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Vasilisa Volodina talks about the elements of the Eastern horoscope

Vasilisa Volodina talks about the elements of the Eastern horoscope

Famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, in combination with one of the leading popular shows on the First Channel “Let’s Get Married”, recently spoke about some interesting and unusual features for the Signs of the Eastern horoscope.

As the lunar calendar, the Eastern horoscope divides all its signs according to belonging to different elements depending on the year. In total there are five such elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. True, according to Vasilisa Volodina, determining which sign to which element belongs here is much more complicated than in the lunar calendar that we are used to.

Not so long ago, scientists learned a pattern in the influence that each of the elements has on the signs of the eastern horoscope. It was decided that all the years going under the element sign of Water should end with 2 or 3, under the sign of Metal — 0 or 1, of the Tree — 4 or 5, Fire 6, and of the Earth, respectively — 8 or 9.

According to the astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, the elements of the Tree in Ancient China were of particular importance, since according to their ancient legends, the East, the very place where the Sun rises, corresponded to it. The symbol of the representatives of this element is the Dragon. It is placed in the eastern part of the room.

For centuries, the Chinese believed that it helped to preserve the eternal youth and beauty of a person’s spiritual perception.

The element of Fire in the eastern horoscope is strongly associated with a huge inner potential, fame and fame among its owners. It corresponds to the South and to the celebration of the summer Solstice. The peak of physical and mental activity in people belonging to this element is midday, when the sun is at its apogee above the horizon.

Fire, as Vasilisa Volodina told, symbolizes the period of the bloom of human strength. Particularly iconic talisman for this element is the Peacock, carved out of stone rocks.

The next element is Earth. It was to her in the homeland of the eastern horoscope that people gave the most honorable and worthy place, since it was believed that he was in the very center of the opposing forces. Here, sign symbolism played a significant role, since the center of the universe was considered the Polar Star, and the Emperor was its incarnation on earth. This strongly connected the element of the Earth directly with the state apparatus of power and management.

The symbol of the Earth revered the image of man.

The element of Metal in the eastern horoscope is associated with such features of human nature as reliability, hardness and coldness. People born in these years are known for their care and justice towards others. The peak of this element falls on the autumn equinox and the time before sunset.

The talisman here is the Tiger.

But the element of Water in the eastern horoscope is revered as the most mysterious and mysterious. It corresponds to the North and the holiday of the winter Solstice. If we take into account the daily cycle, then the time of the Water is midnight.

All representatives of this element have the gift of true faith, sacredly honor the traditions of their ancestors and do not like to build false illusions about the future. Water symbol stands Turtle.

As Vasilisa Volodina says, each of the above elements has a direct impact on the life and fate of a person, endowing them with the disadvantages and virtues inherent mainly in a particular sign. Be happy and don’t forget to click on and

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