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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of December 4-10

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of December 4-10

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina is happy to share with you my predictions about the future. Thanks to her recommendations, you can find the shortest path to success.

Vasilisa Volodina, a famous astrologer and TV presenter, told about her observations of the behavior of the planets. The position of the planets this week has its own interesting features, successful for many Zodiac signs. The coming 7 days will be full of events, which means that everyone will find new discoveries. At first glance, they may seem dangerous, but their nature will be positive.

Stars say that life will change soon. Be ready to turn the course of events in the right direction. The main thing — do not give in to a bad mood and look for positive sides in everything.

For Aries is an ambiguous situation. The strengthened Sun after a long hibernation will be filled with energy. It will give you a surge of strength, will, aspiration.

But for the realization of their desires a sharp push is needed, a flash that will set the tone for everything. For this, Mars is already responsible, who will remain in Libra until Saturday, being powerless. There will be a discord, you will find yourself in a difficult situation — the planets will deprive you of motivation.

The week will show you whether you are still moving in the same direction, repeating previous mistakes again and again, or, on the contrary, have achieved any changes, rising higher and higher with each step. The path will be laid through the thorns, especially if the aspirations suddenly become too arrogant. Become smarter and more alert.

At the moment you have no other opportunity to find out your code of destiny and to understand what exactly will serve as a guide for you to achieve even greater success in the future.

Taurus will have to show all their stamina and strength of mind. This week you will be ruled by the Moon, which helps you in your search for happiness. Your patron will be weakened only on December 7 and 8, but problems at this time will wait at every turn.

We’ll have to take the blow, showing patience and diligence when meeting with trouble.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days this week. Happiness will knock on the door of your house, pointing you the right path leading to auspicious changes in life. It is important not to miss the tips of fate and not to ignore these instructions. Begin to follow your destination, then you will release some of the energy for further action.

Do not be afraid of change — be afraid to pass by them, and not knowing what lies ahead.

Personal life — this is what will need to focus on this week. Venus will be the main planet, which can be called great news. The bad news is that a small red planet will work at the minimum of its capabilities.

Her presence in the constellation Sagittarius will make her unable to positively influence your life. Of course, Venus will not be helpless, a creative start is enough to help you get out of the maze of problems. We can say that Venus will mark your path, pointing out to you things that you don’t want to change or that you find difficult to overcome.

You will understand what needs to be done to change.

This week, Saturday and Sunday will be extremely important days. On Saturday, the aspect of Venus with Uranus will help find new opportunities, find yourself and the freedom of choice. Sunday, on the contrary, will be a dangerous day with dramatic changes in the energy background.

All because of the impact of Neptune. Be careful not to discard the influence of your antagonist: one wrong step, and life can take a negative turn.

Good luck trick for Rakov this week will be Jupiter. The only difficulty is the ambiguity of its influence. From Monday you will be subjected to the ordeal of Jupiter, which, according to the forecast of astrologers, you will withstand brilliantly.

Your patron wants the best for you, but you have to do this through your own efforts. Do not sit idle, look for answers to your questions or solving difficult problems around you: in your thoughts, surroundings or events.

The energy of the planet will be moderately active, which will help not to cross the line that separates self-development from self-digging. Therefore, spiritual quest, as well as the protection of their own interests, will succeed. You can set the following goals for yourself, and you can help people around you to find their vocation.

Just do not meddle in the life of others without demand.

Leos need to learn how to deal with their own arrogance. Although this feeling is an integral feature of your Token, sometimes it needs to be muffled. Especially this week, when destructive Uranus is at the helm.

Uranic energy will bring many unnecessary problems into your life, in particular, they will be connected with love relationships.

This week you need to become the patron and protector of the weak. As long as you highlight your strengths and strive to stand out from the crowd, luck will flow through your fingers like sand. Do not draw attention to yourself and splurge. It is better to concentrate on helping others.

There will be many people around you who need your support. Interaction with them will raise your credibility and self-esteem.

The influence of Mercury will haunt you everywhere. Unfortunately, Mercury is weak and will not be able to take care of your motivation. A planet that always makes you happier, more energetic and lucky will not do anything now because of its retrograde state.

