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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from May 1 to May 7

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from May 1 to May 7

The recommendations of Vasilisa Volodina, a famous astrologer, have helped many people. This weekly horoscope reflects the main aspects of the influence of planets on people, which will help to make a clear plan for the successful implementation of all planned cases.

Each sign of the zodiac has its own planet-patrons and opponents. Their influence is often contrary to plans and ideas, but with due diligence and attention in the first week of May, you can achieve both material well-being and success in your personal life. The effective advice of Vasilisa Volodina will help you find a way to prosperity.

Your ally, the Sun, will give strength to the zodiacal Aries in the week from May 1 to May 7. His positive energy makes it possible to perform a lot of things without worrying about the lack of vitality. The antagonist Moon will spend most of the time in a weak and neutral position, which will favorably affect the emotional background.

Venus is weakened during the whole period, therefore in private life there comes a favorable time for active actions.

May 1, the Moon in the square with Uranus does not allow Aries to fully manifest itself. The astrologer advises to temper his ardor to avoid conflicts in the business and personal spheres. To prevent emotions from taking over the mind, use techniques aimed at achieving inner harmony.

2 numbers The Sun in aspect with Saturn causes internal contradictions, which will become a stumbling block for Aries. The controversial influence of the planets will provide an opportunity to show willpower and successfully spend the day. Astrologers recommend that you pay attention to your loved ones and follow your own words and expressions.

Excessive straightness today will not be a winning position.

On May 4, the Sun in sextile with Neptune will give strength to the planned accomplishments and will give Aries the opportunity to prove themselves in leadership positions. This day should be devoted to achieving the desired goal. By sending impulsive impulses to fight for your dream, you will be able to prove your worth and establish yourself as an excellent specialist in your industry.

Rethinking their activities and finding ways for development is worth doing on Friday, when the Sun and Jupiter will be in quikonse. Analyzing past mistakes and blunders is the best motivation for leaping forward and getting a well-deserved reward.

On weekends, according to the horoscope, representatives of this Sign of the Zodiac will successfully spend time among like-minded people, to distract from everyday fuss and devote time to recuperation.

The Taurus first week of the month will be tense. It’s all about the moon, your ally. She often changes her position, which negatively affects her mood and desire to conquer new peaks.

Venus does not add confidence, whose position from 1 to 7 will be weak. Tauruses need to be steadfast and use amulets that attract good luck.

Astrologer advises special caution on Monday when the Moon is in square with Uranus. On this day, Taurus must keep himself in hand and show willpower to avoid conflicts and harsh statements.

From Tuesday to Thursday for people born under the Sign of Taurus, to achieve well-being, it’s worth taking a stand and not getting involved in adventures. Your patron Moon is in a weak position and does not provide enough water for action.

On Friday, a favorable period will come because of the trigon of the Moon and Saturn. This time, according to astrologers, is to devote to the establishment of personal relationships. Patience and perseverance will return the position of loved ones, which is good for romantic relationships and frank confessions.

On weekends, the moon takes a neutral position. This time is favorable for recreation and activities for the soul. On Sunday, the Moon in the square with Saturn will add a positive and give an incentive for action.

A very unfavorable week awaits the people of Gemini. Your patron Venus is in a weak position, and the Sun, the opponent of Gemini, is able to take away vital forces due to its active position. During the holidays, Gemini should exercise caution in business and carefully monitor their emotional health.

The astrologer advises to show creativity and an extraordinary approach to planned cases on Monday. Venus’s quintile with Pluto is a fairly successful combination for business activity.

On May 2, the Gemini will add negativity to the Sun in aspect with Saturn. During this period, it is necessary to engage in affairs that do not require active attention and high energy costs. Such an approach will avoid mistakes and calmly complete the cases that were postponed earlier.

The controversial period is May 4th. Sextile of the Sun and Neptune inhibits activity and negatively affects emotions. On Thursday, it is important to use exercises that will help use additional sources of strength from the outside.

Poor well-being and apathy are called upon to correct baths with aromatic oils.

The end of the week According to the astrologer, Gemini should be devoted to restoring vitality and positive communication with friends. Spend time outdoors to get rid of negative emotions.

An ally of your Token Moon this week often changes positions from strong to weak, so Cancers need to use their internal strength to successfully complete their planned activities. As an aid and confidence in your actions, use effective whispers to attract good luck.

