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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of May 22-28

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of May 22-28

The horoscope for the week reflects the influence of the planets and constellations on each sign of the zodiac. The advice of the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina will help everyone to take a winning position and not miss the opportunity to achieve well-being.

In order for the week to go on high, while minor troubles were avoided, use the recommendations of Vasilisa Volodina. From May 22 to 28, the influence of planets has a negative impact on many Zodiac Signs, so it’s worthwhile to turn to good luck rituals — additional support will not be superfluous.

A difficult week awaits Aries because of the lack of support from the Sun, the patron saint of your Token. The antagonist The moon is often in a strong position, which can upset plans and spoil the mood, so the astrologer recommends using positive attitudes and not be led by your own emotions.

On Monday and Tuesday, the neutral position of the Moon will allow you to set the working rhythm for the whole week. On Tuesday, the aspect of the unfriendly Mercury with Mars will call for caution in business and personal communication.

Wednesday and Thursday will be under negative lunar influence, and it is important for Aries to spend this period as calmly as possible so as not to provoke conflict situations. New Moon on May 25 will be an unexpectedly successful day, if the representatives of your Zodiac sign will gather in spirit and direct all forces to achieve the desired result in personal relationships.

The astrologer recommends carrying out the main tasks and duties in the second half of the week, when the Moon takes a neutral position and will not have a strong influence. On weekends, it is important to take care of your psychological comfort and spend time with your loved ones, receiving the necessary positive energy and support from them.

The patron planet of Taurus Moon the whole week will be in a strong and neutral position, which is quite favorable for doing basic business. Venus in a weakened state will not give support, therefore astrologers advise Taurus to show their own initiative in heart matters.

The beginning of the week will take place under the neutral influence of the Moon, and on Tuesday the aspect of the planets will contribute to the discovery of creative abilities. These days, Taurus will have the opportunity to realize their plans and start moving up the career ladder.

Tuesday and Wednesday will become days when representatives of your Sign should mobilize forces and actively strive for success. This position is associated with a strong moon and the subsequent New Moon on the 25th. It will take place in the constellation Taurus, which will provide an additional source of energy for carrying out planned financial operations and bold decisions in business and personal spheres.

Since Thursday, the stable energy of an ally-planet will make it possible to use the internal reserve for active operations in the business sector, plan and execute transactions, go on business trips and work on your plans. On weekends, astrologers recommend paying attention to personal life.

Gemini will have to use his own energy for active actions this week. Your patron planets will not give enough support. Antagonists of your Mark will also be in neutral positions, which will greatly simplify activities.

On Monday, the aspect of an ally-Mercury with Mars may well cause a violation of plans due to an internal contradiction, therefore Gemini needs to take into account its emotional state when making important decisions and communicating with the highest officials.

The first half of the week will be successful if you follow your own routine and systematically deal with the most important things. During this period, it will be a good idea to advance scientific activities, so you should use the opportunities to get new knowledge.

The second half of the week under the influence of the planets will call for caution and attention. You should pull yourself together and listen to the voice of reason, and not go on about emotions. These days, new acquaintances will be successful, so Gemini will benefit from self-confidence and effective love whispers that will attract the attention of the person you like.

Successful week will be at Rakov. Your ally Luna will actively help and provide you with positive energy for doing things that will be successful in business and personal life.

The beginning of the week, the 22nd and 23rd days, is worth devoting to the realization of your plans and starting the fight for a place under the Sun. Activity and desire to achieve success in a career will be successful in the process of performing important assignments, in drafting documents and performing basic duties.

Favorable days — Wednesday and Thursday, when the Moon takes a strong position — are successful for winning the attention of the opposite sex. In the New Moon on May 25, your desire to get closer and bring relationships to a new level will help to achieve the location of a partner and have a good time, distracting from everyday life.

The second half of the week will be quite fruitful due to increased mental abilities. Aspects of the planets will give energy decisiveness, so it is important for Cancers to clearly follow the task, not being distracted by minor matters. On weekends, astrologers advise to spend time outside the home to rejuvenate with the help of natural energy sources.

To do this, a trip to the forest or a trip to the holy source is suitable.

The sun, an ally of your Token, will be in a neutral position, which is very beneficial for the manifestation of organizational skills. On a horoscope, Lviv expects a fruitful week, but overshadowed by the negative influence of the moon.

The peak of activity, as astrologers note, is worth showing on Monday and Tuesday, when the Moon is in a neutral position. The set tempo will help to cope with the further negative influence of the antagonist planet and not to postpone important matters until later.

Wednesday and Thursday will be under the strong influence of the Moon, and the New Moon on May 25 will slacken off the initiative of Lviv. This time must be devoted to everyday affairs that do not require close attention. Astrologers recommend using techniques that protect against emotional outbursts that prevent you from making the right decisions.

The end of the week and weekends should be spent with family and congenial people. Favorable atmosphere and a feeling of comfort will restore courage, smooth out internal contradictions and allow you to take a break from active business work.

Virgo luck promises the influence of an ally of the planet, the moon. Its stable position allows you to engage in vigorous activity and proceed to the completion of previously pending cases. Some mood troubles should be expected due to the activity of Neptune, your antagonist.

However, with proper skill and soothing broths of medicinal herbs, bursts of emotions can be minimized.

Since Tuesday, the active influence of the friendly planets will provide additional energy for large-scale business activities. Your promptness and desire to achieve well-being will be a good incentive to move up the career ladder.

