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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 9-15

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 9-15

Vasilisa Volodina will help you plan things for this week. The TV presenter and the astrologer know how to behave each Zodiac sign correctly in order to match the current position of the stars and attract good luck.

Wealth and luck are achievable with a combination of several conditions. This is an axiom that has always been and will always be the same. To do this, you need to find love in your heart, forget about fears and take the path of creative change.

Surround yourself with nice people, enjoyable activities and objects. Set the right tasks for yourself and do everything to achieve your goals. Laziness this week can put an end to well-being.

This week the moon will be relevant for you. Its impact will not be the most favorable, especially when you consider that it is in a decay phase. The waning moon will not do you good.

The first four days, which for most people are workers, the Moon will be either strong or moderate, which is not a good sign for Aries.

At the end of the week, already on Friday, she will go to the Sign of Leo, which will weaken her and completely deprive her of her strength. This is great news for Aries who have big plans for the end of the week. Caution will need to be maintained, because there will be no help to wait, however, problems will not appear just like that.

You have all the chances to make almost any dream come true. On Friday and Sunday, luck will smile less at you because of the negative aspects of the Moon with Venus and Uranus.

Mercury takes the situation into his own hands. This planet is your friend, so in order to get your share of luck, you need it to be strong. All seven days Mercury will stay in the Sign of Libra, retaining its moderate energy.

This is good news for all Taurus because luck will smile upon you. This planet attracts the good in all walks of life, especially in love. Moderate Mercury is even better than strong in something, because it does not confuse thoughts and does not enhance the dynamics of life.

This will help you in visualizing your dreams.

Your physical condition will be more acceptable for sports, trips to the gym, as well as for any serious loads. Do not forget to be in the fresh air more often, but wear warm clothes, as there is a chance to catch a cold because of temperature drops. Take care of your health in general, because now you just can not get sick.

Gemini sticking a stick in the wheel all week will be moderate Jupiter. It will come to the fore, so you will need to hold your horses a little. First, you will need to forget about intuition.

Secondly, you need to surround yourself with trusted people so that you do not have to restore energy for a long time after communicating with enemies and detractors.

Try to look to the future and not look back. In no case do not live yesterday this week. Everything that happened in the past should remain there.

The astrologer notes that bursts of jealousy on your part are possible this week, so think a hundred times before saying something to your loved one. The search for the second half is better to pause. Shopping and financial affairs also will not bring success.

The main rules of a happy life for Rakov is the absence of fear, the desire to move forward and break stereotypes. Neptune in Pisces will be strong and creative for you, so innovation and experimentation are welcome in all walks of life. October 10 Neptune will be in biquintile with Mercury, so the day will be doubly dangerous. On the 15th, Neptune will be in a different aspect, but again with this planet.

Thus, on Sunday it is also better to stay away from negativity and conflicts.

Impulsiveness from 9 to 15 October will be an extremely dangerous manifestation of emotions. If you offend someone from your environment, then it will not be possible to achieve forgiveness or it will be very difficult. This means that logic must take precedence over emotions.

This will be the only way to defeat the blues and not jeopardize friendship or love.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own anti-vocation, that is, a business for which you definitely should not be taken. Lviv has problems with exact sciences, but each individual may have some other weaknesses. The sun this week will be relevant to you and positive, but even he will not be able to help you in those cases where you are full of profane.

No need to try to jump above your head in the period from 9 to 15 October.

The weak Sun in Libra will give you the right motivation and mood, but it will not show the right path in love or deeds. It will only help you find it yourself. In a word, this week will be a working one, very difficult, but very productive for many representatives of your Zodiac sign. If you feel tired, do not change the situation around you.

Continue your journey to the victorious.

Venus takes matters into its own hands, so now you have to fear negative emotions more than anything else. If you are provoked, do not respond the same. In principle, this will be the only problem this week.

Only negative emotions will be able to destroy what you have been building for so long. Venus’s stay in Virgo until October 13, inclusively, will make her weak, and then she will go over to Libra and become much stronger. Saturday and Sunday should be the days of solitude for you.

