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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 6-12

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 6-12

Vasilisa Volodina is a famous astrologer. Her horoscopes are always respected by her colleagues. The weekly horoscope will help you to know what promise stars to every Zodiac sign.

Astro predictions and Vasilisa Volodina’s tips help to know the future, to avoid mistakes and even to check the love compatibility with a partner. The weekly horoscope will tell you how to use for your own benefit aspects of the heavenly bodies, which are very actively interacting with each other in early August.

The coming week will be polar for this Zodiac; on the one hand, a hot-tempered Mars can lead to financial problems. On the other hand, the Sun promises good luck in the love sphere. It is necessary to bring an inner state to harmony so that these contradictory aspects work for Aries for the good.

Meditation on attracting good luck will have a beneficial effect. Excessive emotionality can harm the cause.

August 6, 7 and 8 are especially lucky days for Taurus. Representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac should plan important things at the beginning of the week, so that you can further go with the flow. Do not trust the ghosts of the past, even if they are obsessively reminded of themselves.

New Moon on the 11th is the time to renew the energy.

Venus with Saturn in an unfavorable aspect, which means that Gemini may face conflicts. It will be difficult to restore the broken trust, so excessive suspicion in the week is not your ally in love matters. At the same time, the favorable aspects promise the Gemini chances that should not be abandoned.

The talismans of the Gemini Sign will help focus on the main thing.

At the beginning of the week, an intuitive flair will point the Cancers to the execution of their plans. Premonitions, prophetic dreams, signs of destiny can play a special role in the life of those born under this constellation. On August 8, it is necessary to be more attentive to trifles in order to prevent an offensive slip.

In the priority area of ​​the senses, as well as self-development, whereas in the affairs of more mundane ones, accuracy and moderation are needed.

Plans for the weekend can spoil the unexpected circumstances that will manifest themselves at the end of the week. In order not to be trapped, the Lions will need a backup plan of action. It is recommended to keep in reserve a feasible amount of money and not to succumb to possible provocations of enemies.

Protracted conflicts come to a logical conclusion. On Sunday, the energy of the Sun will benefit Lions.

Venus and Neptune can lead to events that test Virgos for durability. Monday and Tuesday are favorable days for the accumulation of forces to turn circumstances in their favor afterwards. Earth element talismans will help this Zodiac sign to stand firmly on their feet under the influence of the negatively tuned planet Neptune.

Doubts, anxieties and fears can weaken the energetics of those born under the auspices of the Zodiac sign Libra. But by the end of the week, controversial situations will be unequivocal, and difficult tasks will also find a solution. Weights need at the right time to keep their lives in their own hands.

Aromatherapy will help in working with subtle matters.

During the week, Scorpios risk facing other people in disputes and conflicts. To get a solution will help look from the outside: the situation must be considered from different angles to find the best way out of the crisis. Saturday and Sunday will dot the i, and three effective ways to get out of a difficult situation from experts on the site dailyhoro.ru can also be useful in this period.

Especially favorable in terms of energy balance is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sagittarius is recommended to bet on these days. At other times, the risk of falling for the bait of an energetic vampire is quite high; therefore, persistence of character and readiness to firmly defend one’s own interests and personal boundaries are important.

To the Capricorns, the week promises favorable opportunities in that area of ​​life, which at the moment is in the hands of a representative of this Sign under scrutiny. Efforts will pay off, if not turn off the intended path. A weak point may be the underestimation of a competitor, so it is important to strengthen their best qualities.

Positive energy at home will help Aquarius to attract Fortune. It is necessary to be more careful in your own desires and to clearly formulate requests both to the Universe and to those around you. Rushing from extreme to extreme, you can miss the welfare.

It’s time to remember in early August about the laws of the universe and use them for your own good.

The beginning of the week is a quiet time, suitable for solving current issues. It is better to go to the goal in small steps day after day than to lose strength and faith in yourself after a decisive leap forward. Regularity and constancy in affairs will not allow chaotic negative energy to leak into affairs and manage life for you.

Self-confidence is useful to every Zodiac sign from August 6 to August 12. Harmony within us is able to work wonders with the Universe around, and spiritual practices for purification from negative will become the true key to happiness. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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