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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of April 17-23

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of April 17-23

Thanks to the advice of Vasilisa Volodina, a famous astrologer and TV presenter, many people have succeeded in life and achieved the desired results in the shortest possible time. Recommendations of the horoscope for the week from April 17 to April 23 will help you learn how to bring good luck to life and avoid trouble.

Early business planning is an integral part of a successful life. You can cope with life’s difficulties with the help of strong patron planets, self-reliance and effective conspiracies. What this week promises to representatives of the signs of the zodiac, will tell the weekly horoscope.

The first half of the week for Aries will be very successful and productive. The weak position of the Moon, your opponent, from April 17 to April 19 will provide an opportunity to actively embark on responsible matters related to high energy costs. The sun gives Aries a positive energy, which contributes to improved well-being, a surge of strength and a thirst for activity.

Fire representatives will have to temper their ardor on weekends — the Moon will take a strong position and will have a tangible impact on the emotional component.

On Monday, the trine of the Sun with Saturn will assist Aries in the development of creative abilities. On this day, conflicts are smoothed out, which allows you to work productively in a team and devote your free time to communicating with loved ones. Realizing the potential today will be the key to successful work in the near future, so you should show diligence and hard work.

A semi-square of the Sun with Neptune on the same day will test the emotional stability of impulsive Aries for strength. This aspect calls for the struggle and mobilization of the internal reserve to achieve the goals. Astrologers recommend using the coming difficulties and negative comments as an incentive for development.

On April 20, the combination of the Sun with Mercury will somewhat weaken the business acumen and significantly affect the emotional background. On this day, Aries is worth remembering about his endurance in order to avoid conflicts with family and colleagues. Meditation aimed at achieving inner harmony will help relieve irritation.

During the week, Aries should be careful: your opponent Venus is in a strong position and can interfere in both personal and business areas. The square of Saturn and Venus on April 21 promotes internal struggle, nervous states and indecision when making responsible decisions. On Friday, it is worthwhile to postpone important matters that do not require urgent intervention, and to engage in ongoing activities.

Taurus first half of the week does not promise bright prospects. Your ally Moon will be in a weak and neutral position until the weekend. During this period, you can hope for the power of Venus, which takes a strong position from April 17 to 23. Old acquaintances may appear in your life.

Their influence on your fate is very ambiguous, so astrologers advise to be careful in their statements and behavior.

On Monday, the connection of the Moon with Saturn will provide an opportunity to quite fruitfully spend the working day realizing its potential. However, the weak Moon and retrograde Saturn are also very ambiguous in terms of energy. Vigilance and attention to detail will save the representatives of this Sign from annoying blunders.

April 20 The moon in the square with the Sun can lead to directly opposite actions on your part, which will cause a disruption in the normal course of life. Energy Thursday is a rather aggressive day with respect to the emotional background. Tauruses need to use energy to solve current issues and treat their halves with understanding.

On Saturday, the sextile of the strong Moon and Mercury will provide opportunities to achieve the desired goal. Positive energy affects good adaptation and quick response to change. On this day, fruitful activities will become the foundation for future accomplishments, and also on April 22 is suitable for building love relationships.

Your allied planets, Venus and Mercury, will provide a surge of positive energy, which Gemini should direct to address responsible matters. Some troubles your sign will bring the sun. Your antagonist is in a strong position throughout the week, so astrologers recommend to be vigilant.

Retrograde Saturn, the patron saint of Gemini, smoothes its negative influence and makes it possible to unleash creative potential.

On Monday and Tuesday, efforts should be translated into the mainstream of current activities, to withdraw from conflict situations. All because of the extremely strong position of the sun. It greatly interferes with life, and astrologers recommend that zodiac Gemini make an effort to achieve success.

On April 20, Mercury, in conjunction with the Sun, smoothes out the negative influence of the latter, but at this time Gemini needs to be extremely attentive to his work, statements and activities related to negotiations. Inappropriate comments can negatively affect the course of affairs, and Gemini risks failing responsible affairs and instructions.

The square of Venus and Saturn on April 21 gives Gemini a powerful stream of positive energy, which is favorable for both financial transactions and real estate transactions. On this day, improved health allows you to move forward, conquering new heights.

On weekends, your Zodiac Sign will have the opportunity to set up your business and devote time to your family. This period is successful for outdoor activities, sports and immunity. Improved creative abilities due to the beneficial influence of Venus and Mercury make it possible to unleash inner potential and turn a hobby into a stable source of income.

The moon, your ally, this week will not give you a significant charge of energy. Her presence in a weak position reduces activity and adversely affects the performance. Your patrons, Venus and Neptune, who hold strong positions, will slightly correct the situation.

On Monday, the Moon, in conjunction with Saturn, your antagonist, will create uncomfortable conditions for communication. Conflicts escalate, and everything literally falls out of hand. For good luck, representatives of the zodiac Cancer should use positive attitudes and exclude responsible activities.

Astrologers urge to opt for a single job for current affairs.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weak position of the Moon will prevent you from achieving material well-being. Cancers these days should plan their expenses and pay attention to the investment. Adventure deals and reckless costly purchases can ruin not only your mood, but also weaken your monetary position very much.

