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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of January 15-21

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of January 15-21

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope will help representatives of each Zodiac sign to get closer to the goal this week. It will not be so easy, considering many important factors.

Ordinary weekdays and long-awaited weekends begin, so you need to join the rhythm, re-adapt to the change of mood. Not everyone will be comfortable returning to the old rhythm, but this will be the second week of work and discipline. By the way, about discipline — try not to allow non-punctuality or recklessness. Venus will go to the Sign of Aquarius on the 18th, therefore it will become even more demanding on many of us.

The sun will also go to Aquarius, but on Saturday. This will be a very positive transition, so that the weekend will be good for almost everyone.

You need to always stay in good shape, especially this week. This week will be very important for you, because help from people around you will come rather quickly and unexpectedly. You can find a new partner, friend, soul mate.

Changes in the location of Venus and the Sun will affect you most directly. It will be a very productive week from all points of view.

Your sexual energy will increase, there will be a desire to live, and to the fullest. Inspire with events, people and emotions. The most important thing — do not stop on achieved by all means. You may become unwell in solitude, so surround yourself with people.

Even with enemies it will be possible to find a common language in this favorable period.

Taurus will need to pay special attention to the emotional side of life. The fact is that Venus will slightly change its behavior, affecting your deepest feelings and feelings. Old fears, doubts, problems may return to you. Dealing with them is not easy, especially when space objects are lined up for you.

However, life goes on, so you just have to go through all the problems this week and forget about them as soon as possible.

Watch the little things. This week events are possible, foreshadowing good luck. They just need to be noticed. They will cheer you up and help you tune in to the desired wave.

The vitality will depend directly on your state of mind. In all areas of life, you will need to maintain your composure as long as possible. Do not try to jump higher than your head — be content with little and be modest.

To save love and success in financial affairs, you need to overcome yourself. It will be a week of doubt and self-doubt. The nature of these thoughts is not completely clear, but you will be able to partly escape from them thanks to your favorite work, romance, love games.

If you feel that something is going wrong, then just close within your comfort zone. The game of defense will be the best strategy in the coming seven days.

Plunge headlong into your own worries. Get organized in the workplace, in your own room or apartment. Get rid of trash, from everything that you do not need.

It is better not to ask anyone for help. Be independent in everything. This is the key to success for Gemini.

It may seem to cancer that luck turns its back on them, but it is not. This Universe will test you for strength. The moon in Capricorn will not help you on Monday and Tuesday, so these days will be the most dangerous for you. Be cold and calculating, because emotions can overwhelm you and not leave you alone for a second.

Stay strong in spirit.

After you can calm your nerves, you will have to increase your productivity in love and at work. This will be quite simple, but in theory. In practice, you can meet with new challenges and obstacles.

Believe in yourself, because the Moon will help you exceed your own expectations towards the end of the week, when it will be in Aquarius and Pisces, respectively.

Leos will have to put doubts out of their heads. Get rid of the limitations that you yourself are building. They are your most terrible enemy. As long as the Sun still has power until Saturday, you need to take advantage of the moment to increase your motivation.

At the same time, empty ambitions should be completely eliminated. No one has yet canceled common sense.

Large planets and Pluto will be stable, as before. This is very good news for those who can and want to move on, bypassing the obstacles, rather than knocking them down, like a bulldozer. Provide such tactics to your enemies and rivals.

You need to be smarter and be one step ahead, and hide it skillfully and effectively. Let everyone think that you can not do anything.

Virgos need to spend more time with loved ones this week. Surround everyone you love, care and attention. This will return to you twice later.

As long as you can be kind and fluffy, be like that. People need to see or believe that you are creative, calm and sweet. Subsequently, this will result in you benefiting by improving karma and stopping the flow of failures, but for now you need to work for the benefit of your status as a lifesaver.

Help those who ask for it, but avoid personal initiative. Do not impose on anyone — let them all want to go to meet you. Accept requests for help with a pure heart, or pretend that you are pleased to provide support.

