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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of February 12-18

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of February 12-18

Vasilisa Volodina is a popular TV presenter and astropsychologist, an expert in the interpretation of stellar mood. This week, her advice, as always, will be highly relevant to all signs of the zodiac.

Some stability will be present for all of us from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, there will be two major changes. It is very good that they will fall exactly on a day off for most people: it will be easy to accept a new mood and not have to risk anything. The sun will regain some of the influence of the transition from Aquarius to the Sign of Pisces.

It will mean only one thing — life will become a little more interesting for those who love emotions. A little harder will be those who eschew them. Mercury, on the contrary, will completely lose all his strength, also going to the Sign of Pisces.

On Sunday, many people may experience a flurry of problems because of this, so they have to learn how to endure. There will be no retrograde planets, which indicates continuation of a good time without serious life difficulties.

Aries during this period will have to reckon with the increasing strength of the moon. The moon will spend the last three days in the Sign of Pisces, which will strengthen it in a rather significant way. Because of this, there may be some fears, unexplained phobias and a lot of problems with the emotional background in general.

Love relationships will undergo some changes. This will be a transition to a new level. It will become painful due to possible quarrels.

In business, emotional balance will be the key to success, because your colleagues and partners will not tolerate malice combined with something like apathy or depression. You will need to show the world that you are ready for new heights, to storm new heights. This will be indicative week.

As for Sunday, the day will be filled with positive for you.

Sunday is an important day because Mercury will lose strength. This means that luck will turn away from you. Your communication skills will leave you abruptly. Everything will get a gray tint.

Dark times will come in the lives of Taurus, but in most cases problems will be contrived. The moon will be strong by the end of the week, so it will help you find support and collect your thoughts.

Do not give anyone a reason to mock you or try to do it. Strong personalities will be able to survive any hardships without translating them into negative programs of consciousness, but the Tauruses of weak character can become a victim of hooligans, deceivers, and liars. There may be rumors about you.

Stop tolerating it — show everyone that you won’t let anyone do anything bad behind your back. If you do not do this, you can fail at work, in the financial sphere and in love.

The relative calm of the planets and the Sun is definitely on hand. This week, try to change the situation, get out of the city, make a new hairstyle, buy something nice for yourself.

At the weekend, everything will change a little, and not for the better, but you will really be able to feel it only next week. Take care of yourself, because people are likely to be indifferent to your adversity. Even the closest will try to avoid participation in solving your problems. It’s not scary, because you will have strength.

Be extremely careful on Sunday: the patron Mercury will not save you from love failures and financial difficulties, because on February 18 he will completely lose his strength.

Cancers will have to be activated, because the Moon will become much stronger by Friday. The beginning of the week will be incomprehensible, but then everything will get quite understandable form. At work, you can show good results, and your sexual energy also fills you with energy.

Do not go away from problems, but solve them — this is the main motto for these seven days.

Remember that thoughts are material. Now they will have incredible strength, because the Moon will strengthen your unconscious desire to become the best in everything. The main thing — do not give ambitions to lead you.

Do everything consistently, carefully, thoughtfully. Even in love, it will help you, because sometimes love is like math — it operates with some well-established concepts and rules.

The law of attraction in action can be checked exactly this week. Some mood problems may come by the end of the week, but they will not change anything at all. Try to continue to believe in what you are accustomed to. In your depressions only the moon will be guilty.

This will need to be blamed for the lack of desire to work and go towards a loved one.

The sun will be stable all week, although powerless in Aquarius. This means that the creative mood does not descend. Knowledge is power, so even the most negative facts can be useful for you if you know about them in advance.

Life will be predictably difficult in these seven days, so convince yourself that it is time to accept your problems and fears.

You will need the motivation as air, because the vital forces will fill your tanks to the brim, but only by Friday. The beginning of the week is better to devote to planning for the future. Then it will be possible to begin to increase business activity.

You can safely spend large sums in this seven-day period. Stars advise Virgos not to be afraid of changes and encourage them to occur.

The strengthening of Mercury on Sunday due to the transition to the Sign of Pisces will mean that luck will return to you next week. Now it is better not to trust signs from above. Various signs and beliefs are not for you.

Only what you do yourself will be of great importance. Do not expect success to fall on your head — it will be proportional to the effort.

Weights will need a little more time to think about their actions than usual. This week everything will be calm, but on February 18 a storm will begin, which can last for quite some time. Your task will not think about it.

Stay calm, because to bring happiness will help exactly the balance in behavior. Tune in to what worries you most now, but do not indulge in the experience, but act.

This week will be a great time to break the “sick” relationship that destroys your happiness and love of life. It’s time to get out of your head all your fears, to tell people that you don’t need, that it’s time to part. Remember that it is impossible to bring happiness into your life until you make room for it.

To improve your mood and self-confidence will help your loved one and favorite activity. Give your hobby more time this week, especially at its beginning, while the Moon is weak in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, and also not dangerous in Aquarius on the 14th and 15th. At the weekend, namely on Sunday, Mercury will become weak, so the Scorpions will no longer experience inconvenience and problems.

Scorpios will need to throw off all restrictions to show the world what they can do. This is the time of the Scorpions, the time of struggle and courage. This is a great reason to become the best in the fact that you love more than anything else.

Do not be lazy to learn, learn new information, as well as analyze your own mistakes from the past. This is a good time for introspection, for finding solutions to old problems.

Spiritual quest for Sagittarius will be an excellent opportunity for creative growth and relaxation. This week you are waiting for pleasant acquaintances, unexpected meetings with old buddies and girlfriends. Perhaps someone will present you with some kind of surprise that will help smooth out all the sharp corners in a relationship.

At work, too, is possible a serious advance.

The sun is weak, so only by Sunday will the desire for self-realization. On weekdays, you will be overcome with laziness, but this does not mean that nothing will be obtained with the least amount of effort. Now you just need to try to keep with you all the «tools».

All your skills will be needed in the process of attracting good luck.

Capricorn this week will bring many problems due to the amplification of the moon. Of course, due to the fact that it will be consistent and smooth, every day will not be like a new war, but caution will be the main condition for success in all areas. The postulates of a happy life are simple: the correct setting of goals, the absence of fear, honesty towards yourself.

The sun does not affect you at all, but at the end of the week Mercury will disappoint a little with its transition to the Sign of Pisces. Its weakening will negatively affect your need for communication. You, without knowing it, will close from everyone.

You will not need to apologize for your desire to be alone. Sometimes a person just needs to be alone with himself.

If you are lonely, then you can get rid of loneliness this week without much difficulty. Show everyone that you are ready to make concessions. A diplomatic attitude is the main condition for happiness in such periods.

While the sun is weak, you need to continue to do what you can do best. At the end of the week, something will happen that will shake your confidence or, at least, shake it.

The financial situation may allow you to spend a large amount of money, but it is better to do it not without caution. Buy only what you need, and carefully study the conditions of purchase, so as not to be deceived. Your interpersonal skills will be enhanced, so you can use this time to create new connections and acquaintances.

Pisces will have to put up with many things, but this week will be perfect for any business. You can succeed in love, because flirting and romance will bring you good luck. It will be possible to devote all the time to work, if there is such a desire.

The main thing is to find your destination, or at least try to do it. Now we can not miss the opportunity to discover the meaning of everything that is happening.

The growing moon predicts you many victories in all directions, but on Sunday it will be even easier to live. It is better to devote this day to rest, because Mercury will finally unclench its grip, freeing you. You will be open to everything in this world.

It will be necessary only to determine in advance the direction of its movement.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes good luck to all Zodiac signs. May this week be productive for you. Take care of your health, because good health is the main key to success. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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