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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from February 5 to February 11

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from February 5 to February 11

A horoscope from the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina will help you navigate and draw up a to-do list for the coming week. Use the suggested recommendations to avoid trouble.

During the week from February 5 to February 11, many Zodiac Signs will be able to start new businesses and actively move up the career ladder. The positions of the planets will be stable, which means that in personal life it will be possible to achieve significant success. The astrologer warns of possible apathy, which must be dealt with with a positive attitude.

To make the week a success, from Monday tune into positive thinking and drive away negative thoughts.

For Aries, the beginning of the week will be influenced by Uranus. This planet will help to cope with the turmoil that may arise in communication. Aries should be attentive and refuse to display strong emotions. So you can eliminate any conflicts and solve difficulties peacefully.

You can bring feelings to harmony through meditation, which will not allow emotions to prevail over the mind.

Since February 8, representatives of your Sign should pay attention to their own shortcomings and begin an active struggle for well-being. Use intuition to help you avoid mistakes both in a business environment and in personal communication with partners and close relatives.

For Taurus this week in the first place will be work. Thanks to the positive influence of Venus, you will be able to do a lot of things, complete what was not possible earlier, and start implementing new projects. In the business sphere, moving forward will bring you good luck, and a positive attitude will allow you to solve difficulties in communicating with colleagues and superiors.

The positive influence of the planet will help in communication. If you have a misunderstanding with loved ones, then starting from Saturday you will have a great opportunity to solve all the problems. To communicate passed in a positive way, use your natural intuition and refuse reproaches.

Gemini this week may seem that the time of bad luck. However, this is not quite true. The energy of Neptune will influence you by changing plans and in every way hindering your development.

Everything will depend on your attitude: if you decide to succeed, you can succeed in any field.

It is important to develop activity since Monday, so that the whole week is spent on a positive wave. Do not refuse help and try to work in a team. Positive emotions of surrounding people will charge you with positive energy.

For success in his personal life, the astrologer recommends to get rid of suspiciousness and not engage in self-digging.

The changeable energy of the moon will envelop the Rakov ambiguous effect. To make your plans come true, the astrologer recommends eliminating the rush. Make informed decisions, otherwise mistakes made will negatively affect your work.

Subject to doubt and the incoming proposals, as some of them will be a hoax.

Cancers at the beginning of the week, it is important to choose the right strategy in order not to waste energy in vain. To avoid blunders, it is important to stop focusing on the most important matters and not be distracted by minor tasks. So you will save time and effort, as well as be able to achieve success in the business environment.

Lions this week may complain about bad luck, which will literally pursue them because of the weak Sun. Your patron will not be able to give enough energy for action, but you will be able to avoid trouble. The astrologer recommends to moderate ambitions and take your responsibilities seriously.

Your friendly attitude and ability to work in a team will help to cope with troubles.

Your patron will take a position in the constellation of Aquarius that will cause mood swings. To make the week on the wave of success and without hassle, eliminate impulsive decisions and direct energy to solve the accumulated problems.

Virgin from February 5 to February 11 will be able to deal with internal fears and barriers. In order for your life to become cloudless and prosperous, it is important to learn to live without fear and excessive caution. The astrologer advises to relax and love yourself, otherwise problems with self-esteem can lead to negative thoughts and bad luck.

Assistance this week will be provided by Saturn, who will generously share with you his energy. Thanks to such support, Virgo will be able to take a leading position and defend their point of view on an important issue. It is also necessary to maintain good relations with the family.

Your close people will help to cope with doubts and will assist in difficult times.

Libra to change their attitude towards life and join the struggle for well-being will help energy of the planet Neptune. You can achieve significant results if you stop cheating yourself at the slightest reason. Scales will be able to engage in introspection and find the root of all failures.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend that representatives of your Token begin to hone their skills and show talents in order to achieve what you dream of.

Eliminate the influence on yourself by the advisers and determine your priorities to act in your own interests. The positive influence of the Sun will help you to focus on the main thing and to understand which of the people around you were not on the way. Do not go on provocation, so that parting with them is not painful.

Changes in the life of Scorpions will provide Jupiter. The energy of the planet will force to reconsider their actions and start the path to success with internal changes. Changes for the better will have a positive effect not only on the business sphere, but also on interpersonal communication.

The astrologer recommends that you devote the first half of the week to fulfilling these promises in order to start your own business with a clear conscience.

Self-development and a clear understanding of your goals will help the Scorpios succeed and begin the path to financial independence. To do this, you will need willpower and savings, so try not to spend money on unnecessary things and questionable contributions.

The negative energy of Saturn can have a bad effect on Streltsov. To avoid setbacks, representatives of your Token must clearly define the boundaries in which you will be engaged in business. Eliminate impulsive impulses, otherwise you can choose the wrong path.

He can quickly lead you to a dead end.

The whole week can pass tensely, as Sagittarius will feel distrust of everything that is happening around them. Such a state will require attentiveness. Take action to balance your inner world.

Eliminate any conflicts. They will take away precious time from you and will prevent to execute everything that was planned earlier.

For Capricorns this week is the time for active work. The energy of Mars will allow you to confidently begin the path to well-being, but at the same time it is important for Capricorns to maintain inner calm. The planet can push for unnecessary aggression, which you need to avoid with all your strength.

Having learned to cope with your emotions, you will be able to achieve success and maintain excellent relationships with people around you.

Capricorn does not hurt to analyze their surroundings. Exclude from the social circle those who constantly use your kindness or impose their ideology on you. Leave only those whom you can trust.

These friends will help you solve any difficulties and support in difficult times.

Aquarius this week will not have to rely on the support of Mercury. The weak position of the planet will affect you not in the best way, so the astrologer recommends to be patient. You may be overcome with doubts and fears, it is possible that the mistakes of the past will be felt.

Faith in yourself will help you cope with difficulties.

It is better to postpone risky cases from February 5 to February 11, otherwise you may become entangled in your own judgments and admit a number of misses. Aquarius, it is important to maintain internal balance and engage in daily activities. So you eliminate the shortcomings, as well as be able to complete current affairs, freeing up time for new beginnings.

Pisces troubles add Saturn. His energy will test you for strength throughout the week, but thanks to self-control you will be able to overcome all difficulties. Your activity and desire to succeed in affairs will help not to pay attention to the turmoil.

Only, Pisces will tend to retire, which can adversely affect their personal lives.

On Sunday, the situation will improve, as Venus will be in your Sign and will be able to protect you from the over-influence of Saturn. On this day, Pisces will be able to come to their senses and start working on themselves: you may even be able to discover new talents in yourself. It is possible that Sunday will give you a fateful meeting.

The energy of the planets sometimes has an undesirable effect on us. To eliminate the negative, the astrologer recommends that each representative of the zodiacal circle should be patient and believe in their own strength. Train your willpower so that the obstacles in the path of life cannot break you. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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