This week you will act blindly. It is time to look inside and show strengths: prudence, prudence and a sober approach to any business. You will be able to solve the most difficult tasks this week on your own.

Critical days are Monday and Thursday. Mercury’s negative connections at first with the Moon and then with Jupiter will reward you with impulsivity. Control your emotions.

You will have a clear idea of ​​what and how it should be. Do not go out of your way, even if difficulties arise, assess the situation rationally. Instead of sympathy, give yourself a tangible benefit.

This week, your past mistakes and thoughts, not new opportunities, will require attention. The stars are advised to analyze their path, identify shortcomings, correct what else can be changed. This does not mean that all seven days you need to engage in deep introspection and live in the past — on the contrary, you need to competently use the experience of past years and not fit the events.

The planet that governs your Sign will be Saturn in Sagittarius. Your patron will help get rid of disbelief in their own strength. All that Saturn requires of you is attentiveness to the events of your own life.

Be creative, then the Universe will provide you with worthy support in the future.

Scorpios should not forget that money is not the most important thing in life. In addition to them, there is still love, which this week can make your life brighter and richer. Jupiter will rule your luck.

Let the big planet of happiness reward you with the lack of harmony. To do this, you need to try to strengthen your relationship with a partner, try to find a soul mate if you are single, or bring back your old feelings.

The coming week is a good opportunity to understand that life does not stand still, it moves on. Jupiter wants you to start moving forward, towards the goal and your own vocation. Do not avoid responsibility, the main thing now depends on you — your own happiness, so go for the call of your heart.

Watch what you say and promise to others. This week you won’t succeed fraudulently. Only honesty and openness will help you become a successful person and happy from a karmic point of view.

You can see the world differently and see many beautiful things in it, so use your talent correctly.

It is time to finish the sluggish business and occupy yourself with something new. The sun will be strong and save you from temptations. His stay in your Sign will have a positive effect on you. Despite the positive astrological picture, fate can play a cruel joke with you, so do not scatter words, threats and opportunities.

Love, create and penetrate deep into secrets, not forgetting to be kind to other people.

The interests of Capricorns this week should be focused on the fundamental things: family, housing, work. Reinforced Neptune will be extremely negative for you, so there is a risk to trap negative thoughts for a long time. You need to try to gather all the will into a fist and get out of emotional problems in order to prove to everyone around you, especially Neptune, that you deserve a better life.

Astrologers advise to work on the environment. Communicate only with those who encourage you, charge for success, helps to overcome doubts. Avoid negative people: it is possible that due to their fault you can be permanently stuck in an energy hole without a chance to change anything.

Aquarius needs to rein in their levity and pay attention to common sense. Venus will retain moderate activity, but its influence is hardly enough to increase prudence and prudence. But success will be next, which should be drawn even closer. But you cannot build your luck on one luck.

You will need to use non-standard methods to solve old problems, so use your lively mind to the fullest.

Risks will be justified only if taken on a cold head. Decisions that you make under the influence of emotions can lead to ambiguous turns. Do not forget that Venus strengthens your intuition, so the final word will be behind it.

Trust the inner voice.

The fish will have to pull themselves together this week. The reinforced Neptune in your Sign is a symbol of good luck for the next seven days. You will be motivated to succeed, learn, work, expand your horizons and explore serious issues. This week is perfect for solving any cases, complex and simple.

No matter what you are doing, spiritual quest or the achievement of material success — good luck is waiting for you everywhere.

Astrologers, as well as experts of the site dailyhoro.ru, advise you to decide on the main goals and start moving in a given direction. Going beyond the comfort zone is what you need right now. Be ambitious, decisive and dynamic. Do not delay anything that matters to you.

Live this week for yourself, taking care of yourself, your business and desires.

This week everyone will have a chance to change their negative thinking to positive. Problems do not come from nowhere, they are born in our heads and only then they materialize into the physical world. If your thoughts are filled with fears, doubts and contradictions, be sure — soon they will overtake you.

Therefore, it is important not to lose faith in the best. As long as you believe in it, it is committed to you. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you a great mood, success in everything. Take care of yourself and do not forget to press the buttons and

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