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Vasilisa Volodina’s love horoscope for a year

Vasilisa Volodina’s love horoscope for a year

Vasilisa Volodina knows how to attract and keep love. This means that a love horoscope, compiled by a leading astrologer, will be for you the main assistant in the struggle for the right to be happy.

Not to miss the chances that the year will open before us, you can use the astrological forecast. Knowing the behavior of the planets, it is easy to determine what the year of the Earth Dog will turn for each Zodiac. Vasilisa Volodina warns: 12 months can be a source of new problems and difficulties, but this does not mean that you need to give up.

Mistakes and troubles are inevitable, but they help us grow stronger. The path to success in love you pave the positive thinking. It all depends on how you look at the problem.

According to the forecast of Vasilisa Volodina, Aries will manage to find their happiness this year. Winter will be a lull. This is a kind of preparatory stage for the inevitable changes that will overtake you in spring and summer.

The new year will begin with an idyll, or at least with an acceptable level of understanding with your loved one. But the transformation of the relationship will continue. If you do not like something, it is in your power to catch the right moment and rewrite the love script as you want it.

Mars, who has a strong position throughout the year, will lead your love success. From January 1 to January 25, you must follow the call of your heart. This time, though not suitable for finding the second half, but no one forbids throwing the bait.

Until March 17, Mars will sleep, and with it your sexuality. Do not try to change the course of the game. From March 17, Aries will open all the doors, and they will be open until November 15.

The main weapon will be passion and self-confidence, Mars does not stint on it. love will be in your hands, you only need to learn to be responsible for the feelings of others.

Tauruses risk losing their heads from love. It will be a busy year that will be under the control of a restless and changeable moon. The secret of success for you will be recommendations of the lunar calendar for each day.

You will have every chance to adjust your relationship to the desired mode. But for this you will not have to lose your natural sanity. The stars are sure: it will be difficult for you to resist the charisma and sexuality of your partner, but sometimes this is the only chance not to fall into trouble.

Turn on common sense often, don’t let yourself be roped. Sometimes you need to say a firm “no” even to those whom we love with all our hearts. This will help you intuition.

Listen to your inner voice and ask yourself often for advice.

You should not create yourself an idol from a partner. Do not idealize people: you can forgive a person at least a hundred, at least a thousand times, but he will not change. Look at everything objectively. This year you need to allow yourself to be selfish.

Love will not go away from you, but in love you can lose yourself.

Twelve months for Gemini will be held in an aggressive struggle for a place under the Sun. To find love, you will need to find yourself. A person cannot comprehend love for another until he knows true love for himself. learn to accept yourself with all the pros and cons.

Having learned to appreciate the most important person, you will look at your partner differently. Do not let the feeling of inferiority negate your happy life.

The stars are sure: this year you have every chance to be close to the person who will truly love you — to love your soul. Beginning and middle of the year Gemini will spend in search of spiritual and intellectual harmony with a partner. If you want to know a loved one better, then get involved in a common cause: go on a trip or start repairs.

You will understand with whom you are on the way, and who better to throw off. Free Gemini will be easier to fall in love with someone who is always there, who helps or needs help.

Cancer is the most family Sign, so the emphasis needs to be placed on the love sphere of life. Good luck will accompany you in all, if you achieve harmony in a relationship. According to the behavior of the planets, this year is momentous for you. Representatives of the constellation of Cancer will have many chances to find love.

Perhaps you will finally meet your ideal or find points of contact with your loved one.

If the relationship does not add up, the situation will improve significantly by the middle of the year. You can not even worry about the correct expression of feelings: if true love, words are not needed. Success in the love sphere will attract success in work. you will be forced to walk in a vicious circle — luck in one area of ​​life will follow on the heels of success in another.

There is no other. Do not try to take everything to chance: the Universe will reward you for your efforts and patience. The main thing — move forward, become better in relationships, not outside.

Astrologers have bad news for you, the lions who are accustomed to taking risks: you will have to live according to the order established in the Universe. The Year of the Earth Dog can be a difficult time for narcissistic Lions who are used to bending their line in relationships or confident of their invulnerability to the arrows of Cupid. The coming 12 months will be truly shocking for you, especially if you have been on a “love diet” for a long time. Passion will take you into its captivity, and so powerful that you will no longer resist.

The events of life will force you to admit that before love you are vulnerable, like most people. Your superhuman resilience is just an ordinary farce.

Stars will open your eyes to inner imperfections; you will learn compassion, mutual respect and sensitivity. This year will be something of a struggle for you. 12 months will not pass without a trace and will leave behind them the ruins of the former shackles, stereotypes and clichés.

You will not notice large-scale changes if you do not decide to plunge into the pool with your head.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog, Virgos will have to work on themselves, or rather, on their inner world. Deep down you are dirty with the negative, the pain of the past, the insults and the fear of the new. You will have to fight back, but not alone, as you used to do it, but with your loved one.

