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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from December 11 to December 17

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of December 11 to 17

Vasilisa Volodina as no one else knows what people need to attract good luck this week and in general. Advice from an astropsychologist will help you make life more orderly and understandable.

This week can give you more than you think. Ambitious people will be able to do a lot more things than those who like to rest a lot. For diligence, you will be rewarded with financial and love success, because in love you also need the ability to invest your strength in the development of relationships. In mid-December, it will only be possible to cheer yourself up with victories, only with new achievements.

Those who mark time will be subject to apathy and depression.

Planets of the first level: Mars, Venus, Mercury — and also the Sun and the Moon for a while will go into the shadow. Big and distant planets are now stable, so this week will be calm. Especially strongly it will be felt in love and family relations.

You will be able to keep the peace even in times of serious conflict. Do not feed yourself with negative to keep the fire of love.

In the business field, this period will be ideal for negotiations, transactions and purchases. You can start something new or complete the old things that are hanging over you in black clouds. Do not forget that the year is coming to an end — the period will soon come under the auspices of the Yellow Dog.

Try to get out of your head all the excess before the cherished transition to the new time.

The moon, one of your main patrons, will rule unchallenged in mid-December. Its stability in the period from 11 to 17 December, you will only benefit. The only two days in which you should wait a little while to make serious decisions are the 14th and 15th. These days, the Moon will be slightly weaker than usual due to being in the Sign of Scorpio.

In general, a week will be an excellent time for you to solve problems.

On Monday, the square of the Moon with Saturn will help you become more fortunate. Sextile with the same planet on Wednesday will bring a creative upsurge and strengthen intuition. The negative aspect with Pluto on Friday will make you go a little deeper into yourself.

Do not ask for help from people on December 15th. Thus, the most dangerous day this week is Friday. Take charge of duties at this time.

Change your life this week you will not be able to do it alone. Ask for help from those who are dear to you. Relatives and loved ones will come to the rescue. The reason for the breakdown and lack of luck will be the weak Mercury in Sagittarius.

Add problems to its retrograde motion. It is worth noting that only joint work will be a great way to achieve goals for Gemini.

Mercury’s weakness makes it possible to concentrate on family matters, and without losing any physical or emotional resources. It will be a very quiet period, because it will be devoid of dynamics. In principle, you can take a vacation for these days, if you can not tolerate it and wait until the New Year holidays come. Your task is to do what you like.

Then the mood will remain good, and chaos will not descend into your life.

Cancers need to pay attention to the intuitive appreciation of the world. Thanks to the sixth sense, you can even read people’s minds. Of course, this will be an indirect definition of what people call magic. Just your brain will work very well.

The moon and Jupiter will be incredibly stable, so you will be able to transform your life with the power of thought.

The moon will only be weak for two days in Scorpio — December 14 and 15. Jupiter in Scorpio will help you structure your thoughts and establish a connection with the outside world, understand it, look at it from the inside. The symbiosis of this giant planet and a small but important Moon is the best gift for you.

It will be a very productive week, filled with positive and new opportunities. Try not to miss the opportunities that the universe will give you.

Leos need to pay attention to their emotions and feelings in general. The sun takes matters into its own hands, so his stay in Sagittarius should inspire you a little. The week will begin with the usual affairs and events, but on Wednesday the negative aspect of the Sun with Mercury will bring your luck a little, bringing you back from heaven to earth.

Approximately the same thing will happen on Saturday because of the trigon with Uranus. On Saturday, you will have to reckon with the opinions of others, and their opinion will be really true, and your mind is a bit clouded.

Success in various areas of life will be achieved through your ambitions. Try to set yourself in motion as needed. If you want something very much, then strive to get it.

Do not step back — move only in the direction that will help you become yourself and feel freedom in your soul. This is a great time for new beginnings.

This time Mars will be your main concern. The red planet will be strong in the Sign of Scorpio. This is very good news for Virgos who need permanent employment. Constant affairs will stimulate your creative growth, your motivation.

Perhaps you can resolve long-standing conflicts, not only by diplomacy, but also by force. Take your own, if you want to stay happy and lucky in everything.

Mars will help you also change the image or maintain an existing one. Semi-square with Mercury on Friday will serve to the benefit of your happiness. This aspect can be considered a gift of fate. All affairs of a love nature is better to appoint on Friday, because your charisma will be higher at times.