Do not pour criticism and comments to those with whom you along the way. Now resentment will be superfluous, because Venus is still strong.

Mars in Scorpio is very strong. Human energy, and especially such as you, should be in harmony, but Mars will not allow this because of its belligerent nature. Because of this, it will constantly seem to you that something is wrong.

It can even go to a bad mood and depression. To avoid this, you need to spend more time on emotional relaxation.

Do not burn out at work and do not rest too much. Everything should be harmonious now. If you go on about the feelings, then there may be confusion, reaching strong emotional outbursts. Mars will not loosen its grip, because it will be relevant all week long.

Venus will not save you because of her energy restructuring in the middle of the week. You will have to rely only on yourself.

Scorpios need to take care of their life forces. They need to fill this week. You, as a magnet, will absorb all the bad and good, so tune in to the correct filter of incoming information and emotions.

People are also better sorted by emotional mood. Avoid contact with those who annoy you or infect you with bad thoughts.

Solitude — the way out. This is a good alternative for those of you who have not yet found a soul mate. Close in your world, locking all the locks.

Reduced social activity will help minimize the risks. Listen, not intuition, but common sense, then you can stay afloat during this week. As long as the moon is strong, you will have problems, so the most positive days for you are January 15 and 16, when it is weak and cannot harm you.

Strelets Troops need support. The universe warns you that the rules of life may change beyond recognition this week. To keep everything in place, you will have to try.

Things will not go well in the last days of the week. To be more precise, everything will be calm on Monday and Tuesday, since the Moon will not cause you any trouble. Then she will slowly gain her strength until the weekend reaches its climax in Pisces.

Few will simply stick to the plans that you developed earlier. It will be necessary to change them a little to adapt to the actions of the people around them. This can be difficult, especially for you, because you are no different diplomacy.

On the other hand, you are one of the few people who can do almost anything not to interrupt the white line.

The black line for you may end on Wednesday, because the Moon will slowly gain strength due to the transition to the Sign of Aquarius on January 17. It will be a quiet week. If you manage not to pay attention to those who are trying to hurt you somehow, then you can stay on top.

Let people try to do what they want — you should not be worried about someone else’s opinion, if it is not authoritative.

Watch your own health, because it can bring you at the most inopportune moment. Be careful: the little things in life are very important, especially now. Do not revenge anyone, do not be jealous of your soul mate.

Look at things sensibly, without admixture of callousness and possessive beginning. You may fall into love because of a sense of self-importance.

Aquarius needs the help of the laws of the universe. Everything must follow the rules in periods like this week. The planets are relatively calm.

Only the sun will try to change your life, but it will not be able to. Cosmic energy will not only be creative for you, but harmonious and supportive in all senses. This time Aquarius will bring a huge amount of positive emotions.

Direct your positive in the right direction, not only to saturate them endlessly, but to be creative. At this time, try to look into the future and change the present. Make a breakthrough, a decisive move towards financial victories and love. Do not be distracted by the various little things that surround you now.

It is only important that can change your life beyond recognition.

Astrologers advise Pisces to pursue their karma. Forgive your offenders and ask forgiveness from those who have been offended by you. Venus and a strong moon at the end of the week will help you find the strength in you.

It is important to take care of the future, working on yourself in the present. Empty hopes and expectations will destroy the road leading you to success.

Do not do anything half. If you decide on something serious, it is better to go for it, because the Universe does not forgive empty ambitions. Motivate yourself, but not just like that, but with the confidence that all the possibilities will be realized now.

You will be able to reach a new level, because such an arrangement of stars accompanies your enthusiasm and increased efficiency.

This week will be successful for those who are not used to throwing words to the wind. Actions will have enormous weight, so do not try to trick you into achieving what you call your main goal in life. Cheer yourself up not only with rest, but also with work, because correct and effective work is the best way to understand that you live.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you to succeed in everything. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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