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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 21-27

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 21-27

The weekly recommendations of Vasilisa Volodina, a well-known astrologer and TV presenter, helped many to avoid trouble and complete the planned business on time.

Vasilisa Volodina is famous for its accurate forecasts, which reflect the influence of stars and planets on each Zodiac sign. These recommendations will be an excellent help in productive work and personal life. This week, the astrologer advises to closely monitor the events around you, so as not to miss the opportunity to change life for the better.

Aries luck in business will bring a positive mood and attention to detail. Retrograde Mercury, your ally, will affect performance and inhibit activity. In this regard, the astrologer recommends paying attention to cases that do not require great concentration.

The presence of Mercury in the constellation Virgo will affect the mood, so it is important for Aries to remain calm and not succumb to decadent thoughts.

The second active planet this week will be Jupiter in Libra. His energy will allow Aries to improve their financial situation and make profitable investments for their further growth. Good planning will help you to avoid excessive expenses.

The influence of the Stars on your Sign will be very noticeable. On Monday, the negative energy of the Moon in conjunction with the Sun will take away strength, and it is important to spend this time without overloading yourself with unnecessary work. Good days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

The harmonious energy of the moon will help to find a common language with loved ones, but the negative impact of Uranus can cause disagreements.

From Wednesday to Thursday, Tauruses need to concentrate on core responsibilities and not postpone important business and personal conversations. This time will be optimal for solving protracted conflicts and misunderstandings. By the weekend, the position of the moon will weaken, which can cause mood swings in Taurus.

Disrupt the plans of Gemini this week may retrograde Mercury. The astrologer recommends using this week to complete cases that you can finish before August 27th. An unpleasant event during this period will be the destructive influence of the sun.

His strength will be enough to make Gemini feel anger and aggression.

The second half of the week, Gemini should be spent in the family circle, as the negative influence of the planets can have a bad effect on your critical thinking and lead to unpleasant consequences.

The moderate activity of Venus in your Sign will have a positive effect on mood and activity, but from August 25 it will turn into the constellation of Leo, which will negatively affect the emotional background. Try to avoid conflict situations and harsh criticism of the people around you.

At the end of the week, cancer can worsen chronic diseases due to mood swings. Meditation aimed at suppressing the emotions raging inside you will help to avoid this. On Sunday, aspects of the planets can interfere with thinking constructively, which excludes adventurous and reckless affairs, as well as excessive spending.

Successful prospects are awaiting Lviv due to the positive influence of several planets at once. Mars in your Sign will allow you to actively fight for your own well-being and implement bold ideas. The moon will not cause much trouble, since its impact will be very moderate.

Jupiter in Libra will provide an opportunity to improve the financial situation and find additional sources of income.

In the middle of the week, however, Lviv will be expected to test for strength. The active influence of the planets will knock you out of balance, so the astrologer advises you to eliminate active collaboration. Conflict situations provoked by work colleagues can have a detrimental effect on your reputation.

By the weekend, the situation will clear up, and Lviv will have the opportunity to fully relax in the circle of close people.

The most difficult day for Dev will be Monday. Mercury in aspect with Venus will interfere with vigorous activity, which will make your way to success very difficult. Since Tuesday, the situation will improve, and the representatives of your constellation will have a chance to find a faithful partner in the business sphere, and the positive influence of Mercury will help you quickly solve current affairs.

By the end of the week Virgos can use the services of a stylist. Changing the image will help regain confidence in yourself, as well as attract the attention of the opposite sex. The astrologer recommends that couples spend time alone with each other and take a break from everyday problems.

Weights this week to battle with their own suspicion. This is due to the negative influence of retrograde Pluto. His presence in Capricorn will block the flow of positive energy, which can adversely affect communication. Mars, another planet that has a destructive influence on your Sign, will be in the constellation Leo.

This will cause you a lot of contradictions and indecision.

Weights in the period from August 21 to August 27 are advised not to rush things and to pay attention to their work. Only by eliminating mistakes and doing all things on time, you can breathe easy, but the negative energy of the planets can remind you of past shortcomings. They will be the main stumbling block in everyday work.

Scorpions this week will present a lot of good news and surprises. This is due to the absence of the negative influence of the moon and the formation of general harmony. Beginning of the week is better to devote your direct professional responsibilities.

Forethought and caution should be exercised on Thursday. The aspect of the Moon with Venus will negatively affect your emotional balance, so it is important for Scorpios not to make hasty decisions and carefully weigh each decision. By the weekend, luck will smile on you, which will have a positive effect on friendships and partnerships.

Streltsy this week, you need to listen to the voice of reason and not to give in to provocations. The positive energy of your ally of the Sun will help you achieve success in business. The neutral position of the Moon from Tuesday to Friday will allow to sort out personal relationships and find a compromise solution.

Neptune’s strong position in Pisces opens wide prospects for Sagittarius. You will be subject to responsible decisions and productive work on meaningful and momentous projects. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with new, promising for your business people.

For Capricorns this week may be extremely important. From August 21 to August 27, you will have plenty of opportunities to resolve financial issues. This is connected with the positive influence of Saturn, which will enter the normal mode, and from the 26th day it will endow you with positive energy.

Ally will act and Pluto, which is in your constellation. His position will return you confidence in your own abilities, which will allow Capricorns to gain recognition in the team for their work and resourcefulness. The prospects are bright at the end of the week. The positive influence of the planets will give you the strength to carry out risky but profitable operations, and can also open up resources for long-awaited expensive acquisitions.

The beginning of the week promises Aquarius a difficult choice. Your forethought and cold mind will help to avoid trouble at work. To increase the chances of success will help the positive impact of the aspect of Mercury with Venus.

The middle of the week according to the horoscope is indicated by the negative influence of the planets on the emotional background. Aquarius, it is important to stay calm, to eliminate blunders in responsible matters.

To fear the representatives of your Sign is overvoltage. Fatigue and lack of sleep can lead to physical discomforts that make it difficult for you to be active. This state of affairs will require your endurance and endurance.

Pisces strong position of the patron of Neptune will be able to provide a positive mood and confidence. His presence in your constellation will have a positive effect both in work issues and in receiving positive emotions from communication. This week you love luck.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet your destiny, and to enhance the effect, use the love whispers.

Closer to the weekend it will be useful to return to the implementation of the planned cases. The weak position of your supporter of the Moon will take away strength, so choose a lighter and more measured work that does not lead to overwork and emotional burnout.

To make the whole week as successful as possible, use good luck conspiracies. Remember that a positive attitude and advance business planning is half the success. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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