You will have a chance to meet an interesting person. Romance on this day will save you from a bad mood.

Libra Venus promises only the best. This planet is devoid of randomness and has a strictly positive attitude towards you. Being in the sign of Sagittarius will make you lucky in love affairs. Tuesday due to the half-sex of Venus with Jupiter will be less favorable, because thinking will be slow.

On Friday, the double aspect of Venus with Mercury and Pluto awaits you. This day will be ambiguous in its energy.

Sunday will be dangerous at all, because Mars and Venus will merge into semi-squares. This is bad for anyone who plans to devote December 17 to creativity or important things. If you just wanted to relax, then Sunday will not bring you anything bad. Forget about the phone and the Internet — get busy with the daily affairs.

You can get out at home, stay with your family.

Enjoy the activity and energy that will be given to you by Pluto and Mars. These two planets will be very well combined with each other. The main thing in this relationship, of course, will be Mars. He is now strong and stable, which hints at your increased working capacity.

Pluto is neutral and helps you protect yourself from anything that annoys you. This includes people who can be very annoying. This week they will finally leave you alone.

Special day — Friday. Pluto will be in a triple aspect with the Moon, Mercury, and Venus. It will be a tough day, as the source of happiness for you will constantly change.

In the morning it can be close people, and in the evening it can be a strict solitude. Anyway, on Friday it’s better not to plan important things to protect yourself from possible troubles. Stop the flow of failures on Friday will only the most positive Scorpios.

Sagittarius stars and planets will give motivation this week. The most important planets for you will be Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. The last two are planets of the second level, that is, their state almost never changes.

Tuesday and Sunday will be important days. Since Tuesday, Jupiter will be in a negative aspect with Venus, you should be less impulsive. On Sunday, Neptune and Saturn will be in quintile with each other.

This will give you a lot of doubts and financial turmoil.

Mercury will be so weak that it will have little effect on your life. This is very good, because its energy is strictly destructive. You are very lucky: at the moment when Mercury should be at the helm, he is completely weak. This time is perfect for new beginnings.

Everything is in your hands now.

Mercury will be your main planet this week. His weakness, due to being in the sign of Sagittarius, is very bad for your luck. Add retrograde motion of the planet to the fire. In short, this week is a time of caution for you.

Do not go beyond the comfort zone, if you do not want to suffer a fiasco in all walks of life.

On the other hand, there will be aspects of Mercury with other planets and objects. Connection with the Sun will not affect your success on Wednesday. Friday is a very important day that will be momentous.

The triple aspect of Mercury with Mars, Pluto and Venus is your real chance of success. Financial and love luck will smile at you on this day.

Aquarius will have a hard time this week, as your enemy will be in opposition with a friend. The Sun Antagonist will confront friendly Saturn. This is not an equal battle, because Saturn touches your deepest thoughts and works as a lucky talisman, and the Sun directs emotions and feelings. It will be strong, therefore experiences and negatives are waiting for you.

His stay in Sagittarius will bring you problems in relationships and interaction with other people.

Saturn will also be in Sagittarius, so you should seek more help from people you respect. It is worth paying more attention to what people say from December 11 to 17. On Sunday, the quintile with Neptune will be an excellent occasion for family gatherings and joint rest with the second half.

This will be the best day of the week, as Saturn can drown out the negative of the Sun, giving you good luck in love.

Mars takes the initiative. This means only one thing — you will have to fight for your happiness, but any of your actions, performed from a pure heart and without a drop of negativity, will return to you with good luck. Try to make an effort if you are afraid of losing all that you have gained lately.

If your success is not threatened yet, you can temporarily relax.

Pay attention to random events that will occur. Accidents are not random during this period. Everywhere and in everything it is worth looking for a trick, because the energy of this week will be very restless for you. This is a very strange period in the life of Pisces, because stable Saturn will interfere with strong Mars.

In the end, try not to strain and not think about the bad. Stability is quite achievable now.

The laws of the universe are the same for everyone. If you think bad things, good luck will turn away from you. Bring light into the lives of those around you to receive this good back. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you a successful week and good mood.

Let the stars smile at you, and life flows along the channel that is beneficial for you. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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