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Vedic horoscope by date of birth

Vedic horoscope by date of birth

Vedic horoscope is considered the most accurate and ancient on Earth. With it, you can determine your strengths and weaknesses, to understand why certain events occur in life. The horoscope has 27 signs, which more accurately describes each person.

Thanks to Jyotish Vedic astrology, it becomes easier to understand which aspects of life fall into the category of data at birth, and which certainly need to be developed in order to achieve well-being in all spheres of their lives. This horoscope makes it possible not only to understand and accept yourself as a person, but also to learn how to get around the trouble, develop new abilities in yourself and withstand weaknesses.

UTTARA ASHADHA (from January 12 to January 24, the symbol is a Mongoose)

The sun is the planet-ruler of these people. Zodiacal constellation — Capricorn. Ashadha gives people confidence, perseverance and strong intuition. They are purposeful and almost always complete what they have begun.

To the advice of these people often listen. Achieve a position in society through their ambitions, as well as cooperation. Exceptional organizational skills make it possible to choose professions related to responsibility. People of this constellation are inherent practicality and love for the ordering of knowledge and experience.

They can be excellent doctors, lawyers, and spiritual mentors. Of the negative traits of character, one can note the rigidity, sharpness, frequent manifestations of anger and unwillingness to put up with the majority opinion.

SHRAVANA (from January 25 to February 6, the symbol is a monkey)

The moon, the planet ruler of the people of this constellation, echoing Capricorn, gives softness, sensitivity and ability to listen. These are patient and persistent people who do not tolerate haste and superficial judgments. Often choose the path with a bias in the art, which gives them the opportunity to show their nature to the fullest.

The negative manifestations of Shravans are manipulation, gossip, some recklessness that adversely affects the choice of friends, and also inclines the person to bad deeds and actions. The need to curb your temperament entails the formation of a personality, develops willpower and allows you to achieve significant heights in selected professions. It can be journalism, medicine, creative professions, teaching.

DHANISHTA (from February 7 to February 19, symbols — a lion or lioness)

The people of Dhanishta relate more to the zodiac Capricorn and to a lesser degree to Aquarius. Their planet of ruler is Mars. They have bright character traits. These are strong personalities prone to adventure.

Their agile mind, as well as their unwillingness to sit still, produce extraordinary natures capable of both prankiness and harsh criticism. Valor helps them achieve goals, despite the difficulties and obstacles. Most often choose a couple for life.

They are receptive and perceptive, but in character there can be arrogance, vindictiveness, a desire to achieve a goal by any means. Perseverance and patience are what Dhanishta people should cultivate in themselves.

SHATABHISHASH (from February 20 to March 4, the symbol is a horse)

People whose planet is Rahu, or the northern node of the moon, are bent on seeking the truth without disclosing secrets. The relationship with the zodiac Aquarius has positive aspects, which are manifested in the philosophical perception of the world, stubbornness and optimism. Negative qualities — pride, selfishness and inflated ambitions.

Strive for integrity and unity. Knowledge of the truth for these people is a source of strength and at the same time manifests itself in selfishness and deception. They are prone to professions in the media.

Their behavior is often shocked by their closeness and suspicion. The love of loneliness and independence allows you to develop wisdom and seek ways of enlightenment. However, manifestations of pessimism and self-deprecation are frequent.

Willpower and industriousness allow people of this constellation to achieve knowledge of the secret meaning of many things.

PURVA BHATRA (from March 5 to March 17, the symbol is a lion)

The influence of Jupiter on the people of Purva Bhatra empowers them with dedication, loyalty and intelligence. They have a calm character, but they are also capable of aggressive outbursts of emotions. The constellations of Aquarius and Pisces endow with contradictory qualities. This is envy, anxiety and at the same time unprecedented concentration and communication.

Prone to providing themselves with material goods, therefore, often aggressive in achieving their goals. Among the professions often choose those related to the afterlife, the occult and secrets. They perfectly adapt themselves to the role of a psychiatrist, render any kind of ritual services, they can try themselves as magicians, healers and soothsayers.