By the end of the week, the situation will begin to level off: the Moon will take a strong position on Saturday and Sunday. These days you can take active steps to achieve well-being. Personal relationships will also be good.

To ensure that your fate does not pass by, use effective love whispers.

Lviv has a successful week. Your opponent, the Moon, will gain strength only by the weekend, and from April 17 to April 23, your Sign will be supported by the active energy of the Sun. Some difficulties in the personal sphere are promised by the adversary of your Sign, Venus.

She is in a strong position, which requires caution in statements and behavior with a partner.

On Monday, the trine of the Sun with Saturn, and then the semi-square with Neptune will create a tense situation that will require decisive action to achieve success in the planned activities. Productive work and focus on core business will help Lions to avoid mistakes in business.

Tuesday and Wednesday Lions should devote to active work, promotion of their ideas and work on important projects. The strong position of the Sun will provide your Sign with additional energy, which is important to apply for success. These days, scientific activity will be successful with the aim of obtaining new knowledge and advanced training.

On April 20, the square of the Moon and the Sun will cause some inconvenience. Frequent change of mood and some apathy will affect activity. On this day, Lions should pay attention to unfinished business, which do not require great concentration.

The square of Venus and Saturn on Friday inhibits activity, forcing the Lions to temper their ardor. On April 21, your patience and vigilance will help to avoid rash decisions and annoying mistakes. At this time, active personal relationships are not recommended, and in this connection, Lviv will have the opportunity to use time for spiritual development and growth.

Weekends for the zodiac Lions will not be easy — the confrontation of the planets allies and opponents will actively influence your energy field, therefore, rest and proper rest at this time are obligatory. The time devoted to personal problems and finding answers within yourself will provide an opportunity to prepare for the next week.

For Virgos, the projected week will be quite difficult. Your active ally the Moon takes a weak position until April 20, which prevents your potential from being revealed. The planets allies of your Sign will spend the whole week in neutral positions, therefore it is necessary for the Virgins to count on the internal forces.

On Monday, the Moon in conjunction with Saturn will allow you to do important things, but without an overstrain. Try to limit your activities so that you don’t feel weak and feel unwell from the beginning of the week.

The square of the Moon with the Sun on April 20 will help to overcome obstacles, but it does not help to move forward. On this day, your determination and personal ambitions will achieve success, but suspiciousness and caution will prevent you from achieving the desired result. Use effective whispers for good luck to make the day best of all.

On Saturday, the Moon will take a strong position, and sextile with Mercury will cause favorable changes in life. This will give Virgos additional incentive for creative activity, active communication and winning leadership positions.

The strong position of the enemy of your Sign, Venus, on weekends will be a stumbling block when making important decisions. On Saturday and Sunday, astrologers advise not to plan active actions, but to devote time to a favorite activity that brings pleasure and good mood.

Libra will have a strong patron this week — Venus. Her active position provides positive energy for fruitful work. The active opponent, the Sun, which is also in a strong position, will somewhat confuse the plans.

However, prudence and desire to achieve the goals set will enable Libra to move up the career ladder.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Libra can be engaged in activities aimed at achieving material well-being. Scheduled sales transactions on these days are very successful and profitable. Investments that are premeditated and carefully planned will most likely bring a stable income in the near future.

The path to success on Thursday questions the position of the Sun. It is negatively adjusted in relation to Scales. You will have to show ingenuity and sanity to avoid potential problems.

The square of the allies, Saturn and Venus, on Friday will provide an opportunity to realize the potential in the business sphere. In private time, Libra will successfully tie up new business contacts, make appointments and actively cooperate with colleagues. Their experience and knowledge will help to achieve the career of your dreams in the shortest possible time.

Astrologers advise to spend days off with family and loved ones. Mental conversations and good mood mobilizes, will give strength for the active beginning of the next week. These days are also favorable for creative development; therefore, visiting master classes is very favorable for representatives of your Zodiac.

Scorpios will have the opportunity to develop due to the weak position of the Moon, your opponent: at the beginning of the week it will not cause problems in the business sphere, so you will be able to implement your ideas and actively engage in new research. Will complicate the activity of the antagonist Venus, which is in a strong position. However, with the right alignment of forces and a given pace, the Scorpions will succeed in business.

From Monday to Wednesday, the Scorpions will be active both at work and in their personal lives. You will have the opportunity to arrange a pleasant surprise for your spouse and choose the time for shopping. From April 17 to April 19, it is likely to purchase the desired item with a big discount.

On April 20, the Moon in a square with the Sun will force your Zodiac to temper its ardor and direct forces to previously postponed deeds. The risk of losing the respect of colleagues compensates for the positive influence of Mars, but the Scorpions should be careful on this day.

Friday will be held under the active negative influence of Venus, which will exacerbate conflict situations. Solitary work and the practice of meditation will help to avoid tensions.

Over the weekend, the Moon will strengthen its position, which may turn into a failure for Scorpios. However, you should not despair ahead of time — the pace set since the beginning of the week is able to keep the hardy representatives of this Sign afloat and help avoid controversial situations.

