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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of June 5-11

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from June 5 to 11

Horoscopes Vasilisa Volodina are highly accurate. A well-known TV presenter and astrologer helped thousands of people with her advice, and with the help of her recommendations everyone can achieve success with the support of planets and constellations.

Every day, people are affected by planets and constellations, endowing them with positive energy, and sometimes making it difficult for them to be active. To ensure that every day is at its best and does not depend on negative influence from the outside, use proven plots that will attract abundance of luck in your life.

Negative energy this week will come from Venus and Mercury, the antagonists of Aries. Their strong position will affect the mood and performance, so astrologers recommend to restrain emotional impulses and not to enter into disputes.

On Monday, the aspect of the Moon with Venus will deliver a lot of inconvenience to representatives of the Fiery Sign. The beginning of the week is important to spend quietly, not trying to perform all the planned work, to eliminate errors and inaccuracies.

Tuesday will be influenced by the aspect of the planets, which will help develop creative abilities, but will negatively affect the emotional background. In order to pass the day well, astrologers advise to resort to art therapy and with its help harmonize the internal state.

From Wednesday, Aries will have a chance to compete for their luck and show abilities in the business sphere. Such a strategy will help self-realization and set the rhythm for the remaining days.

On Thursday at once several planets will actively influence the representatives of your Sign. This day will be filled with contradictory energy, which should be sent in the right direction. You can cope with emotional outbursts with the help of active physical exercises and positive affirmations.

Friday Full Moon for Aries will be a test of endurance and resilience to the temptations that have appeared. Having passed this test, you will be able to adjust your life and continue to achieve your goals.

On weekends, Aries should restore composure and gain strength for active work in the coming week.

This week Taurus will receive help from friendly Venus. Her strong position from Tuesday will have a positive effect on emotions and mood, which will have a good effect on relationships or finding a partner to create a strong pair.

On Monday, the aspect of the planets will provoke frequent flashes of emotions, which will negatively affect communication with the opposite sex and business partners.

On June 8, thanks to the support of the planets, Taurus will be able to mobilize forces and direct them to active work. The day is successful for completing previously postponed cases, drawing up plans and laying the foundations for future victories.

The positive influence of Venus and the Full Moon on Friday will allow Taurus to be active and achieve material well-being. Astrologers recommend sticking to the chosen line of conduct and not giving in to the temptations and promises of easy money.

On weekends, positive communication with friends and the search for the second half will be a good choice. Energetics of Venus will help to make an excellent impression, and Tauruses will have every chance to find a life partner for themselves.

The horoscope for Gemini for the week from June 5 to 11 is pretty good. Planets friendly to your Sign generously share positive energy that you can direct to active activities and the achievement of well-being.

Astrologers recommend starting the week by completing pending cases. This time is also good for networking with colleagues, organizing mass events and developing plans for the current week.

On Tuesday, Venus and Mercury, the allies of your Mark, will take a strong position, and this time will be successful for the realization of bold ideas, extraordinary actions and advancement along the career ladder. To make your work as productive as possible, start each day with short prayers.

After the Full Moon on Friday, it is important for Gemini to restore the energy balance and emotional background. The active influence of the moon will be a test for many that can affect mood and well-being. On weekends, astrologers advise to use meditation aimed at obtaining energy from the universe.

This time is also good for positive communication with loved ones.

For Rakov, the week will begin with apathy and a desire to stay idle. This is due to a small amount of positive energy. Active exercises and gatherings of medicinal herbs that tone up and increase immunity will help restore the courage of the spirit and actively begin the planned cases of the Cancers.

On Monday, astrologers recommend representatives of the zodiac Cancer to pull themselves together and take an active position. This strategy will help to join the work and keep the pace throughout the week. Aspects of planets until Friday will actively help to reveal new opportunities and abilities, so you need to tune in to success and stick to the chosen strategy of behavior.

On Friday, during the Full Moon, the Cancers will have to contend with the desire to succumb to temptation. On this day, it is important to eliminate adventurous business and try to limit financial spending because of the high probability of causing significant damage to the budget.

On weekends, the positive influence of the planets will allow you to quickly deal with household chores and take the time to communicate with friends and close relatives. Positive conversations and good mood will help to tune in for the coming working week.

Lions this week should beware of emotional instability. Opponent planets of your Mark will be in strong positions, which will impede active activities and adversely affect your mood. Breathing exercises will help to cope with the effects of such an effect.

On June 6 and 7, the negative impact of the planets will continue, and Leos need to remember their goals. Systematic and gradual progress towards success will be the optimal strategy that will allow you not to stop at the obstacles that arise and not be distracted by arguments and conflicts with colleagues.

In the Full Moon on June 9, it is important for Lions to pull themselves together and exclude active communication with aggressive people. Such a position will allow you to calmly do the current work and keep a good mood.

On weekends, Lions should carefully monitor the changes and adapt to them. According to astrologers, these days the fateful decisions made by you will lead to success. This time must be spent among people whose support will be sincere.

The good luck this week is promised to the virgins by the positive energy of Mercury, the planet-ally of your Token. His strong position will provide additional incentive for self-development. Active actions and self-confidence will help you improve your professional credibility.

On Monday, aspects of the planets will negatively affect the emotional background, and for Virgos at this time it is important to restrain impulsive impulses without engaging in confrontation. Astrologers recommend using this day for solo work on your own projects and somewhat reduce the activity so that you do not face overwork at the end of the working day.

From 6 to 8 June Virgos are important to remember their own ambitions. The shown zeal and desire to achieve material independence, taking into account the positive influence of the planets, will allow Virgos to achieve success in their careers and improve personal relationships.

On Friday, the Full Moon will affect the emotions, so the Virgos will have to try to contain impulsive flashes. At this time, all that has been said may turn against you, therefore, astrologers advise to monitor your mood and eliminate contacts with aggressive people.