One way or another, the people of Purva are attracted to death and everything connected with it. In connection with such an interest, tendencies toward fanaticism, the search for hidden truths, depression, as well as inclinations toward solitude and asceticism are often outlined in the character.

UTARA BHATRA (from March 18 to March 31, the symbol is a cow)

People, whose planet of ruler is Saturn, have a many-sided character, which they also owe to their similarity with the zodiac Pisces. These are wise people who achieve success with their ability to build on the current situation and use any circumstances to their advantage. At the same time, they are not prone to manifestations of egoism, are compassionate and receptive to the needs of others. The patronage of Uttara Bhatra makes it possible to keep everything under control, which ensures their success in their chosen profession.

Often these are people of creative professions, mentors in yoga, meditation, and various occult sciences. They are distinguished by responsibility, the absence of laziness and the completion of the work taken.

REVATI (from April 1 to April 12, the symbol is an elephant)

Revati’s personalities are optimistic, generous and attracting attention. Their planet of ruler is Mercury, and the Zodiac is Pisces. They do not succumb to difficulties, prone to reverie. Positive traits leave no room for selfishness and manifestations of aggression.

Therefore, Revati are great friends, ways to help and support, as well as instill confidence in the doubters. Most often choose professions related to art. Their intellectual abilities make it possible to express themselves in the exact sciences, but their tendency toward religiosity and self-knowledge encourages an in-depth study of psychology and psychiatry.

Interested in manifestations of the human nature and its features.

ASHVINI (from April 13 to April 27, the symbol is a horse)

Planet ruler of the people Ashwini — Ketu, the southern node of the moon. Location — zodiac Aries. Connoisseurs of freedom and restless people, they do not tolerate loneliness. Ashwini’s courage and determination borders on extremity.

Their ability to master the situation provides a quick career rise, because the command and the desire to keep everything under control is one of the characteristics of the character. However, those who have not reached the control posts, in life, face the difficulties associated with restlessness. People of this constellation have an excellent sense of humor, are not prone to bitterness, but extremely stubborn.

Possess inexhaustible creative potential, which manifest in everyday life and in the profession.

BHARANI (from April 28 to May 11, the symbol is an elephant)

Bharani is ruled by Venus, and their constellation echoes the zodiac Aries. People are endowed with highly developed intuition and often follow their feelings. Their character includes many aspects that throw them from one extreme to another. A huge amount of energy and natural curiosity gives them the motivation to learn and know the world around them.

Their activities are not limited to the choice of specific professions, so Bharani often needs a mentor who would direct them on the right path. Thirst for adventure and emotionality is often brought to extreme manifestations in the chosen path.

CRITTICS (from May 12 to May 25, the symbol is a sheep)

The zodiac of Aries and Taurus, as well as the Lord of the Sun, endows people with a penchant for sharp behavior bordering on tactlessness. They are accustomed to achieve their goals, based on their own judgments and researches, often argue about the essence of the emergence of certain things, negatively relate to deterrents. They have leadership skills, but productive and unhurried work is not for them. They light up new ideas, but cool down quickly if the process drags on.

Under the mask of external severity and egoism, tenderness and the desire to give care are often concealed, but the same egoism and desire to appear independent from other people’s opinions, moods and emotions prevent them from showing up.

ROKHINI (from May 26 to June 8, the symbol is a snake)

Rohini are ruled by the Moon, and their constellation is correlated with the zodiac Taurus. They are aimed at achieving well-being for the progress and comfort of life. Purposeful and persistent personality, they are often zealous environmentalists. Possess a burden to art and successfully manifest themselves in this field.

Rohini appreciate loved ones, therefore, provide them with full support. Their life credo is the desire to try literally everything to determine the most convenient sources for drawing positive emotions, wealth and satisfying their needs.

MRIGASIRA (from June 9 to June 21, the symbol is a boa)

Mars, the zodiacal Taurus and Gemini characterize the people of Mrigasira as seeking individuals. Curiosity and thirst for new knowledge are based on suspiciousness and caution, which can often be confused with timidity. According to the Vedic horoscope, Mrigasira self-sufficient, purposefully go to the goal.

