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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from November 6 to 12

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from November 6 to 12

Vasilisa Volodina shared her thoughts about the auspiciousness of the coming week for each Sign of the Zodiac. Given the advice of an astrologer, you can spend these seven days as productively as possible.

Often a person programs himself to fail. Their source is not someone else, not the Universe. Only you yourself can make yourself happier and more successful in any area of ​​life.

It is the power of every person, so just learn to be more positive. Problems are absolutely all people. It is not their absence that makes us happy, but the right attitude towards them. Remember that the black stripe in life is always followed by a bright one, and vice versa.

Such is life, but with the right attitude towards it you can increase successful periods and minimize the failure bands.

This week your enemies will be activated. They will try to make it impossible for you to succeed in deeds and love. There will be conspiracies and rumors around you. One pleasant moment can cut off all the negative: the fact is that this week your enemies will not be able to hide their attitude towards you.

Use this to understand who is your friend and who is not. This will save you a huge amount of time, because you can easily determine how this or that person treats you.

Mars will be very weak in Libra all seven days. That is why your energy will also fall, and people will feel it. The one who takes care can be considered your true friend and close person.

Those who will be negative to you can safely be considered enemies. Neutrality in relation to you will be difficult to maintain, so that all secrets will be revealed.

You will need to attract love into your life by any means. Creative attitude, kindness and attention to the feelings of other people will do their work. Even in difficult moments, do not go into yourself for a long time. Stay bright and ready to lend a helping hand anytime and anywhere.

Success will follow the good Taurus throughout the seven days.

Jupiter in Scorpio will stay all week, so its energy will remain neutral. You’d better not be alone, and surround yourself with your favorite people and friends. Relax together, work together. Do not show negative without a reason.

Even if someone makes a mistake, forgive him or her. Do not be too demanding now.

Attracting wealth is not the most important task this week and in life in general. Do not make purchases now and do not throw all the strength to work, to solve business problems. Stay close to your family, to those who are really dear to you. Do not make empty promises and do not stand behind in difficult situations.

Now you need more sensitivity. You can win the respect of any person, if you prove your loyalty. Jupiter in Scorpio will be neutral and ready to stop you at any moment, so self-doubt will be especially dangerous.

Perhaps it is time to apologize to those whom you have offended in the past. On November 10, Jupiter will be in a very positive aspect with Mercury, so spend this day correcting mistakes. You can also relax, change the atmosphere and give more time to romance and dates.

The main thing is not to be afraid of meeting new people. You can find love or strengthen existing relationships.

To get rid of problems with money, from the turmoil in love and self-doubt, you will need to think more about the future this week. Plan things in advance, leaving nothing important for later. Engage in the most serious affairs, while there is at the time and there is in this sense.

Neptune in Pisces will be strong all seven days. This is very good news, because the board of this planet will allow you to quickly move from planning to action.

On November 10, the Neptune and Mars quixons will make the day incomprehensible and «jerky.» You will always be annoyed by the nasty little things in life this week. Only you will deal with some task, as someone or something will throw a new one. The main thing — do not be nervous and just go ahead.

No one will stop you from doing the work you need, except yourself. Reach for the stars, but do not look down.

Lviv is expected to succeed this week only if they follow the rules. Neptune in Pisces will be strong, so the problems will begin immediately after you allow yourself to break the moral standards. This week will be very difficult for you, because you will have to sacrifice personal rules and rules for the sake of the rules invented.

The energy of a person in such periods very much depends on his actions and mood. Leo better not run ahead of the locomotive this week. Quixons with Mars on November 10 will improve your situation a little on Friday.

This day will be the most productive for the whole week. Try to plan things as best as possible at the end of the work week. If you have a day off, try to rest properly.

The psychology of wealth and success in business will be easy for you — stick to your rules and do not try to ask anyone for help. It can be very difficult, but you can handle it. Pluto in Capricorn will be moderately active, so you should not trust important tasks to people.

Do it yourself, otherwise you will lose a huge amount of time just for an explanation.

No one knows how important peace and stability are for you now. Only you can understand this properly, so be sure that you will feel some chill from the people around you. Everyone will be up to you, so no one should ask for something.

