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Virgo compatibility horoscope with other zodiac signs for women and men: how to choose the perfect pair

Compatibility of Virgo with other signs of the zodiac: the rules for choosing the ideal partner

According to the zodiac horoscope, Virgo refers to earth signs, therefore, it is not peculiar to her to dream and make impossible plans. She has such traits as accuracy, friendliness, self-esteem, hard work.

Since Virgo does not like idle pastime, she will not tolerate next to a man a lazy, inert, and not able to achieve the goal.

People under the patronage of this constellation, stand firmly on their feet and always know, not only what they want, but how to achieve it. Choosing a partner for living together, Virgo draws attention not so much on the external characteristics, but on the inner world.

The zodiacal horoscope characterizes these people as excellent analysts, they are difficult to mislead and incline to dubious enterprises. They make decisions based not on emotions, but on sober calculations.

Sometimes the excessive suspicion of Dev prevents them from believing in the sincere feelings of a partner and becomes a source of quarrels and conflicts in family life.

Virgo compatibility horoscope with other zodiac signs for women and men: how to choose the perfect pair

Men born under this constellation place high demands on women. They do not need a girl for one night, they will look for a faithful companion who can become a reliable friend, an excellent hostess and a caring mother.

Virgo compatibility horoscope with other zodiac signs for women and men: how to choose the perfect pair

Aries woman will have to temper her ardor and show patience if she wants to tie this man to herself forever. She should not immediately inform her chosen one about the desire to marry him.

Such behavior will only alienate the man-virgin, and he can break off the relationship at the very beginning, fearing such energetic partner and not wanting to take responsibility.

However, the influence of Mars on Aries is so great that they can not cope with their emotions, and that is why such relationships often end up parting. But this does not mean that the couple breaks up enemies and will stop any communication.

The Virgo male is a gallant gentleman who possesses an innate sense of tact. He is always happy to come to the aid of his former lover and will try to become a true friend for her.

Indefinite relations can last for quite a long time and it is quite possible that with time the Virgo will learn not to criticize her companion openly, and Aries will be able to more realistically look at things and not engage in self-deception. In this case, this couple will have chances for a long and happy life together without mutual reproaches and violent quarrels.

As for intimate relationships without mutual obligations, then everything is much better. Aries is impressed by the simplicity and sincerity of the Virgin, and the man likes some sexual mystery of the partner.

This is one of those cases when an intimate relationship is not a pleasure for one night, but a complete unity of partners with dissimilar characters.

Compatibility in business and friendship with these marks is extremely low. As a rule, the relationship ends at the very beginning.

Virgo will not tolerate the commanding tone of Aries, dictatorial tendencies and peremptory judgments. The latter will be irritated by the slowness of the Virgin, the tendency to constant analysis and conservatism.

If these people still had to be together, then it is necessary to make pauses in communication from time to time in order not to provoke a grandiose scandal.

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