However, a brief jubilation again pushes them to search for new sources to meet their personal needs. These are people with a well-established opinion, spiritually filled and rarely inferior in controversial moments.

ARDRA (from June 22 to July 5, the symbol is a dog)

These people are ruled by Rahu, the nodal point of the moon. The zodiac is marked by a bright red star in Gemini. These are people with the character of a child, easily moving from a state of excitement to apathy and resentment.

Endowed with an inquiring mind, sensitive and prone to self-sacrifice, do not tolerate any manifestations of pain. The happiness of these people lies in the ability to balance the mind and emotions. Having achieved such a balance, Ardra is capable of brilliant manifestations of his nature in a variety of professions, including those related to the exact sciences, calculations and microsurgery.

PUNARVASU (from July 6 to July 19, the symbol is a cat)

The planet ruler of the people of Punarvasu is Jupiter. The closest to them is the constellation Gemini. These are people who bring harmony and care. Their intellect and emotions are in subtle equilibrium, which gives rise to personalities striving for light and self-knowledge.

Achieving the goals of Punarvasu lies through hard work and diligence. They are prone to care and take close and dear people under their wing, providing them with everything they need. There is a certain submissiveness in the character, which provides them with good relations with the authorities and with their subordinates. However, they are lively and active people who are able to defend their opinions.

A characteristic feature is the thirst for adventure and travel in order to discover the beauty of wild nature and enjoy the feeling of belonging to the whole world.

PUSHIA (from July 20 to August 2, the symbol is a ram)

Saturn rules these people, and the zodiac has something in common with the constellation Cancer. They are characterized by patience and perseverance in achieving their goals. These are non-conflict people, assiduous and good-natured. Their courtesy and politeness has, gives confidence and reliability.

Manifestations of pessimism are characteristic for Pushia only in extreme cases, therefore, they are loved for good temper, livability and unselfish help and care.

ASHLESHA (from August 3 to August 16, the symbol is a cat)

Mercury, as well as the zodiac Cancer give these people the opportunity to express themselves, regardless of the opinions and actions of others. Ashlesha, by their nature, proprietors, have a strong energy, which makes them difficult to communicate. However, in their desire to possess what they need, they often show impatience, aggression, and often put others at risk. Careful, suspicious and often in a state of readiness to fight to win their interests.

Often use is not entirely honest methods in doing business, prone to hoarding and spending money on luxury items.

MAGHA (from August 17 to August 29, the symbol is a rat)

Ketu, the southern knot of the moon, forms in these people a thirst for knowledge. Magha’s attachment to the zodiac Leo gives them freedom of love, courage and purposeful actions without fear and doubt. These people are distinguished by optimism and a desire to lead.

It is often difficult for them to find a common language with their surroundings due to their directness in their statements. Magha’s personalities value their roots, respect their elders and learn from their experiences. They tend to idealize the world, but are able to get along with worldly restrictions.

PURVA FALGUNI (from August 30 to September 13, the symbol is a mouse)

The planet ruler Venus influences the character of these people, endowing them with gentleness, friendliness and good nature. In the Zodiac of Leo, the constellation Purva is represented by two bright stars. This combination gives the Falguni people exceptional features that attract people. They love to be the center of attention and draw strength in the boundless love of his own person.

They are able to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which contributes to the rapid convergence and establishment of contacts. The negative qualities of the people of this constellation are jealousy, vindictiveness and often high self-esteem. However, the Falguni are able to analyze their actions and direct their energy to a peaceful course.

UTTARA FALGUNI (from September 14 to September 26, the symbol is a buffalo)

The ruler of the planet is the Sun, and the zodiac Leo and Virgo echo the constellation Uttara Falguni. These are harmonious by nature people who strive for creation and comfort. They are interested in creating comfort, friendly and hospitable.

Not prone to destructive actions. However, their independence and the desire to be outside the crowd of people are different. They have a hard core, they are able to show egoism, directness and decisiveness if their interests are criticized.

