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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of March 12-18

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of March 12-18

The weekly horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina is a short guide to a happy life for each Zodiac. Learn how the stars and planets will affect you to avoid problems and not lose luck.

Astrological recommendations will help you to plan things right for the third week of March. Among the active space objects will be the Sun and Jupiter. These astrolist influences will bring good luck, since negative attitudes will be replaced by a positive outlook on things and the world around us. Vasilisa Volodina recommends deciding on important actions, outlining the main goals, building iron principles.

This week, loud-sounding topics of internal conflict, anxiety, loneliness can subside. This is a time of psychological preparation for the fact that the life of each Zodiac Sign can change for the better.

Aries, this week will increase the need for independent and decisive behavior. It will be easy for you to subdue all external influences in order to personally shape the circumstances around you. Before you change your life, try to change something less ambitious.

Vasilisa Volodina believes that now you should strengthen your self-esteem through small victories. The sun will rule you and help show your individuality so that you can find your place in life. Psychologically tune in to the fact that you have to break away from the usual rhythm, to do personal growth and work on yourself.

This week can be considered a period of emotional adjustment. Retrograde Jupiter will be against arrogant actions and self-affirmation at another’s expense, so the astrologer advises to take the place of an outsider. Stay alone with yourself, sort things out in thoughts, sum up.

Speaking frankly, good fortune will come to you through other people. These seven days should be devoted to friends, like-minded people, group activities, participation in the lives of other people. Selfless deeds will give you a powerful support of the Universe: for example, it will help you to gain the meaning of life or to comprehend the whole essence of what is happening with you.

This week, Gemini is waiting for business luck. Mercury will open the door to the material sphere before you. Successful change of activity, advancement along the career ladder, successful completion of a laborious task, public recognition or praise from the authorities are possible.

The material world will become something clear to you. It will be clear to you why people do this and not otherwise, and what is needed in order to quickly achieve success. Everything that surrounds you, including people, will be under your control, you will begin to live in advance.

The end of March is the time when you will have new strategic goals and ways to achieve them.

From March 12 to 18, Rakov expects success in the field of sports, creativity, family and spiritual quest. And all because moderately active Jupiter will aggravate all your feelings, including negative ones. Vasilisa Volodina advises you not to forget about emotional nourishment, otherwise you will easily overshadow all the positive changes that will give you stars.

Good rest, awakening of feelings, physical exertion — all this will give you positive emotions. Do not be afraid to look for yourself in something new or pleasant for you. You need to tune in to a period of spiritual development, which is to remove all negative programs.

The influence of Mercury will increase the desire for knowledge. Do not try to resist and limit yourself in your desires. If you start to attract something new, unusual, unusual for you, then it is time to postpone all the familiar and go to meet their feelings. The world view of each person needs to be improved, updated and revised.

Now it will affect you.

For success in life, you just need to meet your needs in expanding your horizons. With such a desire, you may be faced with a sharp lack of opportunities to change something. And that’s fine.

Breaking out of the routine is sometimes the hardest. But, on the other hand, no one forces you to change everything thoroughly, turning your life 180 degrees. Start small.

Venus will be weakened in Aries, which means that it will lose any opportunity to adversely affect your energy. This will help you replenish your reserves of vitality, find new sources of positive emotions, and maybe motivation. True, it is necessary to make some sacrifices.

This week you will be prone to risks, and not always deliberate. It is foolish to blame ourselves for mistakes, when we are driven by the desire to modernize life or personal life, we all are reckless. We will have to step over our principles, forget for a while about the strategic calculation, planning, rationality, the desire to help others.

Stars will give you the necessary drive to resist the routine and meet their depressed desires.

Coming week Libra should be held in the dynamics, in motion, in the race. Astrological environment has to promote, curiosity, stimulates the best qualities, helps hone their skills. This is a period of inner awakening and comprehension of one’s capabilities

In relationships, there should be a veiled domination, at work — a hidden manipulation, for inner harmony — honesty towards yourself. You should not openly intercept the initiative, demonstrate your capabilities, try to win back the leadership. It is important to reckon with your natural destiny: you are a peace-loving Sign that can make this world better using the resources of others. However, any advantages can easily turn into cons.

Do not try to be who you are not.

Scorpions this week need to catch a chance and not to rush to conclusions. According to the horoscope, this period can be considered the most suitable moment for experiments. True, the best risk is that you are not too expensive.

No one can promise you one hundred percent luck, even a star.

An ambiguous impression can leave communication with people who do not share your views on life and the world around. Someone else’s opinion will make you angry, because this week the opportunity to see the world from different angles will not be available. Do not start teaching people how to live, work, communicate, love and so on.

First, it is a waste of time. Secondly, people around will deal with it somehow themselves, without you and your harsh criticism.

This week, Sagittarius needs to learn the art of dynamic balance. This is when your expectations do not just do not correspond to reality, but run counter to it, but you are not particularly worried about it. The influence of Jupiter will unfold many circumstances in your favor, but this does not mean that you will win everywhere and always.

The loss of inner harmony and faith in yourself will shift the scales, turning your efforts against you.

The week is perfect for dynamics and changes, however, there will be a tendency to intrigue, flattery and speculation. Vasilisa Volodina recommends playing honestly, even if you see opportunities to outrun your competitors without being noticed. Life is an unpredictable thing, but rather consistent.

Do not rush things: everything that should be yours will come by itself, it is not necessary to select what belongs to another.

Capricorns should abandon the categorical and habit to approach everything with its own set of «gold standards». Your internal censor will need an ideal development of events, only a lot depends on the game of chance, as well as on your ability to adapt to the situation.

Venus active for you will remain in a critical position. This will break your inner harmony, you will lose the ability to control yourself. In order to somehow smooth the sharp corners, you will be forced to seek stability in life, to seek it, while astrological tendencies will begin to require lightning-fast actions from you, quick decisions, flexibility, risks.

If you are afraid of failures, try to avoid direct responsibility.

Stars will help Aquarius to choose the best path from the present Universe. When in doubt, you can rely on chance, luck, or intuition. The flow of external influences emanating from the planets will perfectly harmonize with your natural needs.

Vasilisa Volodina also recommends spending time in the company of like-minded people. Informal communication will help discover something new, mark something important, or find a solution that you have not seen before. However, the astrologer does not advise you to show excessive gullibility and show weaknesses.

Representatives of the Pisces Sign this week will have to abstract from personal initiatives. It is risky for you. You can repeat the old mistake or make a new one, acting on inspiration.

As the horoscope shows, you can take up the pursuit of diverse desires.

It is not excluded the intensification of competition. And you will exacerbate it yourself with your own well-thought-out conclusions. Everything that upsets you in one way or another will be perceived as hostile: the opinions of those around you, harsh words, harsh remarks, a rash act, someone else’s criticism. This is a week of uncertainty: the internal conflict will be hard to resolve.

Take the world easier, without nerves and negativity.

Get rid of negative thinking and attitudes to improve your life. As a rule, in any, even the most difficult situation, there are two solutions: blame the world for injustice or change your attitude to the world. Vasilisa Volodina wishes everyone a productive week, success and quick wins. Good luck in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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