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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 2-8

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 2-8

Vasilisa Volodina — one of the best astrologers in Russia. Her advice is always helpful and helps people find the right path to success in any area of ​​life. This week will be no exception.

All signs of the zodiac, without exception, will need to follow what they eat. There are 7 autumn dishes that increase energy. Try to include them in the diet more often, to always stay on the crest of a wave and not lose strength in vain.

If you want luck to be with you, you will have to do everything possible this week. Stars and planets can be against you, but this does not mean that victory is unattainable. You can succeed if you don’t give up.

Human energy is subject to quite a strong influence from the outside. A number of factors affect us and our mood changes. This week everything will be in your hands, because the moderately active Saturn in Sagittarius takes the first line.

It will eclipse all other sources of negativity, but its share will be a positive one, because you will be able to focus all your attention on the most important problems.

This week can be very tense for you, because Saturn is blocking the consciousness of Aries, but being close to your loved ones will help you to get rid of the negative influence of the planet, at least on most of it. Try not to go beyond what is permitted and to monitor the state of health. Observe the regime of the day, so as not to put yourself in jeopardy, as well as have a good time in time, without overloading.

Your path to harmony this week will run through the wilds, through fire and water created by Neptune. This planet will remain very strong in Pisces, so on the weekend, October 7 and 8, you will have to follow the rules, not only those created by society, but also your own personal rules and principles. Follow your principles, if you do not want the failure to overtake you very quickly.

You better not risk it now.

Taurus in the period from 2 to 8 October can be sure that their actions will be very noticeable to the people around them. It is not necessary to escalate the situation, if it is already explosive. Try to be diplomatic and restrained throughout these seven days.

Neptune will require the fulfillment of this condition, otherwise your life will become chaotic and disorderly, unpleasant and truly dangerous. Now your best friend is calm. Avoid the company of unpleasant people.

This week, the stars will show you the path to success, but not in all areas of life. The financial sphere will be the main one, because Mars comes first. His stay in Virgo will make him neutral, so you will have the chance to show everyone your character and ambition, securing the status of the most hardworking and capable workers.

Show leadership qualities, but do not use them for selfish purposes. Help people interact.

October 5 and 8 will be the most positive days of the week for you, because Mars will be in positive aspects with Venus and Uranus. On other days, you need to be alert, as undue risks may let you down. Unplanned purchases and cash losses are possible.

In love, it is better to take a driven position and not try to bend your line.

Mercury for you will become the patron planet in early October. Despite the fact that his character is negative for you, negative energy will be felt weakly, because the planet will be in Libra. The two most important days are October 5 and 6.

5 number Mercury will be in the quintile with Saturn. This will lead to negative consequences in all areas of life. Your intuition will be an enemy, not a friend.

On the 6th, the Quixons with Neptune will improve the situation a little and help you to succeed in almost everything.

This period for Rakov can become fateful. To start your life or continue to flow in a positive direction, learn to manage anger. Mercury can be your enemy, but only if you do not restrain emotions.

Behave as if you were the embodiment of goodness and understanding. If someone provokes you, do not reciprocate and do not show weakness.

The moon will take over the reins of power. From October 2 to 8, her energy will not fall below half the mark. This means that you need the right energy protection.

You will be less protected from the attacks of energetic vampires and people who are eager to have problems. Everyone has detractors, but you have more of them than many Zodiac signs. There may be many reasons, but you need to understand not with them, but with ways to solve the problem.

On Monday, Thursday and Friday, the Moon will stay in Aquarius and Aries, respectively, therefore, its energy will be moderately strong. In these three days, you will need to do everything possible to solve your most pressing problems. On Saturday and Sunday troubles will be in both business and love areas, since the Moon will be very strong in Taurus. October 3 and 4 will also be problematic days because of the stay of the Moon in Pisces.

These will be lazy days with feeling bad.

Venus rules the ball for you this week. It will be a very nervous seven days. People born under the sign of Virgo will be subject to a serious negative influence from Venus, which is in your constellation.

The strength of the planet will be weak, but noticeable, so that the negative in you will accumulate constantly. As soon as you allow yourself to break, all your bile can spill on close people.

