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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of December 18-24

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of December 18-24

Astropsychologist Vasilisa Volodina has established herself in the astrological world as the compiler of accurate and true horoscopes. If you are interested in your future, then the astrological forecast for the week will help to look into it.

The influence of the planets this week will be ambiguous. On the one hand, good luck will be all 7 days somewhere nearby, but the price for this is quick fatigue and a decline in efficiency. However, on the eve of the New Year, this is a completely normal course of things: the world will be ruled by the pre-holiday fuss.

Only a few days are left before the main winter holiday, and for some reason there are no fewer cases that need to be done before the New Year. Fortunately, Vasilisa Volodina knows how to manage everything and make this week less tense.

This week Aries will be able to increase the financial flow. Your energy will be fed by the impulsive Sun, which until the middle of the week is marked by a strong position. You are waiting for big victories in the material sphere.

However, on December 21 this positive wave will subside. The reason for this will be the transition of the Sun to Capricorn. Forces will be less, but you hardly notice this: ambitions will continue to push you forward.

On Thursday, the triple aspect of the Sun will be held with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn. For you it will be an ambiguous day. Good luck will be on your side, but help will come in a difficult situation rather than in a private.

This week is good for hard work and finding creative solutions to pressing problems.

Venus in Sagittarius is your lucky talisman this week. True, the forces of the patron will tend to go down rather than up. Therefore, astrologers advise not to be scattered on trifles, but to find your calling in one thing, otherwise luck will turn away from you.

Now you have the right to choose: you can choose both the sphere of love and work or self-development. The range of possibilities is very large. The main thing — to continue to stick to the chosen course.

The most dangerous day is December 21st. The happiest is the 23rd. It is on Thursday that problems will hit you. Be careful and attentive to details.

Uranus, which comes into aspect with Venus, will do everything possible to annoy you. This is not the best period to answer the challenge and fight for a place under the Sun, since the forces are obviously unequal. Better sit in the shadows.

It’s time to think about buying gifts for the New Year. You will be very involved in the work being done, as this week is a great time to make money and spend money. Stars suggest that you will be captured even by routine and hateful work if you tune in to the appropriate wave in advance. Getting rid of a bad mood is much easier than you think.

To do this, just start and finish each day correctly.

This week, the Twins will have to work tirelessly, because then you will have neither time nor mood for this, and you will already miss the chance. Saturn, which will get stronger on December 19, will migrate to the constellation of Capricorn to intensify the internal forces. Look only forward, and you will see how to quickly reach the goal, success and recognition.

This will not be the easiest week for all those born under the auspices of Cancer. The fact is that the place of the main planet will be occupied by the Moon, and she, as you know, is a changeable and non-permanent lady. This week it will often change its location, which is why your life will turn into a roller coaster ride for 7 days.

The mood will then fall below the baseboard, then rise above the skies.

Monday will be New Moon, so this is a dangerous and critical day for everyone except Rakov. For you it will be the day of choice, the day that will help you find yourself in this world. There is nothing good to expect from Tuesday and Wednesday — at this time you may be overtaken by problems due to the fact that the Moon falls into the energy pit, moving into the constellation of Capricorn. December 21, 22 and 23 will be held under the auspices of Aquarius.

Not only work, but life will become easier. Well, on Sunday, luck will go into your hands.

To get rid of the problems before the New Year, it will be possible only for those Lvivs who are able to compromise. This does not mean that you need to dramatically take and change yourself and your principles, not at all. Just be yourself, but a more refined version of yourself.

You should not show unfamiliar people their weaknesses and weaknesses. Enemies and competitors will circle above you like vultures, waiting for the right moment to strike. Try to smile to everyone around during these 7 days, even if you have no reason for joy.

It is not necessary for others to know about it. Now you can become an example for everyone to follow, and weaknesses are alien to heroes.

Reinforced Mars in Scorpio will help you drag the blanket to your side. This applies to both business and work and relationships in general. Your patron will be for you something of an internal psychological support.

So go on your way without succumbing to the difficulties.

The primary task for Virgos in the coming seven days is to keep monetary success next to him. Vasilisa Volodina and experts at the site dailyhoro.ru warn that it will be extremely difficult to do this, but nothing is impossible. The problems of the financial plan will reach its peak if you stop following the money.

It is better to foresee all expenses in advance and try to save on something less necessary now.