October 15 will worsen your position the negative aspect of Venus with Jupiter, which will deprive you of the power of the sixth sense. Friday, on the contrary, will be the most positive day of the week, because Venus will go into sextile with the Moon. Spend this day planning and introspection. Complete all important tasks so that you can have a good rest during the weekend.

If you will work and rest at another time, then act according to the situation in order to fulfill your desires or at least come close to their fulfillment.

Uranus in Aries will help you get rid of the negative this week. This planet will help you find the shortest path to happiness, so listen to your heart more often. All the accumulated negative will go away by itself when you find the right state of mind and take up the things that you like.

If the work annoys you, be sure to devote every free minute to a hobby or a loved one.

This week is a high chance to find love, but you will need a fair amount of perseverance. Everything will pay off, and almost immediately, rest assured. On October 11, Uranus will be in double aspect with the Moon and Venus.

This means that Wednesday will be the best day for any business. Do not give up what is your top priority in life. Try to delve into the search for yourself and do not be afraid to change your path, your goals.

Pluto this week is on your side and comes to the fore. His stay in Capricorn will make you more fortunate. Try to change your fate with the help of the right union. Look for people who can help you and whom you can help, because such an alignment will be most favorable.

This week there is only one “but” — this is Monday. October 9 Pluto will be in a negative aspect with Mercury, your enemy. This will create some dissonance in relationships with loved ones.

This week will be great for new acquaintances of a business and love nature. Try to be more in public and take the initiative. Now you better be as friendly as possible with everyone, because every single person may be of interest to you.

Astrologers advise Strelets Troops to concentrate all their forces on the sphere of love. This week, the numbers will not bring you good luck, so do not spend money or try to throw all the resources on their earnings. Good luck will be concentrated for you only in the field of love and spiritual development. The reason for this will be the actualization of Saturn and its coming to the fore.

This planet will stay in Sagittarius, that is, it will be moderately active. It will help you find the strength to search for something beautiful in this world.

Success will await the most creative Sagittarius, who draw inspiration from books, music and movies. Try to pay more attention to enjoying the beautiful creations of talented people to discover your talent. Look for inspiration in people, in what they do.

It’s time to act. This week, Mars, the red belligerent planet, will dominate you. The problem will be only one — your supply of forces.

To restore the energy balance, you will have to rest at the end of the week, throwing all your temporary resources on it. To rest was successful, you will need to work hard, as you have never worked before.

Mars’s stay in Virgo will make it neutral in strength. The creative energy will not beat over the edge, so that it will be possible to calmly and rationally move forward towards our goals. Inspiration will come in portions that can be easily «digested».

Good luck will be on your side.

The best lesson for Aquarius this week is rest and new acquaintances. The best talisman is a reliable friend and the correct prioritization. Pay attention to all aspects of image creation, because people will be very demanding of you. More black will help solve the stylistic problem.

Earlier we talked about the energy of black, which is the standard of style. Bright colors and bright emotions will be very inappropriate.

The reason why brightness is temporarily excluded from your life is the relevance of the sun. It will be weak in Libra, but this is enough for him to make the people around you notice even the most inconspicuous flaws in you. Just be yourself, but with a slight correction for solidity, for restraint.

Fish this week need to take a break to rest, but only after Thursday. Your hard work will pay off in the future, and now try to continue your journey to the stars through thorns. The moon will help you in your work, in search of yourself and in search of inspiration.

On Monday and Tuesday she will stay in Gemini, and then she will go to the Sign of Cancer and stay there until Thursday. These will be great days for work and increased activity.

Then, in Leo, Lena will lose all her strength and become useless for you. October 13, 14 and 15 is better to just relax. Becoming more successful will help you just such an action plan.

If doubts and uncertainties try to break into your head, this will be a sign that the time has come to change priorities, to reconsider your opinion about familiar things.

Against the negative this week everyone will have one weapon — motivation. Act according to your desires and ambitions. Be yourself and don’t let anyone or anything change you.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you success. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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