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Venus compatibility overview for different constellations

What will be the compatibility of Venus between the different signs of the zodiac

People meet, sympathy arises between them, and later — a feeling of passion and love. Not everyone thinks about how much the signs of the beloved zodiac will influence the further development of relationships.

The impact on the sexual and love aspect of the life of the people of the planet Venus is especially strong. There is even such a concept as compatibility on Venus, about what it is and what it is — learn from the material below.

Venus compatibility overview for different constellations

How Venus affects the signs of the zodiac

Venus has a very powerful impact on the state of the sensual sphere of human life, as well as on compatibility in the love and sex aspects between different constellations.

At the same time, the planet exerts its influence equally on the representatives of both sexes. But for each zodiac constellation, its influence will be different.

It is by these indicators that one can determine a person’s sexual temperament, his tendency toward casual relationships, or, on the contrary, loyalty and decency.

After reading the material below, you will better understand yourself and your partner, which will help you understand your relationship. As a rule, it is customary to say that Venus is in one or another sign of the Zodiac (for example, in Virgo, Leo, and so on).

The location of Venus in different zodiac signs

Venus in Aries

With the location of Venus in Aries, you can talk about her very weak influence. Of course, this does not mean that this zodiac sign is not capable of experiencing a feeling of love or is characterized by low sensuality.

Just love energy is present in the life of a person in a not very strong form. But this figure will increase if a person meets his soul mate, whose sexual temperament will be higher.

In a variant of the location of Venus in Aries, unfortunately, in some cases, a person may not experience serious feelings all his life. It is extremely important that he meets a partner who will love him without any «but».

This will help a person to uncover and show their sexual potential.

Venus in Taurus

In this position, the sensual component of personality is normal. Taurus has powerful sexual energy and is able to experience a feeling of love.

Such individuals generously share their energy with representatives of other constellations, able to ignite a fiery passion in other signs.

It is very important that such a person gets a suitable partner who will not only “pump out” energy from him, but will be able to harmoniously supplement it with his own.

Venus in the sign of Gemini

Twins are distinguished by great curiosity in matters of love and sex. They often do not know how to build the boundaries of what is permissible and what is forbidden.

Such personalities strive to try everything in life, even if this “everything” is quite strange. Twins can easily find sexual partners, but it is extremely difficult for them to establish long-term relationships.

They find it difficult to find suitable people with whom there will be harmonious interaction.

Lions are perfect for Gemini for a stormy and passionate romance.

Venus in Cancer

In almost all situations, Venus in the constellation of Cancer has a negative impact. The problem lies in the fact that Raki lacks the sexuality and sensuality that most partners need. They are able to love more maternal than passionate love.

They consider sex as a necessity for marriage, but they are not looking for a source of pleasure in it.

If there is a connection with similar energy signs, for example, Aries or Libra, then in a union there can be no attraction at all. Venus in Cancer is an unfortunate option for marriage, but it is ideal for friendship.

Venus in Leo

Able to create real magic. Lions are naturally strong, haughty in themselves, not recognizing defeat. Their tolerance is greatly reduced in matters of love and sex.

Signs will be weaker to fear Lviv and will not dare to build relationships with them. And for similar in strength, all the fervor of Lviv will be a pleasant surprise.

Very good compatibility is established in Lviv and Gemini, who need constant experiments. But you need to be careful, because Venus in Leo will make such a man a Lovelace.

Venus compatibility overview for different constellations

Venus in the sign of the Virgin

This position of Venus is disappointing. These people are unfamiliar feeling of love.

They value their partners more for their personal qualities and strength. A virgin needs to be loved — then she will flourish before our eyes.

Venus in the sign of Virgo has little impact on intimate life. Being impressed with her partner, Virgo will be active for some time, but later — she will let the situation go.

Venus in Libra

Scales are a strong sign. They are often able to give the impression of cold, devoid of passion, but in reality this is not true. Representatives of this sign are able to hit a loved one with the help of their spells.

Having passed the Libra test, you can be sure that in such a pair there will be joy, love and beautiful courtship.

Venus in the sign of Scorpio

This is a fairly harmonious position of Venus. Scorpios have a feeling of sincere and pure love.

They pay enough attention to the desires of their partner. Plus Scorpios are interested in sincere relationships, very long and beautifully looked after.

At the same time, the Scorpions feel a great deception.

Sexually, Scorpios like active partners who are ready to experiment. They do not tolerate passivity.

Venus in Sagittarius

Finding Venus in Sagittarius is very similar to the situation with Aries. The difference lies only in the fact that Sagittarius is often inclined to manipulate his love and intim. But this does not mean that these people do not know the feeling of love and pleasure, it is just important for them to find the perfect partner.

Need a beautiful courtship.

Venus in Capricorn

This position of the planet will add Capricorn enhanced sense of significance of a loved one. For these people uncharacteristically frivolous attitude, he always thinks very well all the pros and cons of a possible relationship.

Shows openness and honesty, is not inclined to change.

Capricorns — tender and passionate. They are also very wise and often predict the course of behavior of their beloved in advance.

Venus compatibility overview for different constellations

Venus in the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is quite hard to move forward in life, as often faced with a lack of understanding of others. They have a weak temperament, do not like to talk a lot.

Sexually, Aquarius can take initiative as long as this initiative doesn’t disturb them (and this happens rather quickly).

Venus in Pisces

Pisces is distinguished by jealousy in the love sphere. A partner for such people is valuable enough, they are very afraid of parting.

Therefore, they often agree to very bold experiments.

Pisces distinguishes emancipation in terms of sex, they are very hard to tolerate betrayal. Such people cannot be called cold, because they have quite harmonious and balanced love and sexual spheres.

Often, Pisces dream of such passionate and faithful partners as Lions, taking his activity on his own account. But this is not the case in all cases.

Indeed, Lions and Pisces have very good compatibility, but the unbridled ardor of the first partner can destroy everything.

Pisces is romance, they readily accept almost any people. And that is what makes them often defenseless before the outside world, which is very cruel.

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