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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of September 10-16

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from September 10 to September 16

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most famous astrologers in the country. And it is no coincidence, because its detailed astrological forecasts always help people to become happier.

The coming week of September is the time to get a typewriter, brushes, a piano and create sentimentally. Venus, which is included in the Sign of Scorpio, is an incredible rise of emotionality, vulnerability and creative abilities. And at the same time, of course, emotional instability, intolerance and even aggression. Before you fall into the arms of the autumn blues, remember that Saturn ended the retrograde movement and strengthened in the constellation of Capricorn.

Accordingly, the rampant Venus in Scorpio will give more tangible results than usual: emotional outbursts will be productive, sympathy will be beneficial, and emotions will help to find a ticket to a better life.

This week, Mars, entering September 11 in the constellation of Aquarius, will bring Aries confidence and good luck. Temporarily representatives of Aries will lose their weaknesses. True, some difficulties may arise on this basis: their own ideas will seem ingenious, and the criticism of those around them will be unforgivable.

Maybe it is, but under the action of Mars, you can turn your whole life upside down. The astrologer advises this time to listen to the advice of others, because the upcoming week will be with you under the sign of sensitivity and empathy.

The impulsiveness of Taurus often manifests itself in productivity, so that the coming week will not be an exception to the rule. Venus in the Sign of Scorpio will be the cause of heightened sexuality and gluttony. Unfortunately, in the period from September 10 to September 16, emotions can control you, if you do not set a goal for yourself to curb your ardor yourself. There is a high probability of conflicts at work and in the personal sphere due to increased emotionality and clarification of relationships from scratch.

But the upcoming week is extremely favorable for the start, the upholding of their positions and in general any cases requiring determination and assertiveness.

The upcoming week for Gemini will be a decisive period in life. The Universe prompts: the finest hour will strike you in the monetary sphere. If you love money and know how to make a living — strike while the iron is hot.

The coming week, together with the positive participation of the planet-patron of Mercury in the Sign of the Virgin, is preparing luck in almost all matters related to money and earnings. In addition, three days of Mercury activity are expected due to aspects with other planets. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will make this week almost perfect for selfless earnings.

But improving relationships in the family or at work will not be so easy, since you are likely to be more obsessed with yourself, your ideas and feelings.

Cancer representatives astrologer advises as much as possible to go in public and as little as possible to be alone with yourself, unless, of course, you do not dream of becoming a reclusive. Fully weakened Venus in Scorpio is dangerous for you and your energy. Additional sources of positive emotions and strength will be needed, and working alone is not related to this, it will only add to your stress and dissatisfaction with yourself. So, if there is an opportunity, this week of September, especially the first few days, is better spent in cultural and social activities.

Any teamwork will be productive.

Ambition Lviv this week will confidently outperform common sense. But to focus on the complex and monotonous work that requires attention and responsibility will become difficult. In connection with the astrological tendencies of the upcoming days, you will need to relax emotionally — and find it in motion, in the joys of life, in initiative and struggle. A great week for new novels, startups and starting a business.

If you are required scrupulous decisions and corrosive work, try to program yourself to succeed and engage in it in the morning. Otherwise, mental and mental loads are provided to you.

It seemed that Venus, weakened in Scorpio, should have pleased Dev, but everything would change the influence of Mars. Care will be replaced by excessive control, sensitivity by demanding, rationalism will be ambitious. To reduce the negative impact of the planets, Virgos need to manage emotions and listen not to them, but to logic and common sense.

The established order and stability for you is now more important than any new victories. So if you are suddenly unexpectedly visited by new ideas for improving life, refrain from realizing them — the risk of failure in the presented combination is very high.

Representatives of the Libra Sign are stronger than other Signs subject to a difference in emotions and feelings, so your behavior in the coming days can be quite impulsive and even devoid of meaning. Being under the influence of a weakened Venus is quite exhausting and not always safe, so you should refrain from disputes, risks and, more importantly, from new projects and relationships. On the other hand, you will now have increased intuition and the ability to read out the emotions of others, so that the whole week can be called successful and full of bright moments.

Chaos and vanity of vanities — this is what Scorpios will give the coming week. Everything around will be subject to the aggressive energy of Mars, so the most reasonable thing to do is get ready for the fact that many plans can suddenly fail, and life will change drastically. At the epicenter of this chaos, you will have to make quick decisions that will help save the situation.

Fortunately, the strength and energy of Mars is not deprived, you will have plenty of them, and if you wish, you can get out of this crazy race as a winner. External sources of power will not be superfluous: look for them in the support of friends and family. In order not to overstrain the nervous system, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend observing the daily regimen and not saving on relaxation.

Streltsy this week, it is preferable to remain in silence and solitude. Fortunately, under the influence of a weakened Venus, you temporarily lose interest in disputes and violent activity, which means it will not be so difficult to fulfill the astrologer’s testament. At the same time, emotions that usually help you achieve your goals will become something of an anchor: for productive work you need impassivity, balance and peace of mind.

The secret of success this week is simple: protecting the interests of others and mutual assistance will help you achieve good luck, so it is advisable to change anger to mercy, aggression to help, and egoism to pliability.

Under the influence of Saturn, your hidden abilities will increase, which will make you the soul of the company, help you to conduct successful negotiations and make an impression when meeting. But even with this beautiful picture in general, there is a downside — it is the growth of your abilities that can lead to a radical restructuring. Saturn can influence your worldview, change principles, or even life. So the upcoming week may contain reasons for a rather hard life crisis.

If you do not want serious changes, you can soften the situation in a simple way — by carrying with you a talisman from all evils.

Mars, entering into your Sign of September 11, will draw with it the aggression, energy and impatience of many Aquarius. It’s time to take advantage of the increased energy of the patron and change life for the better. To do this, you need to direct aggressive onslaught and pressure on your problems, which prevent you from living and receiving pleasure from life.

According to the astrologer, it is the right time to destroy all the barriers and obstacles in the way. Due to the increased willingness to continue to cut down any ropes that limit your freedom, you can go too far: in the personal sphere, quarrels with a partner, breaks in relationships and even divorces are not excluded.

In the period from September 10 to September 16, even Pisces will not remain in a quiet pond, but will rush into the pool. Glory, admiring glances, public recognition — and other things suddenly suddenly require your attention. Under the influence of a weakened Venus, it will be important for you to like others.

Support, praise and admiration of people will become a source of energy from the outside, which will help to show yourself in all its splendor. Success awaits you in most endeavors related to creativity, sexuality, mysticism and interaction with people.

Attract happiness this week is only possible if you do not tempt fate. In the reverse situation, favorable processes will temporarily freeze. Remember the importance of positive thinking about which Vasiis Volodina spoke, and drive away the negative emotions that in this string of days will only hinder the achievement of the goals set. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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