It is better to postpone some things until later than in a hurry to decide something important.

Uranium in Aries from November 6 to 12 will be active only by 50 percent. This planet will help you stop programming yourself to fail. The creative energy of the stars and the distant, but important planet for you will feel very good.

From morning to late evening, pleasant thoughts and good mood will haunt you every day. Of course, all this can be lost without much effort, so caution will not be superfluous.

Do not force yourself to go against the stream. Now it is very important to understand the importance of the events around you. Every little thing will help you to better understand the situation as a whole, to prioritize correctly.

Set yourself a feasible task, then nothing and no one will disappoint you. It is better to temporarily leave excessive ambitions — they are now absolutely useless. Live in the real world.

In order for your desires to be fulfilled, and the pans realized, try to see only the best in everything. People may try to take you to the negative, but do not take it too close to your heart. Be on your mind, closed and free from the opinions of others. The moon this week will be your guide to the world of peace.

November 10 and 11 will be the best days, since the Moon will be in the Leo Sign and will completely lose power.

On the 6th and 7th the Moon in Gemini will be destructive, but in the manner described above it will be possible to avoid troubles in any sphere of life. On November 8 and 9, even this may not save you, since the Moon will turn into the Sign of Cancer. Be very careful these two days. Impulsivity is best suppressed by any means.

On Sunday, it is better to be in solitude, since the Moon will be neutral again, but in the Sign of the Virgin.

This week the ball is ruled by Venus. She can make you unhappy only on Monday, because there will be a strong Libra. Try this day to resist the suggestion. People may try to control you, and they will do it well with the proper scenario.

If you concentrate your forces on defense, you will stay afloat and in your presence.

On Tuesday, November 7, Venus will turn into the Sign of Scorpio, completely lose its strength and open any doors for you. More precisely, it will open the locks on the doors, and the doors will have to open themselves. Everything will depend on your choice.

If you delay, life will not wait for you for too long. Be decisive, but be careful, because you do not always know what awaits behind the open door.

Capricorn lucky these seven days, because your assistant will be Mercury. This planet will do its best to make you feel almighty and strong. Mercury himself will be rather weak due to his stay in the sign of Sagittarius. Its impact will almost not be felt, but this does not mean that it will not.

On November 7, Mercury will be in a double aspect with Uranus and Pluto. It will bring you good luck in business and finance.

November 11, the quintile of Mercury with Pluto will violate all your plans for a Saturday evening. Act on inspiration, if you do not want to lose the location of fortune. Also, the weekend will be better spent in solitude, although the astrologer does not impose a clear ban on noisy companies and crowded places.

Invite close friends to your home — this would be ideal.

The sun is your enemy, but it will be very weak from November 6th to 12th. It will do you good, because the negative energy background will almost disappear, leaving no trace behind. November 9 sextile with Pluto will make you less fortunate in the affairs of workers and financial. In love too dark times will come.

The next day, this aspect will no longer dominate you, so everything will be fine.

Try to tell people the truth during these seven days so that no one will doubt you as a leader, friend, assistant, or boss. You must be creative, so that people do not take revenge on you and do not chat behind your back. Human energy is a fine structure that requires special attention.

Watch what you eat and drink. Eliminate from the diet of alcohol and fatty foods.

Typical problems for you this week will give way to non-standard. Saturn, who will come to power, will destroy the idyll created last week. If the world rules chaos for you before, then you will not have to get used to it. In a word, it will not be worse if you were already in decline.

Saturn in Sagittarius is moderately active, so he will not let you go just like that.

November 11, he will be in the trine with Uranus, so on Saturday you will live a lot easier than usual. Try to get out of the clutches of the routine at the weekend and force yourself to be a little more active in love. In domestic affairs, it is also better not to lose composure.

In a word, find an occupation to your liking, do not sit back and think about how it could be good if it were not for the endless problems. Think less, do more — this is Pisces’ motto at the time of the reign of Saturn.

Human energy requires the investment of power and the right thoughts. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you to think only about the good and to meet only positive people on your life path. Now there is no place for doubts.

Take action. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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