Mercury, which usually helps you, this week will be weak and indifferent, so you have to rely only on yourself. Do not give up in financial affairs, even if it seems to you that the whole world has turned against you. It will not be so: it is simply time to work a little for your own well-being in the future, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will achieve success.

The week starts with an emotional shake. Uranus will be in charge of your success from December 18 to December 24. His restless energy may not manifest itself in the best way, breaking your inner harmony.

You will have to live at the maximum of your strength and capabilities, gather your will into a fist and believe in yourself. Do not be afraid of trouble: even if they are, you will easily reflect them, because Uranus, after all, is your patron.

The action of Uranus is not always predictable, which is why the dissonance arises, but otherwise you simply cannot reach out. In the middle of the week you will want to escape from problems, work and commitments, but, according to astrologers, this is not the best scenario. Now you need to work in the enhanced mode, not allowing yourself to even think about the rest.

Life will require more from you than usual, but these are only temporary difficulties.

This week’s curses, evil eyes, and defacements will be more an excuse for your own laziness than magic. The flow of luck, which starts from Monday, will remain with you until the very end. You will not immediately find this gift to the Universe if you are busy searching for the causes of your failures.

At the beginning of the week everything will fall out of my hands. But this does not mean that they should be omitted. Do not doubt yourself for a minute — repeat to yourself, as a spell, that you can do everything and even more. The main thing is to advertise yourself and start working in enhanced mode.

The week will be influenced by Mercury. He is your antagonist, but, fortunately, his stay in Sagittarius will make him insignificantly weak. Use the vulnerability of Mercury to pump as much monetary luck as possible.

Do not sit idle: the tighter the work schedule, the better.

In your Sign this week there will be several planets with different character and influence on the events of your life. The sun, your patron, will take a hit, protecting you from trouble until Thursday. Mercury for you — the number one enemy, but his strength is not enough to harm you.

But you, on the contrary, will have all the opportunities to be supported by its energy and to arrange your financial life as you want. And finally, moderately active Venus, head of the sphere of love. This is where problems await you.

At the time of Venus will deprive you of love luck, so give all your strength to attract money.

Difficulties in the relationship with a partner will begin when you lose the thread of trust. Do not focus on jealousy, even if you are already faced with the betrayal of people. Distrust is a feature of insecure people.

Jealousy is born within us and disappears when we begin to love ourselves first and foremost.

Stars suggest that now you need to think about what awaits you in the future. This week it will become your main task, and part-time headache. You should not be too demanding and critical of yourself.

Even if you have not achieved your goals in the allotted time frame, there are no reasons for self-hatred. Most likely, you just put yourself in a frame. Try to rethink your attitude and allow yourself small weaknesses.

Any internal changes promise success in the future, so for your own well-being you will have to agree with yourself. Do not demand more from yourself than you can do now. Although Saturn will be strong in your Sign, you risk missing the positive influence of your patron if you are too concerned about success. Do not drive horses.

In order to see future prospects, it is sometimes useful to surrender to the flow.

Neptune in Pisces this week will lead Aquarius through thorns to the stars. For seven days, your patron will not change his character, constantly filling you with inner strength and luck. Well, this will be a great and productive week.

Do not be afraid to try yourself in something new and unusual. New hobbies will help you maintain a good mood and self-reliance.

Positive thinking is a direct path to victory over all troubles. Realize the intentions you will only desire to become better. Use affirmations of success to get rid of problems once and for all.

You can not live such a positive period in vain. This week you will be invincible as long as you go forward and “pump” yourself and your life.

Pisces should move all the important things in order to free up more time for their loved ones. The question of inner harmony will rise sharply: either you have it and you are lucky, or all the chaos that rages inside will come out. Try to achieve balance in everything.

This is an important condition for gaining prosperity, love and success this week.

Jupiter will lead your luck. He is positive for you, but very demanding. Jupiter is fundamental and will make you live in these seven according to all the laws of the universe.

Do not try to deceive your patron and get out of the way — retribution will be unpleasant. It is better to put things in order in thoughts, then harmony will return to life.

Vasilisa Volodina advises not to be afraid of difficulties, but to meet them halfway. You can get rid of fear only by looking at his face. Of course, it is not easy to do, but it is much easier than to sit and be afraid, letting luck and happiness pass by.

If you decide to change your life, then you need to start with yourself. Tell yourself something good more often until you have developed immunity to insecurity in your own abilities. Vasilisa Volodina we wish you a great mood, good luck in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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