Virgin easily denied the idea of ​​themselves as «breadcrumbs» and egoists. Planets will open people’s eyes to your inner world. What you are accustomed to hiding under seven locks, surrounding will begin to notice. First of all, access to this will get those people whom you are not indifferent.

This is a suitable year for emotional and intimate rapprochement. In order to remain in a state of complete idyll, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend reading their passions not morality, but love poems. The only thing you need to give up is drastic changes. Stop changing direction, follow the chosen path to the end.

Do not leave the field of view of the universe this year, then good luck will catch up with you.

The coming 12 months will roll the Sign of Libra on a roller coaster. Mostly will suffer mood and energy. This means only one thing — requests and tastes will change, and most likely in the exotic direction. Your eyes will fall on the spiritual, intimate and material component of the relationship.

The planets will show you your love union from a completely different angle. Against this background, you can not avoid problems in the relationship with a partner. Astrologers advise to balance the interests and defeat themselves.

Any problems in the relationship should be resolved quickly and rigorously. Expecting a lot from your partner, try to reward him for the sacrifices made for you. Pretending to be something you must meet your needs. Avoid commercialism.

Remember: anything is bought, but not love.

The material component of the relationship for Scorpions this year will be the main problem. But astrologers advise not to pay special attention to money — it is best to turn it to your own self. All members of this constellation will be extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Especially irresistible you will be in the eyes of a loved one. Caution: priorities will be set automatically.

This means that you intuitively choose for yourself a “passive initiative”. This procedure is much more effective than an open attack. You will attract the attention of the second half, to cause a burning interest in yourself and create some kind of intrigue.

Stars advise you not to save problems of a personal nature, but also not to focus on them. Act wisely and cunningly, use your hidden talent to achieve the desired without any battles.

To attract love to the Strelets Troops will help a sober look at things. Relationship problems will overtake you relentlessly quickly, if you continue to act impulsively and powerfully. It is possible that you yourself will find yourself in the grip of love dependence.

Many of you will understand the meaning of the saying «forbidden fruit is sweet.» You will fall into love networks and even forget about all your principles, if you continue to act by inspiration.

Astrologers recommend trying to rationalize your own feelings. Immerse yourself in creativity, ask for advice from loved ones, if you suddenly find yourself in a hopeless situation, but do not rely on your feelings. As soon as you give up the slack, everything will go somersault.

In the Year of the Dog, you will need great endurance and willpower in order not to accidentally end up in the trap of love. Do not live one day, think about the future.

This year, Capricorns waiting love defrost, and astrologers suggest that this will be only the beginning. The planets will line up in such a way that you will not allow yourself extra liberties and will not rush things. However, the «flood of feelings» you provided. You will embrace love obsession, all-consuming and paralyzing will and mind.

Do not be afraid: to pass now is to voluntarily release your happiness from your hands. Be decisive and confident.

Year of the Dog will help you find love, relax and increase their sexuality. If you find the opportunity to move from words to action, you will open the way to a new level of relationships. Do not be shy about your desires and fantasies, answer flirting, go on dates and make new acquaintances.

If you are already in a relationship, take responsibility and take the first step towards living together.

This year, Aquarius should beware of strong feelings: you can fall into a love affair. Do not confuse love with energy binding, otherwise you will find disappointments that will be very difficult to endure. Fight the feeling of fear of loneliness, because of which a huge number of marriages and other people’s destinies are destroyed every year. Do not be afraid that someone will leave you — the right people remain under any circumstances.

It is important that you understand this now: it’s not scary to be alone, it’s scary to live with the wrong person.

The forecast for the year shows that a star will shine next to Aquarius, some unusual personality that will change a lot in your life. Passion in the love union should be added carefully — it is accompanied by affection. This year you will fall in love with a new force, and no partner’s faults will prevent you from deifying him.

But be wise: rose-colored glasses break glasses inside.

Fish this year may move from the happiest signs of the zodiac to the section of the most miserable and vice versa. The thing is that representatives of this constellation do not know how to properly expend their strength. They mindlessly give preference to all that destroys them from within.

It is time to open a new chapter of his novel and finally get rid of the garbage in his head and personal life. lonely Pisces can find their happiness or guess where exactly to look for it.

Stars suggest: all the answers to the questions will lie on the surface. Therefore, learn to notice the signs of fate. Ask yourself often what you want from a relationship and from a partner.

The universe will answer you. Astrologers advise not to get too carried away with the search for meaning — better trust your heart. Open it to yourself, and then to the whole world.

Do not be afraid of past disappointments, leave the past in the past — you are already a different person, so live here and now.

The astrological predictions of Vasilisa Volodina are based not only on the influence of the planets, but also on astropsychology. TV presenter is confident that for a person nothing is impossible. We are all children of the Universe, and the one who lives in unison with it receives everything.

To fulfill your desires is easy! The main thing is to start living according to the influence of the cosmic impulses. May this year be special for you and bring happiness. Successes, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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