On Monday, the Moon, in its aspect with Uranus, will not add optimism, so the Cancers will have to show strength of mind and direct energy to carry out urgent matters. Showing diligence and satisfaction from the results obtained will be a good incentive for further growth and development in a career.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Moon takes an extremely weak position, and this causes a surge of conflicting emotions. According to astrologers, during this period it is important to maintain internal balance and devote time to solitary work or rest at a favorite activity or hobby.

From Friday to Sunday, people of this Mark will have the opportunity to take creative initiative, earn the trust of higher authorities and complete most of the planned cases that were postponed earlier. On Friday, the trine of the Moon with Saturn contributes to this, and on Sunday, the squaring of the Moon with this planet generously endows Rakov with energy, which should be sent to the mainstream of active struggle for their rights. Responsible decisions taken on this day will be the basis for future victories in both business and personal fields.

Week from May 1 to May 7 promises to be favorable for representatives of the zodiacal Leo. The sun, your patron, this entire period takes a strong position, which is good for doing things that require activity.

On May 1, the Moon, your antagonist, negatively affects the activity of Lviv, taking a strong position. During this period, it is worthwhile to engage in ongoing activities that do not require increased attention and high energy costs.

A successful horoscope activity awaits representatives of the constellation Leo from Tuesday to Thursday. At this time, the Moon takes an extremely weak position, which makes it possible to show their best qualities for success in all areas. From 2 to 4 May, the consciousness manifested by you will help to solve difficult tasks and easily cope with responsible tasks. The Neptune and Sun sextile on Thursday gives the Lions additional energy for romance and the search for a life partner.

Couples on this day should spend time alone with each other, which will strengthen the relationship of trust.

The Sun in aspect with Jupiter on May 5 will help in the realization of internal potential, aimed at combating doubts. On this day, the Lions will be able to distinguish truth from deception, which will speed up the process of doing business-related affairs.

On weekends, Lions need to take care of their emotional health and devote time to rest. Walking in the fresh air, new emotions and impressions will add vitality. Astrologers recommend starting a course of exercises that increase energy and positively affect the body tone.

A good choice would be Tibetan hormone gymnastics, which also increases the body’s resistance to seasonal diseases.

People born under the Sign of Virgo, astrologers recommend taking the initiative to start the week with targeted action. Such a position will allow you to set the pace for the whole week and proceed in a measured way towards achieving your goals. The moon, your ally, during the period from May 1 to May 7 will change positions from strong to weak and neutral, which will not add to your optimism.

On May 1, the Moon in its aspect with Uranus will cause a storm of conflicting emotions. To cope with these negative manifestations will help positive attitudes and faith in their own strength. This critical day is worth spending behind routine work that does not take away vital energy.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Moon will take an extremely weak position, which will negatively affect the emotional background. Virgos during this period need to enlist the support of loved ones and try to avoid loneliness. This position will protect against depressive thoughts and self-digestion.

From May 5 to May 7, representatives of this Zodiac sign will have to fight with their own suspiciousness and caution. Aspects of the planets challenge the Virgos, and you must exercise willpower in order not to fall prey to your own speculations and fears, often baseless and contrary to common sense. Weekends spent with loved ones will not allow negative emotions to prevail, and active participation in household affairs will drive away the blues and bad mood.

For the people of this Sign, the week promises to be difficult. The thing is that Venus, who supports you, will be in a weak position. The sun, your antagonist, on the contrary, is in a strong position, which makes it very difficult to conduct active business.

Ally Neptune will support you, but his strength is sometimes not enough to maintain vitality.

On Tuesday, the activity interferes with the Sun in aspect with Saturn. This day will be a turning point in making the right decisions. Weights will have to choose the only true path that will lead to success.

Astrologers recommend using willpower and avoiding communication with aggressive people, not proving their case, but choosing tactics of detachment.

Sex in the sextile with Neptune on Thursday suppress the will and interfere with taking the initiative in the business sphere. This day should be devoted to monotonous work and the completion of current affairs. This position will allow time to be released in a more favorable period for basic actions aimed at achieving success.

The aspect of the Sun and Jupiter on May 5 also negatively affect the emotional component of Libra. This day is filled with negative energy, so for their own well-being, people of this Sign should spend time in seclusion.

Weekends will be full of provocations, and it is important for Libra to connect his discretion without giving in to impulsive impulses and rash decisions. Such a strategy will help save power. In love relationships, it is time to calm down.

The antagonists of your Sign, Venus and the Moon, will allow you to do active things because of weak positions. However, the Moon on Monday calls into question active activities aimed at achieving material well-being. Its strong position negatively affects emotions, and Scorpios should use soothing herbal teas to normalize their psychological state.

