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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of May 7-13

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from May 7 to 13

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most popular astrologers in Russia. This is not an accident, because its forecasts always help people to become happier.

From May 7 to 13 you can change your life for the better, because spring is still going on, but the dynamics of changes in energy flows will be reduced, because the middle of May is approaching. The stars and planets are arranged in such a way that everything will now be quite calm and understandable. Starting next week, the period of global change will begin for many Zodiac Signs, but now all the planets, the Sun and the Moon are in peace, and their character is predictable. So now changes can be expected and quite manageable.

It is possible without any fear to carry out any plans, to establish harmony in the house. The house will be your fortress.

Particular attention should be paid to amorous affairs during this period of time. Love compatibility with other Zodiac Signs will be quite high. This can be used for dating and romance, and you can use your charisma and energy as a tool for gaining universal acceptance.

At work, you will also need to show all of yourself to get the approval of your colleagues and superiors.

It will be a very good period for coups, for changing direction. Do not impose your will on other people, but do not stand aside. Act as gently as possible.

Do not make loud and empty promises — follow the code of an honest person. Observe not only moral norms, but also legal laws, so as not to cause trouble. Everything will be fine — you need only a little common sense.

Make your dream come true this week will help you own transformation. Feel free to spend money on creating a new image or changing the old one. You can safely go on a trip on vacation. The main thing is that you do what you want to do the most.

Do not tolerate if you can get rid of all the negative around you.

Because of the strong and relatively stable moon this week there will be many pleasant coincidences for you. In other words, you will become more fortunate. Do not take it for granted — just go your own way, without relying on random fortune. Continue your way, seizing the initiative and literally tearing out success from the clutches of fate and your enemies.

Promptness and surprise will help you make a revolutionary breakthrough in any area of ​​life.

Your character and your essence speak for themselves. If you meet people, do not brag about your achievements. They themselves will see everything in you, and if something is not clear, they will ask.

Creativity is better to hide away, because the sun is still moderately strong. It still partially blocks the positive energy of Mercury. This week, common sense and logic will show you the right path in love, business, finance.

Non-standard behavior and unusual decisions for now hold. Also, do not worry about trifles — just do your job, do what you love. You will succeed, you just need to stop wanting more than you already have been given. Modesty — your main weapon in the fight for a place in the sun.

Be yourself until Mercury is stronger and the Sun weaker.

Deep feelings can overtake you. Stop looking into the past, engaging in useless introspection. Your old mistakes are what should remain in the day yesterday. Try to see the future in your thoughts, draw it the way you want to see it.

You will need personal development, the development of world views. Increase your erudition, reach for knowledge.

If you want to become independent or extend this feeling, you will have to try. Do not ask for help from those who require you to pay. Take help from people who give it to you for free. As long as the moon is strong, May 9, 10 and 11, everything will be in your hands.

Strive to improve in all areas of life, but do not run ahead of the engine. Look for new friends, colleagues.

Watch your health this week. Especially have to do it to those of you who are no longer young. It is necessary to keep youth inside.

Your willpower and desire to see the achievement of the cherished goals — this is the best fuel for you now. The rebellious spirit will provide appreciable and positive support to you and your deeds and duties.

In love, try to bring relationships to a new level, or to get rid of sick relationships, mired in negatives and problems. It will be a great week for love confessions, for planning joint business for the future. If you are alone, then leave everything as it is — love itself will overtake you at the most unexpected moment.

Set your priorities correctly.

To attract money and love in your life will help you to strive to increase intelligence. Do not be afraid of difficulties, learn, accept new knowledge, raise the level of education. Your empathy will reach new heights this week, so do not try too hard to help people who are in trouble.

You can be stuck in good deeds, forgetting that you need to help yourself.

A nervous character is in itself very dangerous, and this week the planets and stars will line up so that you may have a source of additional negative surrounding you. This means that you just need to take and start working on yourself, on your attitude. It’s better to diminish the rebellious spirit, because in this way you will only provoke new conflicts, without which it will most likely be hard.

To avoid damage, the evil eye and not to attract extra negative, try not to fight with anyone openly. Open the world only your positive sides, so that there is no catastrophe in your personal life. Separately, it should be noted the desire for stereotypical thinking, which can force you to follow the path of least resistance.

Do not listen to what they say behind your back. It is not so important now.

Your inner world is threatened, because the Sun is still active, and Venus is still weak in the Gemini Sign. Self-confidence does not help you get out of the black strip. Only humility and perseverance will show you the way to escape from failures.

One way or another, but this week will be extremely important for your future. This applies to both love and financial affairs, work.

Try to understand or remember what your main virtue is. You are an extremely unusual person, because the stars themselves tell you that you are incredible. It was and always will be, but you have traits that do not allow you to reach your full potential.

You, as if hypnotized, go to your goal, but forget that there are many different ways.

You can stay in solitude now, but between May 7 and 13, you better enlist the support of the people. Teamwork is the best choice for any Scorpio. Find what you can offer people.

Absolutely you have something that you can give to others. Share your emotions, experiences, love and warmth. This is your time, but time is not easy.

Believing in yourself and in the work that you do is something that you should not teach, but right now you may have problems with overconfidence. You can start to blackmail close people, crushing on pity. If you do not bend over the heavy onslaught of problems, you can make this week incredibly productive. There is one more way — complete indifference, indifference.

You can just relax as it should.

To bypass obstacles or go head-to-head in a collision is your choice. Do not build illusions and do not be fooled that everything remains as before. Get pleasure from life, trying not to dwell on compassion, sensitivity.

Your main task now is to attract happiness to your home through your independence.

Vengeful people this week will not receive any additional incentives from the universe, stars and planets. You will find yourself in a slightly different position. Overcoming difficulties is not something to focus on. Now you need to show your enemies and ill-wishers everything that you are capable of.

Do not pass by the blows of enemies — answer them harshly and in a timely manner so that you will not be mistaken for soft-bodied people.

Cunning Capricorns will become happier, because they can find loopholes in morality and law. You will be able to overcome difficulties if you get rid of addictions that waste your time and energy. Greed and overeating are your main enemies for these seven days.

More often in the fresh air.

Do not pay attention to what others say about your relationship with the second half. The advice of the people will be filled with lies and envy, so rely only on the love compatibility, the ideas of which remain within you. Do not allow anyone to play on your feelings, change your attitude towards your loved one.

In general, against you they can begin to build machinations and spread rumors about you. Do not be afraid — they will work for you. This is a hidden success that you just have to trust completely.

Rely on intuition in financial affairs, in work and in affairs. Important documents are not yet worth signing, but if you feel that the time has come, act. It will be a great time for creative work, for non-standard solutions and for finding new work.

Interviews must pass successfully.

Fishes should be looking for new hobbies and hobbies. A strong moon will contribute to the successful search for new sources of income. While Mercury is moderately strong, life will give you new puzzles, the solution of which will be hidden between the lines.

Your vulnerability and softness will be untimely, so keep the rigidity to the last. Closer to the weekend diplomatic mood will be a good way to solve problems, but on weekdays try to be as active and uncompromising as possible.

The need for communication may increase, so lonely Pisces will have a hard time. Travel, change of a stop will help to solve this problem. Do not seek to establish contact with each oncoming person in an attempt to find communication and mutual understanding.

Be self-sufficient.

Your energy potential will only grow if you do it right. In the reverse situation, positive processes will be reversed. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you to find the very feeling of happiness that constantly eludes us in the string of days. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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