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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of June 12-18

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of June 12-18

The horoscopes of Vasilisa Volodina, a famous TV presenter and astrologer, are distinguished by the accuracy of their recommendations. With their help, you will be able to resist the difficulties of life and realize your plans and ideas.

Weekly horoscopes of Vasilisa Volodina help thousands of people to effectively use the positive energy of the constellations and planets to achieve their goals. Her advice can also be used in planning important matters in order to successfully circumvent obstacles to success.

Contradictory in energy week awaits representatives of the zodiac Aries. Patron Sun will be in a neutral position and will not be able to support you. Opponents Mercury and Venus, by contrast, will take a strong position.

In this regard, astrologers recommend Aries to avoid impulsive flashes and tune in to a pacified mood through meditation.

From Monday to Thursday, the Moon, the antagonist of your Sign, will be in a neutral position, therefore for Aries during this period it is time for quick decisions and active actions aimed at completing previously postponed cases.

Conflict situations are promised by the aspect of the Sun with Saturn on June 16. The confrontation of the planets threatens Aries with a frequent change of mood, but with the help of their energy you will be able to defend your interests.

From Friday to Saturday, the active position of the Moon will bring Aries to irritation and fussiness, which, however, can be suppressed with the help of positive affirmations.

On Sunday, the energetics of the planets unfriendly to you will calm down, and this is successful for restoring physical and emotional forces, positive communication in the company of close friends.

According to the horoscope, Taurus has a rather auspicious week. Astrologers associate the luckiness of your Zodiac representatives with the active position of Venus, your patron.

The aspect of Mercury with Uranus on Tuesday will cause a violation of plans and will negatively affect emotions. Astrologers recommend Taurus to maintain neutrality and avoid rash statements.

Caution does not put Taurus on Wednesday. On this day, the abundance of aspects of the planets will bring confusion into plans and actions, therefore astrologers advise representatives of your Sign to spend time calmly and measuredly.

On June 16 and 17, the Moon, your ally, will take a strong position, and Taurus should direct its efforts to active actions in the business and personal sphere.

On weekends, Taurus’s horoscope will have a quiet period, good for recuperating for the coming week and easy communication with family.

The week for Gemini, according to astrologers, will be very successful. The strong position of Mercury, your ally, is conducive to business activity. Thanks to the positive energy of Venus, another supporter, you can wait for success in a romantic relationship.

On Tuesday, the semi-square of Mercury with Uranus can cause stress and aggravation of internal conflicts. This state of affairs is unfortunate for new beginnings, and astrologers advise June 13 to devote to daily affairs.

On Wednesday, several aspects of the planets will influence the representatives of your Sign. On this day, astrologers advise Gemini to creatively resolve emerging issues. The strong energy of the planets is favorable for the active struggle for their own well-being and the protection of their interests.

On Sunday, the aspect of Venus with Saturn will give strength to an active pastime.

Venus, an ally of your Zodiac, will take a strong position this week, which will greatly facilitate your personal life. Her positive energy is also successful for business activity.

Beware of Cancers is worth the weak position of the moon on Monday. Her energy will affect emotions, and astrologers are advised to resort to exercises that reduce the risk of impulsive flashes and anger.

From June 13 to June 15, the neutral position of the Moon will be successful for conducting planned affairs and implementing bold plans and ideas. This will allow Cancers to achieve well-being and move up the career ladder.

Lucky days are expected on Friday and Saturday, when the Moon will report positive energy. This period is suitable for the search for love, romance and rapprochement held couples.

Weekends with their neutral energy, according to astrologers, are successful for completing household chores that do not require increased activity and good rest. Recovery of forces through the use of essential oils will have a positive effect on energy and will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Astrologers recommend Leo in the period from 12 to 18 June to adhere to the strategy of waiting and not to make hasty conclusions. Planets opposing your Sign will be in strong positions, which will negatively affect emotions.

On Monday, the moon will be involved in the work. Her weak position will not create difficulties for your energy sector, which will become an additional incentive for active actions.

From Tuesday to Thursday it is important for Lions to be careful with investing money. Impulsiveness and the desire to make a profit are often pushed on adventures, and according to astrologers, this period is fraught with loss of funds and delayed payments.