On weekends, your personal energy will increase, which you can direct to the creative direction. This time is ideal for sports, walking and dating. On Sunday, according to the Virgos, devos expect pleasant acquaintances and surprises.

Weights this week will come to help from the friendly planets, Mercury and Venus. Their energy is favorable for the establishment of personal relations, as well as for the active struggle for material independence.

On Monday, the energy of the planets will not be strong enough, and Libra should use its own strength. The day will be successful for working with documents and solving financial issues. Astrologers recommend using the offered help and not to refuse additional loads.

This will help you to distinguish yourself in the eyes of the authorities and earn an excellent reputation.

On Tuesday, the support of the allied planets will help to realize the inner potential and successfully complete the planned affairs. This day will be successful for establishing business relations, searching for sponsors and co-founders for their own business.

The end of the week is important for Libra to be in a harmonious state. Impulsiveness and mental impulses will negatively affect relations with a loved one, therefore, emotions should be controlled.

On weekends, thanks to the support of the friendly planets, Libra will increase the energy that can be directed towards creating a cozy atmosphere in the house and actively communicating with the opposite sex.

The negative influence of the opponents of your Mark this week will impede your activity and influence your mood. In this regard, Scorpios, it is important to follow a well-thought-out strategy and be careful in communicating with colleagues and superiors.

On Monday, the Scorpions need to be active so as not to frighten off capricious luck. Try to do the work efficiently and on time — this will avoid problems at work.

On June 7, the positive energy of the planets will contribute to active cooperation, the acquisition of business ties and business trips. This time is also good for communicating with close people, establishing lost relationships and showing signs of attention to the person you like.

On weekends, it is important for Scorpios to maintain calm and clarity of mind in order to avoid possible conflict and controversial situations. Astrologers recommend spending time with exercises that help restore energy balance.

Horoscope Streltsov expects a week of struggle for their own well-being. The negative influence of the antagonist planets of your Sign during the period from June 5 to June 11 will require the mobilization of internal forces and active counteraction to bad mood and well-being.

On Monday, the aspect of friendly planets will give your actions an additional incentive, and this time will be successful for confidently following your goal. June 5, with due diligence Streltsy will be able to achieve recognition in the business field and enlist the support of their superiors in the promotion of their ideas.

On June 6 and 7, the weak position of the Moon, the adversary of your Sign, favors active actions on a personal front, improving relations in the family. Astrologers recommend to be more loyal to the statements of the second half. This will preserve mutual understanding and spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is worth June 9 to suspend activity and postpone classes that require increased attention. A full moon will endow the day with a controversial energy, and at this time it is important for Sagittarius not to be led by their own emotions.

Weekend on the horoscope will be successful to analyze their work, identify shortcomings and correct inaccuracies. These days under the influence of allied planets are also favorable for active pastime. Exercise and outdoor recreation will improve mood and temper the body.

Capricorn on the horoscope to be an active week. Your desire to achieve well-being will be supported by the positive influence of the allied planets.

Starting on Monday, astrologers recommend to be active in the business environment and more often demonstrate their leadership skills. This will help to establish the position in the team and not to lose its benefits.

The weak position of the Moon on June 6 and 7 will be successful for reconciliation with close people and establishing friendly relations in the team. These days are favorable for entertainment and sporting events.

On Thursday, aspects of the planets will allow to show activity and throw all forces on the completion of responsible affairs and projects related to financing. This day is important to spend as productively as possible to lay the foundation for future accomplishments.

On weekends, Capricorns should be vigilant and abandon unplanned spending and costly acquisitions. On Sunday, astrologers recommend reviewing the diet and starting a course of exercises aimed at restoring immunity and vitality.

The horoscope for the week from June 5 to 11 is favorable for representatives of the constellation of Aquarius. The sun, your antagonist, will be in a neutral position and will not have a strong effect. Mercury and Venus, on the contrary, will occupy a strong position and will actively share positive energy.

On Monday, in connection with the aspects of the planets, it is important for Aquarius to complete the previously postponed and not requiring a great energy return. This will free up time for more responsible occupations and help avoid overwork.

On Tuesday, teamwork is desirable, with the support of more experienced people familiar with your field of activity. Activity and desire to learn will be a winning position that will help you to distinguish yourself before your superiors and earn gratitude.

Disclosure of creativity and the soul will be favorable on Thursday. Aspects of the planets will give an additional incentive to be active, and Aquarius will have the opportunity to realize their bold desires and ideas.

By the end of the week, Aquarius should take a waiting position and not rush things happening. Carefulness and accurate calculation will help you choose the right strategy and achieve material independence. Also at the weekend, successful new acquaintances and romantic relationships.

Astrologers advise not to stay at home and spend more time in the fresh air.

Pisces is expected to have a rather productive week. Astrologers recommend that representatives of your Mark use internal reserves and not go on about the opinions imposed. This position will achieve the desired in the shortest possible time.

On Monday, it is important for Pisces to plan their spending for the week to eliminate financial losses. A rational approach to shopping will help save and make a long-awaited purchase.

Timely execution of planned cases will free up a lot of time that can be devoted to building new relationships or establishing family life.

In the period of the Full Moon, June 9, astrologers advise to avoid emotional outbursts and to avoid conflicts in both business and personal relationships. This time — the fight against their own temptations, the opposition to which will help to raise willpower.

Weekend on the horoscope will be filled with positive energy. This time is good for restoring vitality, positive communication and thinking about the strategy of behavior for the upcoming week.

So that success does not turn its back on you at the most crucial moments, use proven plots and rituals. With their help, you can bring prosperity to life, and faith in yourself will strengthen your spirit on the path to success. We wish you happiness and sunny weather, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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