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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of April 9 to 15

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of April 9 to 15

Vasilisa Volodina is an astrologer with vast experience. Every week she gives new advice to representatives of all the signs of the zodiac. Her recommendations will help you avoid trouble and easily overcome existing problems.

Mid-April will be quite rich and far from the easiest, since everyone will have to work and act, but not everyone will have the desire to do it. This will be a unique week, since all the planets will be active. The sun and the moon too will be like that. This happens extremely rarely, but not only it will be important.

The important thing is that it will also be a stable week, because only Mercury will undergo changes in character, and then only on Sunday, which will not be considered a global change: it will simply complete the period of retrograde and start moving straight ahead again.

Due to the influence of the planets, the activity will increase, there will be a lot of energy. But together with you your enemies, envious ones will become more active. Look back on April 9 to 15.

You will have to appease your financial appetites. You may want to spend a lot of money on your loved ones, but it’s better not to do it yet. The fact is that your mood will be upbeat, but there will be no opportunity to keep everything under control. Year of the Yellow Dog is dangerous just in such situations when a person feels that he can do something important, but does not know how to achieve success.

Planets confirm this by setting traps for you in all spheres of life.

All problems will appear due to the opposition of the Sun and the Moon. The remaining objects of space will not be so important to you. You need to close a little, withdraw into yourself from the problems, but be fully prepared to accidentally win the war in two counts.

The most dangerous days are Thursday and Friday. They will lurk a huge negative force, since the Moon in Pisces will be very strong, and the Sun will barely restrain the negative.

Stereotypical thinking is not peculiar to you, but this week it will be the only danger for you and your success in love, deeds, and learning. You may have an overwhelming desire to know your fate, but it’s better not to know the future this week. This is dangerous, as the stars say that the following pages of your life can hide unpleasant secrets.

Learning about them is not necessary, because the trouble is likely to pass you by. Enjoy what you have now.

There should be no catastrophes in love, as well as in other areas of life. Everything will be predictable within pleasant limits, so that you can get a small amount of surprises from life. You will be able to find inside yourself not only the strength to move forward, but also motivation, a creative fuse, and wisdom.

It’s time to take care of the energy of your home. The place where you are most often, is for you a kind of sacred talisman. You should understand what is important and what is not at this time. In the first place is better, of course, put love.

Those most lucky are those Twins who have already found their soul mate. The rest will need at least not to count on easy victories.

The will to win will be the trump card of all Gemini during this time period. Stay a little captive of your ambitions, but do not sit idle. This will be the best period for victories of any scale.

Mercury will move back to Sunday, but it will not mean that problems await you. Rather, on the contrary, success will be hidden. You will need the help of others in order to reveal the concept of the universe in mid-April.

The most favorable days of the week for you in this coming period are Friday and Sunday. Try to prepare yourself for the fact that at the weekend, you may have to work, but not for the boss or the state, but for yourself. You may have insurmountable urges to take up your hobby, so you turn away from everything around.

Act until your loved ones are not so demanding on you and give freedom.

The moon is strong and stable, so this week will be great for work and love. Collective energy will not be reflected on you very weakly, so you can spend your strength at your convenience. Do not stop communicating with people at all.

Stay open to everyone, because close people and friends can give you many pleasant words and will be able to cheer you up in difficult times.

Love compatibility with a partner you may have the best, but it does not save you from a possible quarrel. This week, people will not treat you in the best way, but you should not give in to provocations. If you respond with aggression on aggression, this will entail a series of problems. Bile will accumulate in you and around you, filling all free space.

To resolve any conflict will help the good, honesty and the desire for understanding.

Change yourself and your nature may not be so easy, especially when the Sun is strengthened in Aries, and the Moon is moderately active and puts you a stick in the wheel. A strong Mars in Capricorn will come to the aid of the representatives of your Zodiac sign when the situation starts to get out of control. Do not bring it to a boiling point — strive for an early resolution of the conflict.

Watch your health by avoiding overeating, drinking alcohol and getting enough sleep. Compliance with the mode of the day will help you to remain always fresh and ready for battle. Things may not go very well in love.

