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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of May 8-14

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of May 8-14

The weekly horoscope from the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina will tell about the influence of the planets on each Zodiac sign. Her recommendations will help you live through the week as effectively as possible.

The predictions of Vasilisa Volodina for a year have already helped many to find happiness in the personal sphere of life. According to the astrologer, this time is characterized by many possibilities. By following an accurate prediction for each Zodiac, you can improve your life and avoid many problems.

This week, Aries await pleasant efforts: favorable conditions are associated with the weakened and neutral position of your antagonist, the Moon. Ally Sun will help throughout the week with its positive influence on your Zodiac sign. In the period from May 8 to 14, you will not be bothered by stress and irritation, which will help to direct forces into the business sphere of life.

On Monday, May 8, due to the location of the planets, beware of some disturbances in your personal life. There is a risk to spend all day settling relationships in a family union. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, your mood is able to reach the highest mark that others will undoubtedly notice, and it will be possible to achieve the location of people.

The aspect of the Moon and the Sun, which is expected on Thursday, can endow you with self-doubt. To cope with this will help a loved one or positive attitudes. But the weekend, May 13 and 14, should be actively spent on a horoscope: organize a picnic with your close people or go on an exciting journey with the second half.

This will help you to recharge your emotions for a long time.

Your patron planets Venus and the Moon will not be able to help you live this week productively: most likely you will have to spend a lot of energy, which can cause deterioration of health and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Find out what ailments you threaten in the period from 8 to 14 May, you can use the horoscope of health.

During the week, uncontrollable emotions can interfere with you, which will make it difficult to handle matters in financial and personal life. Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, when the moon is in a weak position, will be especially critical days. During this period, it is best to devote your free time to housework: clean up the apartment, clean up the dacha.

On Friday and Saturday, the position of the planets will give you the strength to cope with destructive emotions and aim for rest. This time is favorable for connecting with nature, and it does not matter at all whether you go there to contemplate the beautiful or the noisy company has kebabs.

Enlist the support of Venus, your patron, this week will not work: she is weakened by being in the constellation Aries. Therefore, you should carefully spend your internal resources and protect yourself from the negative influence of the Sun. On Monday the planets will be supportive of your playful mood, which will suit the lonely representatives of this Zodiac.

But from Wednesday to Friday you may face problems with money, in relationships and at work. To all the fault of the Sun, which on May 10, 11, 12 will join in conjunction with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. It is this period of time that will require maximum effort from you: you will have to expend a lot of energy to prevent the collapse in your affairs.

To avoid a breakdown, you will be helped by positive energy, which can be recharged with the help of our recommendations.

On weekends, astrologers advise you not to show frivolous behavior, especially if you are in a relationship. This can cause a breakup or a major altercation.

On a horoscope Rakov awaits a difficult week, unless, of course, the representatives of this Zodiac sign do not spend all the time in inaction. Your patron moon will be in a neutral position, which will limit her help. And on May 9, 10 and 14 a strong weakening of the night star can have a destructive effect on your success.

Have patience on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and spend these days passively and indifferently whenever possible. Try to transfer important meetings, purchases, meetings for a more favorable time.

The full moon, which will be on Thursday, May 11, can harm your mood, making it unstable. However, if you manage to take emotions under control, you will most likely improve your relationship with your other half by coming to an understanding. Since Friday, you may be overwhelmed by the thirst for adventure: astrologers recommend not to deny yourself such desires and devote time to rest in new places or noisy companies.

Your opponent Luna will not cause serious problems this week, however there is a risk that you will experience some aggression towards people. The positive influence of your ally, the Sun, work on yourself and friendly meetings in a pleasant environment will help you cope with this. There may be quarrels and disagreements on the love front and with work colleagues on Monday, when the Moon comes into aspect with Saturn.

All important matters should be postponed to Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Moon will be weakened by being in the constellation Scorpio. May 9 and 10 are energetically positive days for your Zodiac, you will have the opportunity to solve your stagnant problems.

But the end of the week is better to devote to self-improvement and active learning something new. The accumulated knowledge will be useful to you for career advancement. And the emotional balance spent during the week will increase communication with the beloved person.

Dev on a horoscope awaits a quiet week, but some days are able to disrupt your plans, which is associated with the weakening of your ally, the Moon. Special attention should be paid on May 8, 10 and 11. These days you will have the opportunity to realize your potential in business and at work and get the attention of the opposite sex.

Lonely representatives of this Zodiac sign should take advantage of the chance emanating from the stars and open themselves up to new feelings and an ardent novel.

In the middle of the week, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, you can visit the serene feeling of laziness, there is a chance that you will not want to work. But it is worth remembering that achieving success is the key to your diligent attitude. In family life, from Thursday to Friday, unrest and major quarrels are expected, there is a possibility of dramatic events.

A weakened moon on Sunday can dramatically ruin your mood for the whole day and push you to inaction. Therefore, all household chores and meetings with friends should be postponed to Saturday.

According to astrologers, the period from 8 to 14 May will not bring serious success in the life of Libra. Venus, which gives your Zodiac sign a positive influence, is in a critically weak position, so you have to rely on your own strength. Affirmations will help to cope with the negative impact of the Sun and to charge with a positive every day.

