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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of September 17-23

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of September 17-23

Astrologer and well-known TV presenter Vasilisa Volodina, an expert on Channel One, tells how to correctly read the secret signs of the stars and use the influence of the planets to their advantage.

Especially for the readers of the site dailyhoro.ru, the astrologer has prepared a detailed forecast for the Signs of the Zodiac for the week of September 17 to 23 and deciphered the secret messages of the stars. Anyone who has thoughts about bright initiatives or a desire to demonstrate their strengths, you can begin to implement the plan. For workaholics, self-motivated individuals and those who like to accumulate urgent matters, the most successful week comes.

This week, Taurus is in danger not only from the influence of a weakened Venus, but also from those around him, who, as if by agreement, will begin to demonstrate their egoism, obstinacy and readiness to destroy life in all available ways. In any difficult and incomprehensible situation, Taurus is recommended to stand on the side of the other and think about how his opinion (or participation) can be useful to the cause. A week under the auspices of Venus in Scorpio promises to be noisy and in many respects even successful, but, unfortunately, the risk of conflicts is high — especially with close people.

So Taurus should adopt meditation or breathing practices that will help keep emotions under control.

In the period from September 17 to September 23, the influence of enhanced Mercury can bring Gemini to white heat. In spite of the fact that Mercury is a planet-patron of Gemini, its activity in the coming days will provoke negative emotions, then demonstrate the weaknesses of its wards. Favorable is the fact that starting Monday, Gemini’s anger will quickly transform into energy — sexual, creative and business.

The more they get angry, the easier it will be to overcome problems. And one more important point: after Mercury enters the Zodiac sign Libra (which will happen on September 22, on Saturday), Gemini is not highly recommended to borrow money. This may adversely affect their monetary luck.

The astrologer advises Cancers to meet the upcoming week fully armed, as the helm is at the helm of a completely weakened Venus in the constellation Scorpio. The most vulnerable place may be the personal sphere of life. Instead of methodically provoking loved ones to quarrels and scandals, it is wise for Cancers to spend their grievances and anger on good deeds — training willpower. Heightened self-esteem will help Cancers become more successful this week and come out victorious in disputes.

And for those representatives of Cancer, who usually differ in timidity, the upcoming seven days will be a good opportunity to increase self-esteem.

Representatives of Leo this week waiting for a new development cycle, which at the beginning of the week may seem like a complete disaster. You should not sound the alarm: for seven days the Lions will appreciate the benefits of the aggressive influence of Mars, without which it would be difficult for them to break with old connections and heavy thoughts. The period from September 17 to 23 according to the horoscope is the time of getting rid of everything superfluous. Effective conspiracy to get rid of bad habits will benefit the Lions and indirectly help to cope with difficulties, toxic relationships and the burden of the past.

The influence of Mars in Aquarius is also suitable for breaking tedious relationships and for ending hopeless work.

The combination of Mercury and Venus on Monday together with the square of the Sun and the Moon will produce a very unusual effect on Virgos. They can feel a huge dependence on the opinions of others. For Dev, it will suddenly become important who and what says and thinks about them. And this dependence, somewhat reminiscent of vanity, can subordinate the representatives of this Sign: Virgos will start saying not what they want, but what their opponent wants to hear, do not what they consider necessary, but dance to someone else’s tune.

These astrological trends will be especially strong at the beginning of the week. Virgos need to be themselves at important meetings, business talks and romantic dates.

The influence of a weakened Venus and her stay in Scorpio will attract fear and anxiety, which will affect Libra’s subconscious, forcing them to use life resources, especially emotional ones, more economically. In Libra, thoughts and feelings may be misty, Venus in Scorpio will force them to look at the world through dim glass, making them feel indifference or detachment. Longing for strong feelings will last until the end of the week, after which the emotional decline will pass.

The rest of the coming week is a great time for active work, building plans for the future and dangerous for finding out family relationships and self-examination.

Silent evenings, loneliness and introspection will lose all their charm to Scorpios — they will be drawn in the company, towards people, towards communication and love. And the more they indulge in this desire, the more sensible they will be, since the influence of Venus can attract some financial setbacks and internal problems that can be avoided by an active social position. Business communication will be personal or personal — it does not matter: it is important to try to visit people all week and lead a secular lifestyle.

Then the troubles will bypass the Scorpions side, and they will find this week extremely happy in all areas.

Streltsam this week will benefit affirmations for success. The fact is that during the period of Sun influence in the constellation of Virgo it will be easier for them to program their destiny and change their lives for the better, using only words and positive thinking. There is a downside to the medal of such an arrangement of stars — the risk of attracting failures.

Therefore, the astrologer recommends that representatives of this constellation minimize contact with unpleasant people, watching negative programs and movies, as well as anything that can cause them to have bad memories and negative emotions. The upcoming week to Strelets Troops is desirable to hold on an optimistic wave, then it will be easy to put into practice any desires and plans.

Capricorn on the horoscope is considered the most peaceful sign. But not this week: representatives of this constellation under the influence of enhanced Mars in Aquarius will want intrigues, disputes and public recognition. The good news is that from September 17 to September 23, Capricorns will feel enough strength and initiative in themselves to immediately start finding success, good luck and money.

Mars will give them many opportunities, and in almost all areas, but it will be available only under the condition that Capricorns will not succumb to negative emotions and spend their activity on the unjustified risks and criticism of people.

The upcoming week will put Aquarius in front of a difficult choice: either to work actively for the good of their future, more and more tired, or to devote more time to business while engaging in frank samoedism. The first choice will be easier, the second is more useful for personal growth and self-knowledge. In any case, no matter what the Aquarius chooses for itself, the star situation, especially the active influence of the positive Saturn, will be conducive to any changes in life. The most successful days, according to the astrologer, are September 21, 22 and 23.

At this time, aspects of Saturn with other planets will act on the representatives of this Sign in the best possible way, helping to solve many problems in life.

The desire to criticize everyone around, and especially themselves, can overwhelm Pisces this week. Under the influence of the Moon in Capricorn and the weakened Venus in Scorpio, it will be difficult for them to find mutual understanding with the world. The most dangerous days are September 17, 18 and 19.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be held under the auspices of the Moon and its aspects with the Sun. These astrological trends will make Pisces feel a sense of their own helplessness, and their self-criticism will powerfully affect all areas of life, making it difficult to achieve their goals. Alas, but blaming yourself and practicing samoing this week is useless.

Pisces is important to find those people who will allow them to cope with the negative of the moon, returning faith in their own charm and perfection.

The most dangerous planets this week are Venus and Mars, so those Zodiac Signs that they control will need endurance, optimism and self-confidence. Techniques to attract positive thinking will help reduce the provocative influence of the stars and change any situation for the better. We wish you a great mood, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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