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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of August 13-19

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from August 13 to August 19

Vasilisa Volodina — the country’s leading astrologer. On the basis of her observations, accurate horoscopes are built, which weekly help people to know their destiny.

It is easy to learn the future, and for this it is not necessary to guess on wax or ring around psychics, you can simply refer to the prompts of astrologers who you trust completely. Vasilisa Volodina for a reason is widely known — she managed to establish herself, gain fame and love of the public thanks to accurate forecasts. About how the confrontation of the Moon and Mars, retrograde Uranus, and much more will affect the life of the Zodiac, will tell the horoscope.

The coming week is definitely not suitable for putting work and career at the center of attention. The Sun is clearly marked on the horizon, amplified in the constellation Leo. This can be interpreted as a call to action in the sphere of personal life, which means that all Aries should seize the moment.

In these seven days, Aries will succeed in meeting their dream partner, finding love, regaining trust and passion in an existing relationship, or harmonizing the sphere of love in some other way.

Hardworking Taurus awaits a slightly tense week, full of contradictions and problems. The moon, which every now and then will measure its forces with the planet of chaos and destruction by Mars, will not allow quietly go about its business. On Tuesday, the trine of the Moon and Mars foreshadows an alarming day. Expected problems and surprises of different nature.

On Thursday, the Moon and Mars will meet again, forming a square. This will make Taurus encounter surprises that bring about change. On Saturday, the same Moon and Mars form sextile, which is why Taurus can act ambiguously in their usual situation.

For the creative and socially active Gemini, the upcoming week may be a fruitful period. The astrologer advises to create what is power, dive headlong into work and encourage yourself in every possible way. The flight of creative thought and design ideas that Saturn retrograde will bring will come to court in the entertainment industry, the media and show business.

This week, the attention of Rakov will require events related to the family or career. Your success will be directly related to one of these areas, so that all seven days will have to keep abreast. To cope with problems, do not be alone — communicate with those who are close to your interests.

Otherwise, the topical influence of the Moon in opposition to Mars will deprive you of solid ground under your feet.

Lviv is waiting for a situation that predetermines fate. Because of being in your Token of the Sun, you will always draw attention to yourself. High probability of stressful situations.

However, despite the unpredictability of the current situation, it is in your power to influence the events of the future. In addition to desire, perseverance, tact and fighting spirit are important: in their absence, every abnormal situation threatens to turn into scandal or defeat.

From August 13 to 19, retrograde Uranus will take over the management of the life of the Dev. In connection with this circumstance Virgos need to think twice before deciding on something. Words spoken on emotions, actions on the machine, desires on a wave of enthusiasm — all this will exhaust you. New plans may turn against Dev, even if they are devoid of egoism and carry exclusively good help to society.

However, if you feel the strength to restrain a blow, nothing puts you to achieve your goal.

This week representatives of Libra will have a weighty advantage that it is impossible to create artificially: it is the strength and confidence that Venus will give you in your Sign. A week under the strict supervision of the patron planet will be the source of new victories, opportunities and brilliantly executed plans.

Jupiter, passing your constellation, continues to have a positive influence: luck itself finds you. Special success can be expected representatives of the Sign of the Zodiac Scorpio, who work in the industry of fashion, beauty and tourism. Although the other areas, according to the astrologer, will have every chance of success — for this you just need to believe in yourself and do your job efficiently.

The news of the coming week for Sagittarius is rather positive, although a bit unexpected. The planet that governs the life of Streltsov is Mars from August 13 to 19. Its retro-phase reels back many events in your life, so if you have something to say or fix, the patron planet will give you the opportunity to speak out, change your life and get a response.

A great period begins when you begin to feel more confident and successful people. And it needs to be used. Under the auspices of retrograde Saturn in your Sign, the best time will come to draw up plans for the near future, a deep elaboration of ideas.

However, active actions are still too early.

This week, Aquarius is better to decide to leave the arena of events, retreat into the shadows and take a temporary time out. The fact is that Venus is strong in the Sign of Libra. Under the influence of the planet responsible for emotions and love, you can be hurt by other people’s words. It would seem that insignificant circumstances, but not this week — strong emotions will simply knock the ground out from under their feet.

It is recommended to consider any turn of events as temporary, and any result — as an intermediate one.

For the representatives of Pisces, the week looks like this: if you have the desire, you can work harder and realize serious plans. A strong and positive Venus this week is your key to success and prosperity. Under her patronage, you are capable of much, and even if something does not work out, it will be enough to analyze and work on the errors.

Spheres where luck is especially real — love, creativity, beauty, personal life.

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