At the beginning of the week you have a difficult choice due to the aspect of the planets: you have to set priorities in life and abandon what, in your opinion, stops success. Starting from Wednesday, you will interfere with the negative energy of the Sun, which will affect the relationship and performance. Probably, the feelings that will not allow a sober look at the situation will escalate.

On Friday, May 12, a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one can lead you out of a string of negative emotions. On weekends, the Moon and Mercury will give you charm, which will contribute to attracting the attention of the opposite sex. However, this interest will be short-lived, so expect a serious relationship should not be.

The week is expected to be favorable for the representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac: your antagonists, the Moon and Venus, are not able to cause inconvenience with their negative influence, being in weak positions. The whole week from 8 to 14 May will be favorable for those who capture the thirst for money. With enough effort, you can expect success in the material sphere of life, and you can increase the chances of success with a strong conspiracy on the bay leaf.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the most favorable days: the Moon will weaken its negative impact, and the desire to carry out your plans and determination will most likely originate in you. On May 9 and 10, you will be able to try to improve family life, find a soul mate or improve relations with your superiors. Full Moon on Thursday can make you pretty nervous, you will be able to safely live on May 11, if you manage to take emotions under control.

The end of the week favors the expression of feelings: it is worth paying attention to the family and caring for your soulmate. There is a chance that Sunday will bring you pleasant changes that may not please your life partner.

This week, Sagittarius can send most of their forces to the search for the second half or to improve existing relationships. The period from May 8 to 14 is favorable, since the weakened and neutral position of the Moon will not be able to have a negative impact on your Zodiac Sign. However, the aspect of the planets, which is expected on Monday, May 8, is able to deprive you of good circumstances for the commission of your plans.

All important and exciting should be transferred to Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Moon weakens, being in the constellation Scorpio. This time is characterized by aspirations, luck, and energy from the opposite sex. All things can go up the hill, if you have long outlined a plan of action.

Your ally, the Sun will bestow help on Thursday and Friday, but opposition to the Moon can cause deterioration of mood, outbursts of aggression and excitement. Get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts will help effective recommendations of psychologists. On Saturday and Sunday it is best to devote your free time to a date or a romantic evening with the object of adoration.

Horoscope Capricorn expects a week of spiritual practices that will help relax the soul, improve material well-being and improve relationships with a partner. Favorable to you in this weak position of the enemy, the moon. Since your patron Venus will not be able to influence the flow of vital energy, you will have to enrich the internal resources on your own.

On Monday, May 8, the union of the planets places your Zodiac sign to active rest, preferably in the family circle.

The most favorable days for success on a personal front are Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. There will be a chance to enjoy your work, relationships with close people and restore emotional state. Peace of mind will help you to safely survive the Full Moon, which will be May 11th.

On Thursday, try not to make a fatal mistake and will not lose many opportunities.

On Friday, the aspect of the planets will give you favorable circumstances for the completion of current affairs, perhaps there will be new plans for the future. Saturday will be held in a positive way, if you devote your free time to solitude.

Problems this week can deliver the sun. The support of Venus, with which you could saturate your internal resources, should not be expected: your patron is in a weakened position. You will be helped by sources of energy and positive emotions for Zodiac signs.

On Monday, the position of the planets relative to each other will give you the opportunity to harmonize relations and strengthen your union.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, negative attacks coming from the Sun may be waiting for you — this will especially affect your mood. Solitude or a walk in the fresh air will help you to come to the energy balance. The most important thing is that in this difficult time you should not be disturbed by minor urgent efforts.

At the weekend, the location of the planets can help lonely Aquarius to find a soul mate: perhaps it will be a person from your environment, to whom you previously did not pay attention. May 13 and 14 is an unfavorable time for feasts and noisy companies, where it would be better to stay at home and watch your favorite movie.

Horoscope does not portend serious problems this week in the life of Pisces. However, there will be some energetically difficult days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Your patron Moon will not be able to provide adequate support, because it will be weakened by being in the constellation Scorpio.

Having learned your personal source of vital forces by the Sign of the Zodiac, you can live through the period from May 8 to May 14 without risking your own health and position in society.

Family and health will require your attention at the beginning of the week. The aspect of the Moon and Saturn on Monday is able to help the lonely Pisces find a soul mate. This time is favorable for entering into marriage bonds and improving personal life: it is highly likely to link their lives with a reliable person. On Tuesday and Wednesday, your patron is able to knock solid ground out from under his feet.

At this time, it is better not to make major purchases: a huge risk to acquire unnecessary things that will hit the wallet a lot.

The full moon on Thursday, May 11, will affect your mood: beware of clashes and conflicts with people. Bad relationships can overtake you at the end of the week and cause irreparable harm. Saturday and Friday are quiet days worth spending with your loved one.

But on Sunday, the moon’s critically weakened position can undermine your plans for active rest, causing an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you success and happiness in your personal life. This week is expected to active growth of the moon until May 11. At this time, conspiracies and money-raising rituals are most effective.

With their help, you can pull luck into the financial sphere of life and increase your financial condition several times. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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