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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of November 20-26

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from November 20 to 26

Vasilisa Volodina knows how to improve her life thanks to the influence of the planets. The famous astrologer claims that this week a global energy restructuring awaits all people, which means that the chances for success will be as high as possible.

The upcoming period will be filled with interesting, but at the same time dangerous events. Randomly a domino effect can happen to you: one change will entail a linear series of similar ones. But there is also good news: the planets will help to navigate.

Their influence will absorb chaos, and people will be able to find easy solutions to many problems. Vasilisa Volodina «> Vasilisa Volodina is sure that there are no unsuccessful days, there are days when each of us needs to give everything to the fullest. The main thing now is to keep an optimistic attitude, so as not to accidentally panic.

The end of the month for Aries will be tense, but rich in events. The talisman of luck this week will be the Sun. On Tuesday, November 22, the Sun will leave the Sign of Scorpion alien to him and end up in Sagittarius. Here it will get stronger, and its forces will be close to the highest mark.

Fasten your seat belts: changes that other planets held back will break through to you. Now you need to determine your life goals in order to stay on track.

Good luck will be with you in any case, as well as the danger to stumble. Do not wait for an orderly and peaceful life — get ready to create in chaos. It will not be boring. Thursday will be able to collect thoughts.

Cold Pluto will kill the influence of the Sun, allowing you to solve spiritual problems. In one day under the influence of Pluto, you will be able to gain confidence and set the main goal.

Venus could give you a lot of strength and inspiration, but instead it will highlight your problems, especially internal ones. The impact of the constellation Scorpio, in which Venus has been in place for a month, does not combine with its energy. Do not lose heart, take these seven days as an opportunity to become stronger.

This is a good week for spiritual research, getting rid of negativity and finding the cause of your bad luck.

On Tuesday, November 21, the sextile of Venus and Pluto will allow you to express yourself brightly. Be yourself, tell the truth, but do not forget that you can not glue a broken cup. If you are not in the mood or you see something that the other person does not notice, it is better to keep silent. No need to transfer your negativity to other people, this week it will provoke unnecessary problems.

On Thursday, belligerent Mars intercepts the baton, which can cause you trouble. Stay away from scammers — you will be very easily deceived.

The twins will have to be patient. The energy of Mercury, which makes you move forward and conquer the horizons, will be at zero all week. Try not to take on something that you hardly have the strength to do. The risk of getting yourself exhausted in these seven days is extremely high.

Choose your class to your liking. Remember that all the money does not make, especially this week.

The aspect of Mercury and the impudent Uranus on November 25 will help you discover yourself from the new side. Do not resist the influence of your patrons, think outside the box and do not think long before you do something important. On Saturday, luck will be on your side. The remaining days are more suitable for outdoor activities than to work for wear.

Your weakened energy will prevent you from solving problems the way you used to do it, that is, quickly and intuitively. It is generally better not to believe intuitions — trust the logic instead.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio and will become for you the main planet in these seven days. What you have to do is learn to forgive. Learn to let go of hurt feelings, whatever they may be: to people, to yourself, to life or circumstances.

Until you get rid of this dangerous feeling, the same problems will haunt you. Half active Jupiter wants the best for you, so it will not allow new disappointments to find their way into your life. But for this you need to show him that you are ready to give up the old ones.

On Saturday, November 25th, an important aspect of Jupiter and Mercury will occur, which will change your attitude to life. It is best not to resist and look at your problems from a different angle. Find a way to become more confident and proactive — it will appreciate. The remaining days will be less favorable, but this may be useful for you.

Look for the problem of your failures in yourself, not in the outside world.

This week, the lions need to pull themselves together and start doing what you have put off so persistently. On November 22, your patron and talisman of happiness, the Sun, will make the long-awaited transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius, thanks to which his energy will grow stronger. You will feel that the strength has increased, and the mood has improved markedly. Use this time to change your life for the better.

Nothing is impossible for you now.

The sun will be strong all week. Therefore, the most dangerous day can only be called Monday, but it will quickly pass if you are busy with something fascinating. Work or, on the contrary, distract from the hustle and bustle, spend time with your hobby. Make Monday a moral day off for you, rest your body, not your body.

Ahead of you are waiting for a fascinating six days, so that you will have time for everything.

What you have to pay attention to this week is your health. The moon will be active, and this can be partly called good news. The sad news is that lunar activity on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd will rest on the lowest mark.

All the fault of being the night lights in Capricorn. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon will be more likely ballast than your assistant. Your internal reserves will remain without water.

