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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 14-20

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 14 to 20

Weekly horoscopes reflect the influence of stars and planets on each sign of the zodiac. The proposed recommendations will help to use the positive energy of the planet-patrons for success in business and personal life.

Famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina shared her recommendations, which will be a tangible support this week. Thanks to her advice, many have changed their lives for the better and succeeded. To this week was successful, the astrologer recommends strengthening the biofield and act decisively.

This week, Aries is recommended to stick with a clear plan. The fact is that your antagonist Luna will be in a strong position most of the time, which will have a negative impact on your health and performance. On Monday and Tuesday, the astrologer advises to pay attention to your own emotions and try to limit contact with people.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, the Moon will weaken its influence, and this period will be the most productive. From Friday to Saturday, the Moon will once again strengthen its influence, which is very unfavorable for business negotiations and meetings. On Sunday, the Moon will be in aspect with the Sun, which will return Aries luck.

The Taurus from August 14 to 20 will have the opportunity to be active and start productive work aimed at achieving well-being. The positive influence of Mercury will give forces that Taurus will be able to direct to obtain new knowledge, search for business partners and the development of their own business. The moderate influence of the patron of Venus will help to establish personal relationships, and lonely people will gain the attention of the person they like.

Given the retrograde Mercury, Taurus this week, it is important to restrain emotions that may interfere with active work. The astrologer recommends this week to spend on the positive, and the excess energy sent to maintain the body in good shape.

Gemini this week will present many surprises. The active position of the antagonist-Sun will have a very noticeable effect on performance, hindering vigorous activity. This will lead to increasing mood swings, which will have a negative impact on cooperation.

Mercury will not add joy. Its retrograde position will complicate the realization of internal potential. However, with the help of his energy, Gemini will have the opportunity to revise his plans and choose the right direction for success.

The positive influence of Venus, which will be in the constellation of Cancer, will help to establish personal life and bring relationships to a new level.

Two opposing planets will have a contradictory influence on Cancers. On the one hand, Mars, which is in the constellation Leo, awaits you. His energy will repel luck and luck in business, so the astrologer recommends using willpower to achieve goals.

On the other hand, Pluto will have a positive impact. His strength is enough to give the Cancers the opportunity to get rid of their dependence on the opinions of others and to develop activities aimed at increasing their professional authority. The week from 14 to 20 August will be designed for individual activities that will reveal your talents and allow you to achieve significant heights.

Leo astrologer recommends to refrain from excessive activity. The moon, your opponent, will have a negative impact on your health and emotional background. From Monday to Tuesday, her strong position will affect performance, and this time is not intended to handle complex cases.

From August 16 to 17, her position will be neutral, which will enable the Lions to do their current work, but privacy and control over the emotional background is necessary throughout the period from August 14 to 20. From Friday to Saturday, Lions are not recommended to conduct unplanned financial transactions.

Virgos show activity will prevent the destructive influence of Jupiter. Up to Sunday you need to stick to the strategy of waiting and not to rush the events. The astrologer recommends using this time to complete current affairs and positive communication with like-minded people. Their support will have a positive effect on the emotional background, which will be successful for maintaining performance.

By Sunday, the negative impact will weaken, and the Maidens will be able to return to their normal course, but measures to restore the body tone will not be superfluous.

Libra awaits a difficult week due to the active influence of the sun. His stay in the constellation Leo will have a negative impact on self-esteem, which can lead to errors and inaccuracies in the conduct of affairs. The astrologer recommends that the Lions use their inner reserves in order not to stray from the right path.

Saturn’s support will weaken the negative solar impact, which will allow you to pull yourself together and tackle pressing problems. This situation will require Libra to revise plans and choose a new strategy for behavior.

Scorpios in the period from August 14 to 20 will need endurance and a clear adherence to the goals. The fact is that Neptune, your patron, is in a retrograde position, and his energy is aimed at supporting previously thought-out actions. The astrologer recommends maximum protection from force majeure and avoid spontaneous changes in the plans.

This time will be successful for an unusual approach to resolving issues and unleashing creative potential. With the help of competent actions and support of Uranus, you will be able to achieve your goals, despite the difficulties encountered.

The intuition, which has increased thanks to the strong position of the Sun, will help Strelets to succeed this week. However, from Monday to Tuesday, the active energy of the Moon can disrupt the usual course of events, so Strelets is recommended to be careful and attentive. The most fruitful days for business activity will be August 16, 17 and 20, when the energy of the moon weakens.

On Sunday, Sagittarius again feel a surge of strength and will be able to be active in all spheres of life.

Venus, Mars and Mercury will provide productivity and excellent mood to Capricorn. These planets will have a positive impact on you, which will allow Capricorns to develop vigorous activity in business and personal life. To maintain the appropriate attitude, the astrologer advises to adhere to a clear daily routine, as the retrograde Mercury will take more power than usual.

Good luck will be attended by the representatives of your Sign thanks to the positive energy of Mars and Venus. Use this period to start a new happy phase in your life.

To make the week a success, Aquarius will need endurance and utmost attention. The negative energy of Pluto will have a very tangible impact on the negotiation, so the likelihood of blunders and failures increases. Competent tactics and a bet on privacy will help Aquarius to eliminate deceptions and betrayals, and the astrologer advises to devote as few people as possible to your own plans.

Inner harmony and prudence will help Aquarius to get rid of manipulators and envious.

Pisces should rely on their intuition. Thanks to the positive influence of Venus, you will be able to show your extraordinary abilities and solve intractable earlier cases without much stress. This week you will be able to rely on the help of colleagues and loved ones who will support your initiative.

The only negative factor, according to the astrologer, will be the desire to take on too many things. Pisces need to be clearly aware of their capabilities and abandon adventures.

This week will be favorable for the search for life and the revision of priorities. Use the suggested recommendations to achieve well-being, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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