Maximum caution on the horoscope Leo need to show on June 16 and 17, when the Moon will be in a strong position. This time is suitable for exercise to control emotions.

On Sunday, Lions need rest and recuperation after an active week. This day is important to spend in the circle of close people who can support you with advice.

Virgins astrologers recommend this week to be active in the business field. Your ally Mercury will be in a strong position and will actively support you with positive energy.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, it is important for Virgos to be on their guard and not to miss opportunities to gain the trust of colleagues and superiors Aspects of the planets these days will provide an opportunity to be creative in addressing important issues. This period is suitable for those who are going to compete for a higher paying position.

The strong position of the Moon, your ally, on June 16 and 17 will give strength for active communication with the opposite sex and will help to impress the person you like. This period will be successful to search for love and strengthen relationships in established couples.

The beginning of the week for Libra on the horoscope is very ambiguous. Your patron Mercury will be in aspect with Uranus, which will negatively affect your self-esteem, adding Libra indecision and quick temper. Astrologers recommend setting up a positive to start the week productively.

On Tuesday, thanks to the influence of your friendly planets, the situation will change for the better. The aspect of Mercury with Jupiter will increase the chances of self-realization in the business sphere.

From Wednesday to Sunday, the positive energy that Mercury will actively share will be successful for starting your own projects and finding a new path of development that will lead Libra to success.

Scorpios have a week to complete, fighting for their own well-being. The strong position of opponents of your Sign, Venus and Mercury, will negatively affect your performance.

On Monday, the weak position of the Moon will provide an opportunity to develop activity and begin to perform responsible affairs.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, aspects of the planets will cause a violent internal protest and a lot of emotions that astrologers advise to direct in the right direction. During this period, exercise will be useful for maintaining the body in good shape.

The active position of the moon on Friday and Saturday can cause headaches and indisposition. Astrologers recommend Scorpios to do less labor-intensive things and more often rest.

On Sunday after the active week it is important for Scorpios to restore the internal energy balance. Harmony can be achieved with the help of meditations built-up to receive positive energy.

On the horoscope Streltsov expects a week filled with negative energy of the opposing planets. At this time, astrologers recommend to be careful in communicating with others.

On Wednesday, several aspects of the planets will cause conflicting emotions. During this period, vigilance will help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings of the parties.

Due to the strong position of the antagonist Luna on Friday and Saturday, Strelets Troops should be careful. The influence of the moon can cause scandals in his personal life. On Sunday it is worth restoring energy spent with the help of massage.

Astrologers recommend Capricorn to devote this week to productive work. You will be supported by the allies Mercury and Venus, strengthening your energy.

On Monday, thanks to the weakening of the moon, nothing will prevent Capricorns from being active at work. On Tuesday, positive energy will allow you to successfully conclude contracts and transactions, to hold meetings and meetings.

On Wednesday, aspects of the planets will help show hidden talents and show themselves from the best side: on this day everything will turn out by itself.

The rest of the week is good for day-to-day business and for implementing your own plans and ideas.

This week’s horoscope is favorable for Aquarius because of the active position of your Sign supporters — Venus and Mercury. The period from June 12 to 18 is also successful for a romantic relationship.

The activity and responsibility shown by Aquarius on Monday promises good luck throughout all working days. The exception will be Friday and Saturday, when the strong position of the Moon will require you to be careful and informed decisions. June 16 and 17, astrologers recommend avoiding conflict situations.

On the last day off, Aquarius will have the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate with the help of breathing exercises.

Positive energy is reported to Pisces by Venus, the patron saint of your Sign. This period is very successful for productive activities and work on past mistakes.

Somewhat reduce the performance aspect of the planets on Wednesday. Astrologers recommend that this day be devoted to matters that do not require much effort.

At the end of the working week, the strengthening of the position of the Moon, which passed into the constellation of Pisces, will have an extremely positive effect on your affairs and mood. These days according to the horoscope are very successful for activity in all spheres of life.

A week for many Zodiac signs will be quite exciting. To prevent emotions from taking over the mind, astrologers recommend resorting to exercises that lead to inner harmony. We wish you good luck and success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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