On Thursday, under the influence of the New Moon, Dev becomes aggravated by intuition, which contributes to making the right decisions and conclusions in this situation. This day is important to spend measured and thoughtful, so as not to miss important signs from above. They will prompt the right path and allow you to navigate the flow of information for further successful cases.

Activity awaits representatives of your Sign on Saturday. Aspects of the planets will push for action, and this will allow you to perform a lot of planned cases, as well as to devote time to family and close friends.

The weak position of your ally, Venus, will not give you enough energy, so you will have to achieve happiness and well-being with your internal reserve and willpower. Astrologers recommend using plots for each day to achieve the planned without loss and obstacles on the way.

The beginning of the week under the influence of unfriendly planets Libra should be held at a measured pace. This will allow you to avoid mistakes and successfully complete current affairs in order to free up time for responsible projects and ideas. Unstable emotional background due to aggressive influence should be brought back to normal with the help of breathing techniques.

On Thursday, the aspect of the Sun antagonist with Pluto will have a negative impact on Libra, increasing the likelihood of quarrels and mutual claims. This time must be spent in solitude in pursuit of activities that normalize emotional instability. In this case, it is possible to cope with the surging emotions by coloring the mandala of desire.

On Friday, Libra should be wary of aggravating conflict situations that may lead to unexpected negative consequences. This is due to the aspect of Venus and Pluto. On May 26, the astrologer recommends taking minutes of solitude and spend time meditating in finding the right solution.

The days off according to the horoscope are intended for active rest and restoration of vital energy. For this, it is important for Libra to break out of everyday routine and enjoy new emotions and impressions in the company of loved ones.

Scorpios in the period from May 22 to 28 problems should be expected from the activity of the Moon, your antagonist. Her stable and strong position can bring discomfort and affect the emotional background, so you should follow the tactics of waiting and not make rash actions during this period.

The neutral position of the enemy planet on Monday and Tuesday will help the Scorpios to expand business activity and adhere to the chosen strategy to achieve well-being.

Wednesday and Thursday will be held under the strong negative influence of the night luminary, which is unfavorable for the conduct of affairs requiring increased responsibility. New Moon on May 25 should be held away from conflict situations and should not provoke colleagues to clarify the relationship.

At the end of the week, it is important for Scorpios to make a decision regarding personal relationships and to be extremely careful in talking with their half. Aspects of unfriendly planets tend to unmotivated aggression and discontent, therefore it is important for representatives of your Sign to find a delicate balance.

Streltsov is expected to have a busy week due to the activity of the Moon, an antagonist of your Token. In the period from May 22 to 28, it is necessary to take into account the unstable emotional background and conduct a course of exercises that harmonize the inner world.

At the beginning of the week, thanks to the neutral position of the Moon, Streltsov will have the opportunity to take up everyday and unfinished business. Astrologers recommend to be attentive to their work in order to prevent minor missteps that will adversely affect future activities.

Wednesday and Thursday will be influenced by the Moon, which will take a strong position. This is a time for easy work and long rest, excluding a strong physical and emotional stress. The likelihood of conflict due to the energy of the moon will increase.

The end of the week for Sagittarius will be more stable: it will be possible to do household chores and family. This time is worth devoting energy recovery to start a new week with positive emotions.

For Capricorns, the week is fraught with frequent conflicts and clashes with evil-minded people. The negative energy of the moon, your antagonist, causes a storm of emotions that must be controlled through meditative exercises and willpower.

Aspects of the planets at the beginning of the week can have a significant impact on work, endowing Capricorns with apathy and unwillingness to move forward. Astrologers recommend using positive attitudes so that each day begins with positive emotions that give impetus to growth and development.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the negative energy of the Moon causes surges in emotions, which adversely affect communication and performance. These days it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible on the main affairs and to suspend active communication. It is also worth refusing from unplanned expenses, as there is a high probability of loss of funds.

On weekends, Capricorns need to restore vitality and bring their mood back to normal. This will help the practice of working with chakras, which contribute to obtaining positive energy from space.

Aquarius week from May 22 to 28 promises a nervous situation and the aggravation of intuitive abilities. Unfriendly planets will have a negative effect on emotions, and this may well be the cause of a protracted conflict.

The first half of the week, representatives of your Token should be devoted to fruitful work on pre-planned projects. This will help to concentrate and select the desired rhythm for the entire period.

The middle of the week for Aquarius is successful in terms of intuitive abilities. You will be able to distinguish truth from fiction, which will help you make the right decisions in both business and personal fields. Astrologers advise to use intuition in conversations with close people in order to identify latent malevolent attitude in a timely manner and not to provoke a conflict.

Weekends Aquarius should spend in nature, enjoying positive emotions in the company of trusted friends and restoring the energy balance before the upcoming work week.

Pisces on a horoscope week will be successful because of the stable support of the Moon, the patron saint of your Zodiac. This is the time of active actions, the completion of previously initiated cases and the implementation of the most ambitious plans.

On Monday and Tuesday, Pisces will be lucky in the business field, moving up the career ladder and self-affirmation in the profession. To make your plans come true, use the lucky charms.

In the New Moon Period, May 25, astrologers advise Pisces to use rituals to attract well-being and happiness. On Wednesday and Thursday, the help of the Moon, which takes a strong position, will be very noticeable in personal life.

The end of the week at Pisces will be held under the creative start. Taking up a favorite hobby can turn into an additional source of income, so your quickness and desire to achieve more will be an excellent incentive.

Each week carries its own energy, so representatives of all the signs of the zodiac is important to learn how to use the elements that they patronize. With the help of a meditation practitioner, you can achieve the best effect and rethink your actions for a qualitative improvement in life. We wish you good luck and success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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