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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 20-26

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from August 20 to August 26

Vasilisa Volodina — a leading expert in the field of astrological horoscopes. Her predictions help representatives of the zodiacal circle attract luck and always remain in the win.

The upcoming week will be filled with astrological combinations and various events. However, even Vasilisa Volodin is unable to say exactly what they will lead in the future, therefore he recommends attentively to the prompts of the Universe, to listen to the opinion of more experienced people, and, of course, to his own inner voice.

Astrological trends of the upcoming week will favor Aries, especially those that are closely related to learning, trading, creativity and art. Enhanced Sun, staying in the constellation Leo until Wednesday, will help improve the financial situation. New perspectives in personal life are not excluded.

But before you change your life, the astrologer recommends that you evaluate your abilities, guided by common sense. It is not recommended to trust only intuition or a fortunate case, you need to think it over properly and do not forget to ask good advice from your loved ones.

Representatives of the Sign Taurus stars foreshadow a favorable week, filled with luck. In the period from August 20 to 26 you will be able to cope with many problems in life. Even routine troubles will be solved easily and naturally.

In a word, you will be satisfied with everything, and all this is thanks to the retro Uranus in your Sign. The influence of this planet will not only increase your productivity, give you luck, but also provide a chance to demonstrate your confidence, which will beat over the edge. Your charisma and charm will help you a lot when interacting with people around you.

Vasilisa Volodina warns: Gemini needs to be more careful now, as a traumatic week is coming. In addition, there may be all sorts of problems related to real estate and money. But if you develop positive thinking using these five ways, then you will be able to defeat the negative effects of the Mars antagonist.

It is also important to listen to your intuition, filter incoming information, brushing off the advice of unfamiliar people.

Enhanced Venus and its aspects with other planets will help Cancers spend this week productively, as well as recharge themselves with positive energy for the rest of August. On a horoscope you will find a successful week in all areas and a special success in financial matters. It is possible that an unexpected event will occur, which will leave behind only extremely positive emotions and will fruitfully affect your future life.

This is signaled by the double aspect of Venus to Neptune and Jupiter, which will be held on Thursday.

Lviv is waiting for a rather unpleasant week, coupled with minor misunderstandings and small monetary losses. The astrologer reports that because of your self-confidence, irascibility and carelessness, you can misjudge what is happening and put an unbearable burden on you. Such actions will complicate the situation in the family and working team, badly affect the reputation.

It should not be overlooked that the antagonist Mercury will remain in your Sign this week. Therefore, it is important to be careful and attentive person, so as not to cause trouble.

An ambiguous week, at the beginning of which you will be able to demonstrate your professional skills, earn a good reputation and, perhaps, reveal hidden talents. But that’s all: closer to Thursday, there is a decline in vital energy, which is bad for work. There is a risk of completely losing the ability to think rationally and make the right decisions.

At the weekend, two trigons of the Sun to Uranus and Saturn are expected, which will occur under the auspices of your Sign. Against the background of these aspects, misunderstandings and disagreements with close people can arise. To avoid this, manage your emotions.

Venus in your Sign this week heralds the aggravation of emotions and self-doubt, due to which the period from August 20 to 26 will be difficult and contradictory. Due to the inability to think positively, unpleasant events can occur that will entail a losing streak. Can fail and physical health. You need to be very careful as driving a car, and communicating with people.

To correct the situation and to normalize composure will help relatives. Perhaps some of them will need counter assistance: do not refuse, support a person in case of unexpected problems.

Scorpions can not expect the most favorable week. The universe warns: there is a high probability of quarrels and mutual insults with your loved one. Because of the astrological trends that will be caused by the restless and very aggressive energy of the retro-Mars, these seven days may resemble a solid obstacle course.

But even if you encounter many difficulties and problems this week, you will be able to unload the rest of the month, leaving only positive changes to yourself at the end of August.

This week the astrologer advises the Strelets Trophy only one thing: not to approach the solution of problems in the usual way. It is better to show your talents and do everything possible to find a creative solution. Do not worry, enhanced Neptune will charge you with sharpness and originality, as well as a positive attitude that will not leave you all week.

You can show off talents and attract the attention of the opposite sex or people you are interested in.

The period from August 20 to August 26 has prepared for you two important star combinations. The first is a weakened Moon in your Sign, which will give you all your strength for temporary use. In simple words, the middle of the week will give you happiness and self-confidence, because you will have to hear a lot of approving words and support from people around you. The second significant event is expected on Sunday.

Trigon Sun and Saturn will make this day a period for the realization of secret desires. All of August 26 will depend on your decisions and actions.

Having worked hard this week, you will receive a well-deserved reward from the stars — good rest and good luck. After an exhausting, but very productive week, two days off, filled with carelessness, await you. You can and will need to allow yourself to be a bit lazy: it will help you relieve stress and nervous tension.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that on the weekend any work is contraindicated in the horoscope. Two negative aspects of the Sun, Uranus and Saturn are expected. So you should stock up on fighting spirit and positive energy.

This week your point of view will change very often. In this connection, the astrologer recommends to be more careful in his words and actions. Before you voice any conclusions, think a few times whether they will not be rash.

In all other respects, luck awaits you. A positive-minded Venus in the constellation of Libra is shining for you now, filling you with wit, energy, desire to live and create. Be prepared that your activity and cheerfulness will attract many people, some of whom will need your emergency help.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you to spend this week as productively as possible, managing to improve your life in all areas. In the period from August 20 to August 26, the Universe itself will prompt the decision of many Zodiac Signs, so try to treat random events correctly. Remember that any accidents now are not random. Successes in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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