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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of September 18-24

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of September 18-24

Vasilisa Volodina knows perfectly well what every Zodiac Sign needs in order to reach her potential at any time. In the week from September 18 to 24, astrologer’s advice will not be superfluous.

Only the right attitude and the right environment will help you attract money and luck into your life. Stop tolerating people who only use you or take your vitality. This week can solve a lot, if you, of course, allow yourself to become stronger and more attentive to your true desires.

Jupiter rules the ball this week for you. This means that Aries will be able to throw all their strength to achieve success in any area of ​​life. The main thing now is not to allow people around you to take even the smallest part in your personal affairs.

Instead of asking people for advice, seek help from your intuition.

Jupiter will be in Libra all this time, beneficially affecting you. Monday will be the most successful day, as the planet will be in sextile with a positive Sun. Belief in yourself will help you to get rid of bad luck at any level and in any matters.

There is no one stronger than Aries who knows that he can win in any fight.

Your hidden desires will come to the surface, showing you your true face. Mercury will help to use it in order to increase your energy and strengthen the biofield. Neptune, on the contrary, will do everything possible to confuse you and make you misinterpret the situation.

Strong Neptune in Pisces this week will try to lead you astray. You may think that absolutely everything is against you, but it is not. Mercury will also be strong in the constellation Virgo, but its action is almost completely opposite to Neptune. This means that you may be disturbed by internal conflicts.

Get rid of impulsiveness and do not allow yourself to throw out the negative on close people and colleagues.

For Gemini, one of the most effective ways to get rich is to change at the root. Saturn will be your patron this week, so only willpower will help you change the situation and become more attentive. From September 18 to September 24, you just need to force yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

If you continue to stay where nothing bothers you, the chances of success in the future will sharply decrease. This applies not only money and career, but also love. You only need a little push.

Saturn will make this week important for financial affairs, but nothing will keep you from succeeding in a little bit of everything. Remember that there are no restrictions.

Learn to manage emotions if you don’t want to suffer a fiasco in all walks of life this week. Immediately, the two planets will be responsible for your luck and the period from September 18 to September 24 is Venus and Saturn. The first planet is positive for you and is set to create favorable conditions for the sphere of love, for new acquaintances.

Saturn will be negative for you, because his activity will remain moderate due to his stay in Sagittarius.

This week will be ambiguous, as the mood will constantly change, and the desire to go forward — then disappear, then appear again. On the first day of the week, Venus enters a negative aspect with Uranus. This means that on Monday the Cancers will have to moderate their ardor a little and take up duties.

This will be a difficult week for Lviv, according to experts of the site dailyhoro.ru, since Uranus will rule the ball. The near future promises you only new problems. Uranium in Aries is neutral in its strength, but its impact produces only a negative effect on Lviv.

A successful outcome in business and in love will shine only to those of you who learn to quickly adapt to changes in the world around us.

Monday, September 18, will be the most dangerous day for you because of the double aspect of Uranus with the Moon and Venus. He will unite with your other two enemies to make your life a real game for survival. On Wednesday there will again be a double aspect, but already with the Sun and Mercury.

In this case, uranium will manifest itself more creatively. Risk as little as possible throughout the week so as not to accumulate full pockets of problems by Sunday.

Venus and Jupiter will unite and strengthen the negative impact of each other regarding you. Monday will be the most unfavorable day of the week, because on September 18, Venus will remain in Leo and will retain the remnants of its strength. Already on Tuesday, her energy will weaken to one quarter due to the transition to the constellation of Virgo. This will mean that you still have a craving for impulsiveness.

This is absolutely unacceptable, because it can seriously harm you in love and relationships with people in general. Only calm and diplomacy will help to save love.

As for Jupiter, he, as before, will remain moderately active in the constellation Libra. His power will be directed to taking your consciousness to the world of illusions. Serious decisions are best not to take.

Libra will have to reckon with the Sun, which, although it will weaken on September 22, during the transition from Virgo to the Libra constellation, will retain its negative attitude. His energy will become less noticeable to you, but the likelihood that problems will overtake you at the most inopportune moment will remain great. On Wednesday, September 20, the Sun’s quixons with Uranus slightly dilute the daily routine and bring a positive effect to your affairs.

It’s time to give your hidden talents an opportunity to emerge. To do this, try to think as non-standard as possible. Unleash your imagination and do not be afraid to look at the world in a different way.

To make your wishes come true, you need to reach a whole new level of dreams. The more you want, the more you will receive, but do not forget about common sense and the right view of the world.

The moon, the energy opponent of your Sign, will be neutral, but its calm throughout the working week will help to plan things for the weekend, when the night light weakens its energy with its transition to the constellation Scorpio. This will be a very favorable weekend, as you will be more likely to fulfill your long-held dream.

To attract the desired power of thought — this is a reality that must be perceived correctly. Learn to dream and believe that you can do anything. Pluto in Capricorn this week will still be retrograde, but it will not affect your relationships with people.

Try to solve your problems alone, so that you don’t have to pay debts to anyone later.

To cope with all the troubles will help you the Sun, which on September 22, though will be weaker, but still remains capable of creating favorable conditions for you. It will be your week, because during such periods nothing is impossible. Follow the call of your heart and do not be afraid to listen to your intuition — it should not let you down.

The unconstrained advice of others can also be shaken by the mustache.

Your vitality will require recovery after all the vicissitudes of fate and the problems encountered on your way. It will be a great time for relaxation, introspection and spiritual quest. If you work, try to relax as brightly as possible in your free time.

Do not close in your world from all around.

Mars is in Virgo all week, and therefore retains its moderate activity. You are only on hand, because the red warlike planet will help you overcome all fears and uncertainties. The main thing now is not to be afraid of any changes.

Change the situation while there is such an opportunity and there is such a task.

Signs of the universe for you will be the most distinct in the coming period of time. Despite the negative attitude of Pluto, who resides in Capricorn, as well as the Sun, which will become weaker on September 22, you will be able to find your true path. You should not make categorical decisions — either in love, or at work, or at home.

Life can turn upside down, but for now it’s too early to sound the alarm. Try to feel the spirit of this moment, understand the essence of all changes. The only and easiest way to protect yourself as much as possible is not to make empty promises to yourself and the people around you.

Be extremely honest and open to everyone you respect.

Though the moon will weaken on Saturday due to the transition to the constellation of Scorpio, nothing will break your comfort zone. If you have cause for concern, do not think about them. Just go with the flow and do not go with your chosen road.

The universe may try to take from you something precious in return for what you have now, but do not rush to give it away.

Your life for these seven days should be a struggle for you, but not with explosions and shots, but a passive war. Do not think about the troubles as long as possible, so as not to let in your mind unnecessary negative emotions. This world Pisces need to perceive easier in the period from 18 to 24 September.

Negative programs can appear in any person, but timely rest and proper distribution of time will solve your problem by 50 percent. The remaining 50 can be solved only by your willpower, especially now. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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