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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 16-22

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of October 16-22

Vasilisa Volodina knows how to attract good luck in one or another period of time. Her tips will help you succeed in any sphere of life this week.

The most dangerous for each of us are the so-called viruses of consciousness. These are installations that block energy. In other words, these are negative thoughts that cannot just be taken out of your head.

This week will be both dangerous and favorable, because negative and positive attitudes will be equally strong. It all depends on how ready you are to fight negative thoughts.

The first four days will be difficult for you. The fact is that the moon will be at the helm, which constantly throws you problems. She will be moderately active in Virgo and then in Libra from Monday to Thursday.

Try to devote these days to strengthening energy, because otherwise you will be able to meet serious problems due to fatigue and lack of motivation.

From Friday to Sunday, from October 20 to 22, it will be a little easier for Aries to live, because the Moon will turn into the Sign of Scorpio. It will lose about half the energy reserve, but there will still be gunpowder in the flasks. To live will need to try carefully and according to the rules, so as not to create difficulties for themselves out of the blue. Discretion and timely rest will be for you a happy ticket to the country of success and good mood.

You should succeed, don’t doubt yourself. You just need a little more exposure.

An excellent technique for the fulfillment of desires is a good mood and the right thoughts. Think about what you want, then it will come to your hands faster. The main thing now for you is to abstract from the outside world and people.

Your environment can negatively affect creative self-motivation. Simply put, people will not help you, but on the contrary, they will be discouraged from everything in a row. Friends and loved ones will sow uncertainty in you that will prevent you from attracting love into your life.

Problems will arise from the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, which will block the connection between your consciousness and the consciousness of people close to you. This is a dangerous week for teamwork, for teamwork. Quarrels and serious conflicts are possible. That is why you need to keep clear of everything that can bring you out of yourself.

It can be events, people, emotions — anything. A dangerous week is dangerous in everything, so dedicate it to your hobbies and responsibilities, no more.

The twins will be lucky this week. Your path to happiness will be easy thanks to the activation of Mercury. This planet will be in Scorpio, but only from Tuesday. On Monday, Mercury will still be in Libra.

There will be no differences in energy levels, but the nature of the planet will change. On the first day of the week you should take care of yourself, but on the other six days it’s better to look to the future together — at work, at home, in love and friendship.

This will be your week, because your best friend, Mercury, will be half active. He will not demand anything in return, but will simply have a positive effect on you. Try to follow your principles and not change plans.

This week will be very positive both in love and in deeds. You can go shopping, buy new equipment, change the image and so on.

Mars comes to the fore. This planet is very negative for you, so only its weakness will be on hand. Deprived of Mars will be only on October 22. This will happen due to the transition of the planet in Libra.

Sunday will be the most auspicious day this week. Being in Virgo from Monday to Saturday, Mars will be moderate, which is very bad for you. Cancers will be difficult to make decisions and trust people.

You can lose a lot of friends, but nothing irreversible happens. Everything can be prevented. To do this, try to be as diplomatic as possible. After all, your every word people will be taken to bayonets.

Get ready to apologize for something ridiculous, frivolous and meaningless. Slow pride — from 16 to 22 it will cause unnecessary trouble. Get rid of the negative, while there is such an opportunity.

Leos need to look for solutions to problems first and foremost in themselves. Uranus in Aries will be retrograde, so, coming to the fore for you, he will try to increase your impulsiveness and the desire to solve problems quickly. Naturally, speed is not always equivalent or even close to efficiency.

This week it will not be helpful at all. Show everyone that you are capable of wise actions so that no one has any doubt that you are right.

On October 17, Uranus will be in quarc with Mars. This is good news when you consider that problems can come from your insecurity. Mars will give you toughness and masculinity.

On October 19, the opposition of Uranus and the Sun will make Thursday the most positive day of the week. Dedicate this day to love and new acquaintances. All other days can be very dangerous.

Vigilance will not be superfluous.

Virgos will manage to control their fate Jupiter. This planet is the worst enemy for you. It is for this reason that the coming week is better to just wait in a quiet place for you. The problem will not even be that you will meet with troubles, but that these problems will have a very powerful psychological effect on you.

