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Virgo’s most accurate horoscope for November 2018

Horoscope for November 2018 for Virgo zodiac sign

At the end of autumn for the Virgin will begin a rather interesting, but at the same time difficult period. Because of the endless chain of bright events, and not always favorable ones, many representatives of this zodiac sign will find it difficult to cope with emotions.

Nervousness and sudden aggression will negatively affect work and personal relationships. In order not to fall into depression, the Virgos horoscope in November 2018 advises to worry less when any problems occur, but to rationally and slowly approach their solution.

Virgo's most accurate horoscope for November 2018

General astrological forecast

In the last month of autumn, Dev will overcome apathy and sadness, they will feel lonely and deeply unhappy. Attempts of close people to somehow cheer them or distract from problems will not be crowned with success.

The melancholy state will alternate with sudden aggression, and such a state will start to alarm, and even frighten, those around. Lonely rest and an interesting hobby will help to cope with the instability of the psychological state.

You can also try to direct negative energy to sports.

Stars recommend Virgos not to refuse the help of loved ones, whatever it may be. In addition, you should not avoid communicating with friends, it will only benefit.

They accept you as you are, and they know for sure how to distract you in difficult times. In addition to the unpleasant events, November prepared pleasant acquaintances, thanks to which lonely Virgos will be able to get out of the apathetic state and begin to enjoy life again.

In November 2018, you should avoid adventures and not make hasty decisions regarding finances. Of course, there is always the temptation to quickly and easily multiply your savings, but you need to fight it.

After all, you know for sure that nothing in this life is simply given, and you have to pay for everything, so by investing in questionable projects, be prepared to lose them.

Virgo's most accurate horoscope for November 2018

Health horoscope

Problems with the physical health of the Virgin in November is not expected, but the psychological will undergo great trials. To cope with the emotional load and not to bring your body to moral exhaustion, the stars are advised to take a whole range of measures.

First of all, you need to allocate more time for relaxation and pleasant communication with loved ones, and in addition to this, you can use various sedatives. Just do not need to resort to potent drugs, it is better to do with traditional methods.

To escape from unpleasant thoughts Virgo will help an interesting hobby. She always has a lot of ideas, and she has truly “golden hands,” so the horoscope recommends doing handicrafts or creativity.

Moreover, in addition to relaxing and receiving positive emotions, a favorite thing in the future can be turned into a profitable business.

As you know, sport is a good medicine for many diseases, so it would not hurt to start to engage them. At this time of the year it is better to sign up for the gym and train under the strict guidance of a professional trainer, and it is better to transfer classes in the fresh air to a warmer time of the year.

In addition, this month is a great chance to “earn” kidney problems, so tempering is also better to postpone.

Virgo's most accurate horoscope for November 2018

Horoscope career and finance

In professional terms, November 2018 will be quite a favorable month. Virgin will be able to strengthen their position in the team and increase financial income.

Already at the beginning of the month they will receive a large sum of money for the work they have done previously, and decide to treat themselves with new clothes. But in order not to spend at a time all that earned over the course of a month, the stars advise in advance to make a list of necessary things and go shopping with him.

In the second half of the month, Virgos will often have to go on business trips, and you should not refuse them. Of course, travel and business negotiations can be very exhausting, but soon you will understand why the chef assigns them to you.

If you show professionalism, diplomacy and a high degree of responsibility, then at the end of November you will surely get a solid premium, and maybe even an increase.

Those Virgos who have long been planning to buy a car or real estate, the horoscope advises to wait a little more. This month there may be a chance to fulfill your dream, but not quite as planned.

Still, it is better to wait with such an important decision, and not to spend the money set aside for this, but to put them in the bank at interest.

Virgo's most accurate horoscope for November 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

If in November the Virgin sets herself up for love, she will certainly meet a person with whom she can build a long and happy relationship. In addition, this month the number of fans will significantly increase, and she will choose from whom. There will be so many invitations for dates that you will have to start a diary and record scheduled meetings in it.

Of course, attention from the opposite sex is good, but you should take the initiative not to lose the person you like.

Emotional instability Dev at the end of autumn negatively affect relations with a loved one. They already behave excessively critical and meticulously, but during this period all borders can be crossed.

Nobody likes constant reproaches and scandals on a “flat” place, and the second half will decide that it’s enough. In order not to destroy their relationship, the Virgin will have to make great efforts, and first of all it is necessary to treat her psyche.

In November 2018, couples expect a favorable time, filled with romance and tenderness. Joint trips, dinner by candlelight and going to the movies will make you remember those feelings that you have not experienced for so long.

Once again you make sure that you live with “your” person. When planning a joint pastime, it should be remembered that on November 7 it is better not to make trips, and it’s also not worthwhile to sort things out, because this day will be the New Moon.

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