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Vasilisa Volodina: what to do if there is no compatibility with the partner in the horoscope

Vasilisa Volodina: what to do if there is no compatibility with the partner in the horoscope

Today, many couples check their relationship for compatibility on the sign of the zodiac. According to astrology, there are incompatible and compatible signs of the zodiac. Those constellations that do not fit together may well create happy relationships, but they will not last long. The astrologer Vasilisa Volodina always calms those who are saddened by inconsistency in their horoscope with their partner.

It turns out that there is a way out of this situation. It is on this issue and gave recommendations Vasilisa. How to keep the relationship of two different temperament signs?

Vasilisa Volodina claims that even the two most incompatible signs can live a long and happy life together. Only for this you need to constantly take into account your incompatibility and try to learn how to bypass the difficulties of character mismatches. To do this, you need to learn in detail about the temperament of your zodiac sign and partner sign.

For a complete picture of the relationship, you can make a natal chart. In this case, the situation of the relationship will be clearer.

In relations with a partner, it is always necessary to look for compromises. For example, the compatibility of Cancer and Aries is almost zero. These zodiac signs will be well together only at the beginning. But then, if they want to have a long relationship, they will have to either come to terms with each other’s characters and way of life, or seek common points of contact, make concessions and seek compromises.

The relationship of the two incompatible signs of the zodiac require constant effort, work on yourself and even victims. However, if there is love in a couple, then all difficulties will be easy.

It is necessary to find out what can annoy a partner, and what he likes most. Based on this, you need to build a tactic to create a serious relationship. Do not forget that the desire to create a strong union should be mutual.

Often, quarrels and misunderstandings in a pair occur because representatives of incompatible signs simply do not know how to listen and hear each other. For example, the signs of the element of Fire perceive information through real facts, arguments or actions. And the signs of the Water element are understood only by feelings and emotions. It is necessary to learn to hear each other and understand.

There are signs of the zodiac that can be very offended by criticism, and therefore need to talk with them more tactfully. And there are those that perceive the information through a clear and even crude arguments.

It turns out that in order to preserve and strengthen relationships, each in a pair needs to work on himself and more often think about a partner rather than himself. Only then can a diverse couple be together.

The astrologer Vasilisa Volodina argues that the task of the horoscope of compatibility according to the Zodiac is not to show which people are suitable for each other for a relationship, but to preserve the relationship and create a strong and happy union.

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