Remember how sometimes you break loose on trifles and try to give up everything you started. This week you can experience such feelings in all areas of life.

In love and in deeds, you better just follow your principles and in no case change the game plans. As soon as you try to change your attitude towards something or try to change direction, a squall of troubles will fall upon you with such force that no one can help you stay afloat. Do not play with fire — be careful and sensible, while a moderately strong Jupiter is in Scorpio and relevant to you.

Get rid of trash in your home and in your head. This is a great time to get rid of everything superfluous. Saturn in Sagittarius will be moderately active all these seven days.

His creative energy will help you identify your weaknesses and overcome them. The main thing is not to be afraid of changes in internal and external. It is possible that the situation around you will totally change.

This is normal now, for Saturn loves such things.

Monday will be an emotional day because of the Saturn sextile with the Sun. Sunday will bring something amazing into your life if you conquer fear. This will be possible due to the positive aspect with Mercury. Do not be afraid to experiment 22 numbers — you are now on the crest of a wave, at the top of the «food chain».

Good luck next to you, so you only need to reach out.

It is not worth waiting for the energy gain, as well as great luck, because Venus will become the most important planet this week. She will be strong due to being in Libra. This is the main cause of all your future problems. Everything will fall out of my hands.

It will seem to you that everything in this world is opposed to you. It is possible that this will be the case, but it is not necessary to sound the alarm and get depressed. Try to just survive all this without injury for your psyche.

Do not answer people with negative to negative, if you do not want to lose the remnants of luck. From October 16 to 22, life will boil around you, but not near you. Do not envy anyone and do not be jealous of your loved ones. Venus is a very provocative planet in this regard, but this influence can be easily avoided.

Take care of work, pressing affairs and do not ask anyone for help.

The sun is your friend. It is now becoming the main space object for you. His stay in Libra is detrimental to energy, but a weak Sun will still help you succeed in love.

In business, at work and in business, you will need to take a short break and concentrate on new business contacts. Try to look for like-minded people and friends, not enemies. Creative thinking will benefit all Strelets.

A slight increase in energy is expected on Friday and Thursday. Devote these days to physical exertion and active rest. On the other days of the week it is also better not to go deep into laziness.

Observe the regime and get better sleep, then everything will be fine. The sun will give you the strength to overcome many obstacles and to create inner harmony, to search for your destination.

Neptune will be your guide this week, but not to the world of happiness, but to the world of failures and problems. This planet, being in the Sign of Pisces, remains strong and will remain so until Sunday. This means that the Universe will not tolerate breaking the rules from you.

Do everything the way you used to, without changing direction. If you decide to change something, then problems will follow immediately.

This week is dangerous for you, but you can learn a lot and find out who of your environment is pretending to be with you. People will be more open and worse able to hold back the truth, so use it to the maximum. You can also find out your purpose, because every person has a unique one.

You will become closer to the knowledge of the meaning of life.

As is known, the human aura is a very fragile mechanism. Devote this week to strengthening your energy. Your aura should be strengthened many times, if everything is done correctly. First, stop eating harmful foods.

Secondly, it’s time to start the exercise cycle. Now you have a chance to make yourself stronger.

If you manage to overcome laziness, you will be able to change your future for the better. Good luck in the near future can be very necessary for you. Now you have to think about what is waiting for you soon.

Look forward, not back. Only in this way you will remain at the peak and increase your achievements. This week is more than a transition from one state to another.

All people have vices and weaknesses. In Pisces, they are peculiar and help them to succeed in this life and meet people. So that people perceive you positively and want to meet you, try not to be very demanding to yourself. Ideal people attract attention, but that’s where the advantages end.

If you can prove to yourself and others that you are an ordinary person with some unique «cockroaches» in your head, then you will love for honesty.

Be open, then in love and at work you are waiting for victory. Venus will meet you, as it will be strong in the Sign of Libra. She has the strength to change your future. But you, too, will need effort.

Stay yourself and do not exalt yourself at the expense of others. Good people are in fashion now, and you shouldn’t get any better.

To make it better every day this week, you will need more than just a good mood. Develop a plan, and then follow it until Sunday. Intuition will be a good helper for many people.

But common sense is more important now. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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