The square of the Moon and Uranus on Monday challenges your activity, and you will have to confront unexpected obstacles in your path. This state of affairs, however, is good for tempering character. The success of the actions you take depends on the emotional state, and the astrologer recommends that you be patient.

Mid week is successful for financial affairs. Scheduled purchases and investment for their future growth will be successful. Postpone the adventurous business, so as not to be aground, and on Thursday, do not miss a profitable offer from business partners.

Streltsy this week lucky. The sun, your ally, is in a strong position and is generously divided by positive energy. From the moon, the enemy of your sign, a trick should be expected on Monday, when she will move into a strong position. Manifested sanity and prudence will help to avoid blunders.

Business activity on this day should be accompanied by informed decisions.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the Moon will take an extremely weak position, which will serve as an impetus for business activity. These days, Streltsov will have the opportunity to show their best character traits and achieve the desired without much effort.

Sun in aspect with Jupiter on May 5 will play an important role in solving financial issues. The astrologer recommends using professional skills to take off the career ladder, search for additional sources of income, or finance your project.

On weekends, Strelets Troops should plan a trip to their relatives — this period is favorable for building relationships. Positive communication will add optimism, and the wise advice of the older generation will help in solving difficult issues concerning the personal sphere of life.

Opponent of your Sign Venus in the period from 1 to 7 May in a weak position. The moon also has power only on Monday. This state of affairs allows Capricorns to develop activity and devote time to resolving issues previously deferred.

May 1 Capricorns need to show responsibility in solving business issues. The fighting spirit and strength of mind will help to avoid negative emotions, and solitary work will be a successful strategy to protect themselves from conflicts and to clarify relations with co-workers.

From Tuesday to Thursday, when the Moon is in a weak position, Capricorns should review their cases and select the most significant ones in order to successfully complete them. The shown abilities will become a guarantee of good relations with colleagues at work, and a personal initiative will be put on a good account before the authorities. During this period, fear is worth negative emotions.

Use positive attitudes so that your mood does not hinder success.

From Friday to Sunday, the astrologer recommends that you engage in the restoration of health and improve the tone of the body. Feasible sports, walks in the fresh air and positive communication will be the best choice for representatives of this Zodiac.

Problems for people born under the Sign of Aquarius, will arise from the sun. The antagonist of Aquarius actively interferes with doing important things and affects the emotional component. Venus, your ally, will not be able to provide support because of the extremely weak position.

On Tuesday, the aspect of the Sun and Saturn will make adjustments to your plans, and Aquarius will have to retreat from their intended goals in order not to err in choosing the right one.

You can show activity in the middle of the week, but with caution. The influence of the enemy planets is strong, which inclines Aquarius to apathy and unwillingness to move forward. Use personal luck charms to watch out for a profitable business proposition.

On Friday and Saturday, Aquarius needs to tackle their emotions. Because of the union of Mars and Mercury, it is possible to make mistakes under the influence of unstable feelings. This period is worth devoting to the practices of meditation and finding a path for further development.

On Sunday, good rest and fresh air will bring back courage, and positive communication with friends will raise your spirits and provide an opportunity to tune in to active work from next week.

Representatives of this Sign should start Monday with attracting good luck for the whole week. Your patrons Moon and Venus are in weak positions, so achieving success will depend on your ability to mobilize and make quick decisions.

The square of the Moon and Uranus on May 1 will create favorable conditions for an intuitive understanding of the source of the problem and its prompt elimination. On this day, according to astrologers, it is necessary to show maximum efforts in order to ensure comfort for the coming days.

From Tuesday to Thursday Pisces need to show responsibility and not to succumb to provocations. Weak Venus and the Moon negatively affect the emotional background, and this state of affairs requires willpower and exercises aimed at achieving harmony with the outside world.

Trigon Moon and Saturn May 5 will provide an opportunity to solve financial issues. On this day, the Pisces must adhere to the strategy of careful waiting and carefully follow the changes. It is likely you will turn up a great chance to improve their financial situation without much effort.

Weekend astrologer recommends devoting the restoration of vitality. Attention to health and timely response to the signals given by the body will allow you to avoid seasonal diseases. Positive communication with the second half also improves mood.

Positive emotions will help in creating home comfort.

So that good luck does not leave you at the most crucial moments, use meditations on Zodiac signs. These exercises will provide an additional source of strength for action in business and personal life. We wish you success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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