Motivation to look for a soul mate you diminish, and the sexual energy will fall sharply. On the other hand, you can understand if you need a relationship now. The spiritual side of love will prevail over the physical.

Virgo will need to avoid posturing, because the moon does not have enough strength to hide all possible problems, smooth out sharp corners. Sassy and arrogance is better to eradicate in itself completely. It is very important to observe all these rules in aggregate, and not separately. Mercury retrograde will not give you the opportunity to ignore the problems that the universe has prepared for you.

These will be tests that will teach you something important.

The opinion of society regarding you and your actions can not be called completely objective. To fulfill desire is possible only through the correct choice of the path. Do not leave him even in the most difficult moments of this week.

If you show your resilience to the world, everything will remain in place. In no case can you be weak.

Venus still keeps you in good shape, but the Sun can at any moment pull the blanket over itself. This will be a character battle with weaknesses for you. Your fears will need to be settled as early as possible.

Complexes and doubts about your success can destroy you even before the battles begin. It’s time to change your ideology and worldview as a whole.

Chat with people not on social networks, but live. While the stars and planets are settled in a rather favorable way for you, you should not worry about plan “B”, because it is quite possible that you will not need it. Do not be afraid to be in places with large crowds.

Search for new acquaintances and meet those who want to get to know you.

Solitude will be the wrong choice for you now, as well as the desire for great popularity. Most likely, people will appreciate simplicity and honesty in you. These are understandable qualities, but it is not always easy to follow such a path in life.

We’ll have to look for loopholes, to seek to find the truth, which will constantly elude you. Keep optimistic. This will help you a strong Mars in Capricorn.

Love will be this week a priority for Streltsov. You need something to be inspired to hit your soul mate or the person whose sympathy you want to achieve. Inspiration will help you not only in love, but also in deeds. Paper handling will be very efficient and productive.

Try to do everything you need. Understand your financial debts, finally.

The sun will help you in matters related to the organization of various events. You will be perceived as a full-fledged leader by many colleagues and friends, so the responsibility will be huge. This may start to stimulate you, but if this does not happen, it is better to give up the palm of the championship already on Monday.

If you are not ready to lead others, then do not give people false hopes.

Your path to success this week will be littered with difficulties and obstacles, many of which will be insurmountable. You have to be cunning, which you do not hold. If you think that you are not capable of cunning, then it is not. It is enough to motivate yourself a little.

If you can win a victory over yourself, you can win a victory over other people. Endurance and patience will give you the authority of unprecedented proportions.

Strong Mars and moderate Mercury will do everything possible so that you can expand your abilities, learn something new and not fall into the mud with your face in a difficult moment. Simple luck you do not get, but you will have enough strength to succeed on their own. Stars want you to feel strong and feel the taste of victory, obtained by hard work.

Your essence and character is something unique. Listen to your intuition and pay attention to the sixth sense, when you have to prove something to other people and fight for a place under the sun. One way or another, but the stars and planets are on your side.

This universal stability is in your hands in every sense, so that in love, in finance, and in business you will succeed.

You can lose all this if you try to assert yourself at the expense of weaker opponents. The universe made us different, not so that you look for opportunities in other people to solve your problems. The universe wants you to learn something new and be generous.

If you can meet this condition, then you will have to wait a pleasant surprise.

Pisces this week to become realistic. Stop looking at the world through the prism of prejudice. Listen only to yourself and your heart.

You can see your future, feel it, because in the next seven days your past mistakes will be felt. All that you have done before will begin to affect your life. If you have done something wrong, do not worry, because the stars and the planets will give you one more chance to fix it.

Learn to believe in miracles that are all around us. In this, your mentor will be the Moon, which will be moderately strong all week. Become more independent and independent people. Form your own opinion about everything that is happening around you.

The system of values ​​may change, but this is normal, given the peculiarities of the movement and state of the planets.

To make your life happier this week, not everyone will succeed, but there will be plenty of opportunities for representatives of each Zodiac. Vasilisa Volodina wishes everyone a successful week and a pleasant time. Let the stars protect you in love, deeds and in all other areas. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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