  • Stealth;

With age, the positive qualities come to the fore for Scorpios, they become more humane and compassionate, less categorical and suspicious.
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