These seven days are best spent in solitude. Venus is the greatest danger in love affairs. Your sexual energy and mood will drop almost to a minimum. On the other hand, after this period you will be able to find out who your true friend and loved one is, and who is just a fake.

Exposing liars will also be easier, which is the only serious advantage of the impact of Venus.

Jupiter will become the dominant planet this week. This alignment is not very positive for you, and to be more precise, it is not at all bright. Jupiter is your enemy, but he has some positive beginnings. For seven days, the planet will be in your Zodiac.

This means that the energy of the planet will remain neutral. The greatest troubles are waiting for you in the field of work and business, in finance. It may not be possible to avoid problems, but if you use the 10 rules of a happy person, you can reduce the risk of negative consequences to a minimum.

Only you build your own destiny. Yes, it will be hard to succeed in love or deeds, when Jupiter takes your luck to yourself, but this does not mean that absolutely everything is lost. You just need to find the right balance.

Be yourself, look for the strength to win over the blues, apathy and laziness. This autumn will not spare any of the lazy people. The secret of success lies in your mind.

For Scorpions, the main planet this week will be Uranus. The secret of happiness for representatives of this Zodiac will be in violation of the prescribed rules. Try not to dwell on what needs to be done.

Stay a little selfish, as long as it is permissible. Neutral Uranus in Aries will be something like your lucky talisman, especially on Saturday and Sunday. The reason will be a semi-square with Neptune and a biquintile with Mars.

Try to avoid jealousy and do not think about what will happen next. Now the most important thing is the present, not the past or the future. Dedicate yourself to the full love affair.

New acquaintances will help you find love, and your honesty and openness will take existing relationships to a new level. In any case, luck is on your side. Use every minute of this time to the maximum.

The sun will be the main space object for you this week. Clouds and problems will disappear. You will only have to consider the road, which is worth going. Of course, the Sun will be weak due to the influence of the Libra constellation on it, however, this will be enough to show you the right path.

Try to devote a week to new beginnings, the implementation of the most ambitious plans.

The creative energy of the Sun will help you get rid of the black band, if any. Problems will fade into the background, and then disappear altogether. You just need to believe in yourself and that life is a constant change of emotions and moods. Of course, it will not do without temptations and temptations, but your energy will be stable, so it will not be difficult to cope with all this.

The solution to many problems will be hidden in perseverance.

Pluto will break free, freed from the shackles. His strength will be felt already from Monday, because you may have problems in communicating with people. Yes, not everyone is given to find a common language with others, but Pluto in Capricorn will not leave chances for even the most diplomatic of you.

Of course, one Pluto cripples, but the other treats. These are responsibilities, personal affairs and problems. Performance will increase, which can be used to achieve the best results at work or in hobbies.

Ask yourself why we are unhappy. Often this is due to improper environment. This week, even the people closest to you can feel the cold coming from you. This is normal, because Pluto will not miss the opportunity to put a stick in your wheels.

Do not be afraid to increase physical activity and work more. Do it in solitude so that Pluto does not disturb you.

The sun will lead the ranking of the most influential space objects for Aquarius. Staying him in Libra will significantly reduce the energy background, however, he will have enough small forces to make you nervous. Remember the main rule of life for these seven days: do not take revenge on anyone and for no reason.

The boomerang principle always works, so vengeful Aquarians can prepare for unpleasant consequences for themselves.

Try to behave creatively, because the big problems will be fraught with even greater turmoil, if you allow them to bring themselves out of balance. Good luck will be on your side if you are diplomatic and willing to cooperate.

For Pisces this week will not be quite easy. Making the Universe help you is possible only in one way — to break stereotypes. The reason for this scenario is the revitalization of Uranus, located in the Aries Sign. The moderate energy of the planet will require you to go beyond your own comfort zone.

The less you fear, the better it will be for you.

It is time to overcome fear and all its manifestations. Good luck will not turn away from you if you are able to correctly prioritize. Now it’s better not to be distracted by side gaps, but to concentrate on what worries you most. This may be love, and work, and finance.

The main thing is to believe that you are on the right path. Scan your life for problems and get a close look at each one.

Do not forget the power of meditation. Introspection, if it is moderate, is able to answer all your most important questions about your life path. Communicate with yourself often and answer the most difficult questions honestly.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes a successful week to all the Signs of the Zodiac. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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