Feeling of helplessness may sweep over, but don’t close in on yourself. Next to you will be people who can fill the void around.

This week will be good days — Monday and Sunday. On Monday, no one will disturb you; you’ll be able to do your personal business. As for Sunday, then on November 26, the Moon will get stronger and will give you confidence and strength to leap ahead.

Scales are very lucky this week. The stars advise you to look back, look at your past mistakes and see if you want to correct them. Venus in Scorpio will help you answer the most important questions that do not allow you to sleep at night.

Throughout the week, communication with the Universe will be established, so mentally ask yourself whether you have made the right choice, whether you are doing what you want. The answers will lie on the surface, so watch the signs of fate.

On Tuesday, November 21, the union of Venus and Pluto will give you a sea of ​​energy and fresh emotions. On this day, you should be a little distracted from the spiritual quest and send energy to the realization of something important for you. On other days, be creative and determined to get rid of the past load of problems.

Scorpios should take advantage of the weakened position of Mercury and throw all forces to improve their financial situation. This week you will have money luck. Daring Uranus will be your main planet, which will allow you to act quickly, decisively and purposefully. Do not sit idle: try to strengthen your relationship with colleagues, superiors or subordinates.

In the next seven days, you will be listened to and will often seek advice — do not refuse, line up with reliable people who will then help you.

Uranus will set the active pace of life, waiting for you inexorable movement forward. On the one hand, this is the whim of your patron planet, on the other — a chance to get closer to the dream. Try to pay attention only to important matters.

Do not waste yourself on trifles.

Archers, empty promises that you feed people this week, pretty ruin your life. This is one of the laws of karma: everything that you do eventually returns to you. Lucky those who are accustomed to achieve the desired honest way.

A pure soul will bring you happiness. Nobody asks you to change the world — change your attitude towards it. And then you will realize that in the world along with the negative there is a lot of good, bright and clean.

Jupiter is half active, so you will be subject to its creative beginning. This is the planet of happiness, and its influence will best reflect on you, your energy and life in general. Notice the good will be easier.

Be kinder to people and do not make enemies.

Mars is completely weakened, which will prevent Capricorns from resisting negative thoughts. The feeling that the whole world has literally rebelled against you will not leave for a minute. With such a mood it will be difficult to do something important and energy-intensive. You will be distracted by the search for detractors, gossip and intrigue behind your back.

Astrologers and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend getting out of this trap of suspicion.

Without the warlike energy of Mars, it will be difficult to go forward, but you cannot stop now. Collect the will into a fist and hit them in all doubts and fears. Someone will say that you will not succeed — do not believe, everyone has their own reasons for stopping you. Listen only to yourself.

Your strength is in your hidden abilities, in your thinking. Do not be afraid that luck will leave you at the most crucial moment — she will be there.

Aquarius, this week you will have to get rid of levity. Only common sense will show you the right path. Mercury will become the main planet, the only problem is that he is completely powerless due to his stay in Scorpio.

He will not help you gain motivation. You will have to search for it yourself, otherwise you risk spending this week indifferently for your own life, although there will be good opportunities and strengths to improve it.

Do not sit idle, try to show the Universe that you are striving to improve your life. Choose for yourself the main sphere of life and direct all your strength to it, because to achieve maximum success this week is easier in one thing. On Saturday, Mercury and Jupiter will meet in an aspect that will force you to be more attentive to the little things.

This is because the threat from those who wish you trouble will increase.

Neptune for representatives of the constellation Pisces will come to the fore. The patron will be in your Sign, and on Wednesday he will end his movement backwards, which will accelerate the course of life. The events of the last four days will quickly replace each other, not allowing you to rest.

Good luck will be next to those who are accustomed to start and finish their affairs quickly, not postponing them for tomorrow.

Neptune will not enter any aspect of this week, so despite its ambiguity the atmosphere around will be calm and peaceful. You will be ahead of people a few steps. Take advantage of this sensibly: there is a chance to overtake your competitors without any hindrance on the way.

Be smarter and more active, that’s the whole secret of your success for the next seven days.

Vasilisa Volodina is a famous TV presenter who has built her career thanks to her knowledge of astrology and astropsychology. Her predictions are accurate and truthful, because they are based not on empty words, but on observations of the influence of the planets. With its clues, the universe each week gives people a chance to change their destiny, just someone knows how to read between the lines, and someone closes his eyes to it.

We wish you closer to your dream this week. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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