HASTE (from September 27 to October 10, the symbol is a buffalo)

People whose planet-ruler is the moon often depend on their mood. Hasta intersects with the Zodiac Maiden. This combination gives people of Hasta business acumen, confidence and ease of learning.

They are incredulous and often suspicious people, seeking to streamline and organize everything. They are distinguished by extreme punctuality, which limits the circle of communication due to the constant quibbles of Hasta. People of this constellation are multi-talented, which gives them the opportunity to realize themselves in any area, often associated with monotonous work and attention to detail.

CHITRA (from October 11 to October 23, the symbol is a tigress)

Chitra corresponds with the Zodiac Scales and Virgo, and Mars is the ruler of the planet. Chitra’s personalities, according to the Vedic horoscope, tend to stand out from the crowd, possess natural magnetism, drawing attention to their personalities. They have a controversial character, but skillfully cover up their shortcomings with bright behavior. Owners of powerful sexual energy, they often use their charms and are able to manipulate the emotions of others, benefiting themselves.

In general, these people are inherent self-doubt and timidity.

SWAT (from October 24 to November 6, the symbol is a buffalo)

Rahu, the northern node of the moon, is the ruler of Swati. Restlessness, independence and ability to adapt distinguish these people. Adventure lovers, Svati have a sense of balance, which allows them to find their niche in life and achieve their goals without an enormous amount of energy.

Their liveliness and subtle mind make it possible to avoid any conflicts and to find a common language with almost any person. They make excellent businessmen, and the connection between Swati and the Libra Zodiac is responsible for material stability and well-being. The luck of the people of this constellation often helps them out of adventurous enterprises.

VISHAH (from November 7 to November 19, the symbol is a tiger)

The people of Vishah are ruled by Jupiter. They are distinguished by the love of power and pleasure. To achieve their goals, they make truly titanic efforts, but the result is almost always more than compensating for their efforts. The powerful energy of Vishaha is also due to the Zodiac Scales and Scorpio.

These are people who know their own worth, who do not waste their time on trifles and are able to move in the direction of interfering people. Their whole life is an endless challenge that they take for action.

ANURADA (from November 20 to December 2, the symbol is a deer)

Leaders by nature, the people of Anurada are ruled by Saturn. Possess exceptional intelligence and intuition. Combine dedication, kindness and carelessness. Capable of heroic feats, but often based on the benefits for themselves.

The zodiac of Scorpio for these people is manifested in the positive qualities of creation and self-knowledge. Negative properties are manifestations of anger, impatience, and selfishness. Discipline — one of the distinguishing features of character — gives people of this constellation to curb their negative qualities, which becomes the key to a successful and prosperous life in the chosen path.

PURVA ASHADHA (from December 9 to January 11, the symbol is a monkey)

The people of this constellation are ruled by Venus. Their character depends on the Sagittarius Zodiac, but to a lesser extent. Purva Ashadha gives an exceptional opportunity to wait for a favorable set of circumstances and act decisively. This approach provides an almost instant victory and is associated with a love of excitement.

These people, like predators, are waiting for a conditional signal, after which they make a sharp jump and seize their prey in tenacious claws. Possess explosive nature, feel fine alone and reluctant to share their knowledge.

MULA (from December 16 to December 28, the symbol is a dog)

These people are ruled by Ketu, the southern node of the moon. Possess a strong mind, logical and consistent. They are focused on learning new things, constantly replenishing their knowledge, tend to look for the truth in everything. The zodiac of Sagittarius connects them with search and research, but it also endows with negative qualities — selfishness and arrogance.

At the worst, Mula people brag about their intellect, which can be unpleasant in communication. Impulsive personalities, they are often alone in their research, which in no way darkens their existence. Mules are in constant motion and are not limited to the narrow framework of standards.

They always want more, so they thoroughly study everything that interests them.

Vedic horoscope is able to lift the veil of the mystery of the origin of each person and his relationship with the planets and stars. Certain character traits, given at birth, each develops in its own way. The power of each to change both themselves and their destiny.

Any horoscope is attached to these aspects, which opens a person to its main features, allowing you to choose the path to the light and knowledge of the new. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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