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Weekend horoscope: July 9 and 10

Weekend horoscope: July 9 and 10

This weekend will mark the transition of the Moon from the constellation of the practical Virgo to the romantic Libra. For this time we have prepared a weekend horoscope — so that those born under different Zodiac signs will know what promise they have this weekend.

Saturday evening promises Aries a calm pastime, which is not always consistent with the temperament of this Zodiac. Leave passionate love affairs on Sunday: July 9 is still better to devote to more pressing matters.

Taurus and Saturday and Sunday will pursue unfinished business and problems. You should not run away from them: take a look at your unfinished list of plans, cross out a couple of points from there at the beginning of the weekend, and instead of tightly closing the gestalts, you will get at least a day of rest.

Astrologers advise twins to monitor punctuality. You may accidentally be late or not come to the planned event at all. Keep your word these days so that others know its price.

Left out, you miss a lot.

Rakov representatives should concentrate on unleashing their potential. Household worries horoscope advises to postpone until later — at least one weekend. Psychologists advise art therapy: it activates your creative beginning and helps to distract and reboot the mind before the work week.

Leo horoscope offers to relax and reward themselves for their achievements. Do not hesitate to do things, yet take the time to walk or forays into nature. Breathe in the fresh air and full breasts: new horizons will open up before you.

Virgo this weekend to switch to other and not previously planned tasks. Feel free to indulge in creative impulses, whether it is the desire to cook something on a breathtaking recipe or write the first page of a future book. The main thing for you is not to spend these two days in the wake of your responsibilities.

Weights will be held July 9 and 10 Wednesday people. Perhaps at the end of Sunday you will get tired of the abundance of people around you, so it’s better to find a recipe for a relaxing bath from Saturday morning so that on Monday the work week will not find you squeezed like a lemon.

And Scorpios are not threatened with Libra problems: you yourself can quite hurt someone this weekend. Try to keep yourself in good shape and not to react too badly to the small weaknesses of your close people.

Astrologers predict hit the top ten for Sagittarius if you are ready to take a chance this weekend. But all this does not concern the monetary sphere: in financial affairs Strelets of the Soviet Union should be more careful, otherwise the next week will have to be aground.

Capricorn this weekend horoscope promises the possibility of rest and rethinking. Things that may have upset you lately, will align themselves on Saturday and come to harmony. You will have the opportunity to correct the mistakes made in the past, as well as make a successful step towards the future.

Aquarius weekend horoscope advises July 9 and 10 to hold a contrast. If you devote one of the days to creative solitude, on the other you can schedule meetings with friends or active rest.

Fish should devote 10 July to prepare for the next week. Think about all your plans: you are going on a trip — get a suitcase now. We decided to meet with friends — think about where to go.

So you will not encounter unforeseen circumstances next week.

Weekend horoscope wishes all the signs of the zodiac success on July 9 and 10. These days will be quite favorable. The lunar calendar also does not promise us any significant disappointments. Watch your horoscopes to keep up to date and in the middle of the action, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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