Sagittarius this week patronizes the Sun. Your ally will actively reflect the adverse effects of the antagonists, the Moon and Venus. And if the first has practically no power over your Sign, then the second takes an active position.

In order for Venus not to give you trouble, use amulets that attract good luck.

On Monday, the creativity and the mood for success will provoke the Sun and Neptune. During this period, it is important for Sagittarius to realize their potential in order to achieve success in their chosen field. Fighting your own laziness will be successful for tempering willpower and character.

Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be successful for any activity, but adjusted for well-being. Oscillations of the Earth’s magnetosphere will cause trouble for weather-sensitive people. These days, moderate exercise and concern for your own immunity will make it possible to continue activity until the end of this week.

The connection of the Sun with Mercury on Thursday will provide good support for Strelets in financial activities, but this aspect will test your resistance to stress and the desire to achieve your goals.

By the end of the week is expected to decline in activity due to the increased energy of the moon. On Saturday and Sunday it is important for Sagittarius to choose activities that are not associated with high energy costs and increased attention. This period was created for everyday activities, recreation and positive communication with your loved one.

From April 17 to April 23 Capricorns will enjoy the strong support of Venus, the patron saint of your Zodiac. The moon, your antagonist, will gain strength only by the weekend, so you will be able to work more actively and achieve your plan easier than usual. Capricorns will be able to start acting already from Monday, having burst into the business process with new forces.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Capricorns will have good luck in communication, therefore, establishing personal and business connections during these days will be supported by your charisma and charm. And in order not to miss potential customers, make it a rule to start the morning with positive attitudes.

Positive results of labor Capricorns can achieve and on Thursday. On this day, the preparation of reports, information gathering and public activities will be successful. Forces for this gives the aspect of Mercury and Mars.

Friday under the leadership of Venus will provide your Sign an opportunity to express themselves in the field of love. New acquaintances, dates, communication with the opposite sex will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Difficulties and troubles await Capricorns at the weekend — the active position of the enemy, the Moon, contributes to the exacerbation of conflicts. However, on April 22 and 23 will bring more positive moments if you take them with useful creative work, your favorite hobby and the search for truth within yourself.

Aquarius from April 17 to 23 will interfere with the Sun, your antagonist. His strong position influences self-esteem and vigorous activity. Inhibited reaction and unwillingness to fight laziness will put Gemini before a choice: to actively fight for a place under the Sun, or go with the flow and react as appropriate.

Position is saved by Venus, your ally. Her active influence compensates for the solar aggression, which makes it possible to complete most of the planned cases.

The Trigon of Saturn with the Sun on Monday smoothes the sharp corners of conflicts, has a good effect on performance, but does not allow for active development. For success in business, Aquarius should apply tactics of measured activity and begin the implementation of previously deferred projects.

The combination of the Sun and Mercury on April 20 will cause conflicts and contradictions. The confrontation of the planet-ally — Mercury — with the Sun will be a challenge for the representatives of your Sign. This can unleash the full dormant potential, and can harm.

On this day, Aquarius will have to take a difficult decision, based only on the arguments of the mind and their own feelings.

The square of Venus and Saturn on April 21 helps to fight for their own ideas, causes disruption of the normal course of life, leads to the destruction of the established order. This aspect gives energy by stimulating progress. The constructive energy of the planets can be directed to any direction, but with an eye on the unstable emotional background.

On Saturday, Mercury and Neptune can cause internal conflicts, discontent with the actions of others and their own helplessness. In this regard, Aquarius should resort to the practice of meditation, which adjusts to the peaceful harmony and harmony with the outside world.

The last day off will be in a positive way. Venus and Mercury will help Aquarius. Favorable energy of the day contributes to proper rest, doing things you love, communicating with people close and dear to people.

Fishes lack the energy of the moon compensates for Venus. Her strong position has a beneficial effect on your Mark, which allows you to embody your plans in any area. During this period, you will have another chance to establish fading relationships, make peace with loved ones and start looking for a partner for romantic relationships.

The lack of energy on Monday somewhat compensates for the connection of the Moon with Saturn. However, this aspect can cause conflict situations that adversely affect the activities in the team. Single work and current affairs are more successful for this day. April 17 is to delay the activity on the personal front.

You can take the time to white love plots that will speed up the process of finding personal happiness.

From Tuesday to Friday, while the Moon has not gained enough strength, Pisces need to be engaged in measured work, which does not require strong energy costs. The best solution for you is to work on the bugs, getting new experience and knowledge, as well as collecting information for further analysis and implementation.

On Saturday, the sextile of the Moon and Mercury is manifested in improved adaptation to the circumstances. It becomes easier for the fish to experience changes in life and to direct the increased energy to creative activities. New aspects of life at the weekend will be the starting point for self-improvement and the development of harmonious relationships with couples.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to be active and win the heart of a person you like.

Strong energy will be needed by many Zodiac Signs due to the unfavorable influence of the planets and constellations. Use the practice of meditation to harmoniously spend this difficult week from April 17 to April 23. Horoscope wishes you good luck, new achievements, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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