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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 31 to August 6

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 31 to August 6

Popular TV presenter and astrologer Vasilisa Volodina knows how to properly interact with stars and planets in order to use their energy for their own benefit.

Astrological forecast for the week from July 31 to August 6 will help you get rid of negative thoughts and find the shortest path to success in any area of ​​life. Enhance energy by any means: proper nutrition, positive attitude to life, creative thoughts. This will be the first step to success.

Aries are recommended this week to be guided by the behavior and state of the moon. She will be weak all the time, which can be regarded as a positive fact, since the Moon is your antagonist. Its energy is destructive, so the most light and cloudless days will be weekends and Fridays.

During these three days, the Moon will remain in Capricorn, which will completely deprive her of her strength. Problems can arise only on August 2 and 3, when the night sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius. August 31 and 1 can be fully devoted to business.

In love, like at work or in business, it will be important to correctly assess the situation and prioritize.

Mercury, Uranus and Neptune will create quite polar conditions for you. Uranus in Aries will resist in trying to start some new things, and Neptune will contribute to the disruption of the normal course of life. Now for you it can be very destructive, so do not give it all to the fullest — better just rest.

Mercury will be very active in the constellation Virgo. His task is to help. He will try to patch all the energy holes formed by Neptune and Uranus.

It will be a confrontation of views, interests, which will negatively affect your luck.

The Sun and Pluto, the two most unlike space objects, will run the show this week. Unfortunately, both will be destructive in relation to the energy of Gemini. When Pluto comes to the fore, it will do everything to keep you away from your close people and from the second half.

If you are at the stage of searching for love, then the chances of meeting that person are much less than usual.

The sun will be strong in Leo, so do not rush to send people to the black list one by one. You risk being alone. On the contrary, be active and be diplomatic.

Help people to help you later.

Venus in Cancer all week will be active only half. This planet can make you do rash actions. Try to keep close to yourself a loved one who could promptly indicate to you that you are at great risk.

On the other hand, the same Venus will make you more emotionally strong. The most difficult work will be given much easier than usual, so if you choose to rest, give preference to active — go hiking, work in the country, go in for sports. Watch for food and do not abuse alcohol.

At the weekend, try to plan ahead for the week ahead.

Mars and Saturn are your partner planets this week. More precisely, Mars, and Saturn will only create the illusion of help, giving you empty hopes of success. At the beginning of the week you better enlist the support of other people.

Do not trust your intuition — it is completely deactivated by moderately strong Saturn in Sagittarius. Its retrograde motion will add fuel to the fire, making you think that you have lost your grip, that you are not lucky. This is not true, because Mars in Leo will also be active. This will allow you to repel any attacks of fate, enemies, detractors.

Success lies in consistency, in tranquility and fortitude.

The moon patronizing you will give up this week. In the first two days, July 31 and August 1, she will be very weak in Scorpio. On Wednesday and Thursday it will be possible to work to catch up, as your energy will increase due to the transition of the Moon to the constellation Sagittarius.

In the end, everything will become even worse than it was, because the Moon will completely lose its strength on Friday and on weekends because of an alliance with Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn will be half active, but because of its increased importance, it will force you to do strange things in relation to other people. Stay alone at the end of the week. Neutral Jupiter in Libra will exacerbate the situation, as it will reduce your intellectual strength.

This week only the sun will stand out for you, but its impact will be destructive. This means that for a time you will have to forget about egoism and your problems. Devote this week to your loved ones and friends who need your help.

Do not demand anything in return, it will be superfluous.

To stay afloat and maintain a normal mood, you are recommended to change the situation, go somewhere and get new impressions and emotions. Take care of yourself closer to the end of the week, buy something new from clothes, but do not spend a lot, as there is a chance not to stop on time and stay without funds.

Uranus will become retrograde on August 3. This means that you will have to change the model of behavior at work and in love, if you have not yet found your soul mate. This is your time, so get busy with the most pressing cases and problems.

Now you better not postpone anything later. Do not be afraid of dilemmas — difficult choices will be easy.

It will also be a great week for exercise, for sports. Be on your feet more, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle or compensating for it with workouts. If you have bad habits, then it’s time to part with them.

Stop doubting your character is your time, so use it to the maximum.

The sun in Leo will be most relevant to you in the coming period of time. His power will be great due to being in your Zodiac. This alignment is good for work, love and everything your soul is for. Look for something new in life, tirelessly scanning the world for the presence of something interesting.

You will have the opportunity to find love, a new source of income, a new job, friends, like-minded people. This is a bright time for you, since luck is on your side.

Mars and Jupiter will fight each other this week, which is bad for your luck. It will be a struggle of soul and body, common sense and emotions. Jupiter will negatively affect you, as his stay in Libra will activate your uncertainty.

Perhaps you will be hesitant this week.

Mars in Leo will also be half active, but its impact will affect your body. Sports will help you get away from the experiences and forget about the problems. On August 1, the planet will be in a positive aspect with Neptune.

It will be the most productive and enjoyable day for Capricorns.

Saturn and Venus will join forces from July 31 to August 6 to help you cope with all possible troubles. Start by getting rid of all the most unnecessary. This applies not only to old things, but also deep-seated negative thoughts and uncertainty, leading to the appearance of negative programs.

Saturn in Sagittarius will help you find the motivation and strength to overcome new problems, and Venus in Cancer will tell you where to start moving towards happiness and recognition. You are lucky not only in work and finances, but also in love, so that the steps and shoulders are harder.

Immerse yourself in urgent matters. This week you will have a strong Neptune in Pisces and a strong Mars in Leo, but the whole picture can be spoiled by Mercury, which can lead you to the world of dreams. His energy is incredibly strong because of his stay in Virgo. This planet can turn everything upside down if you are not extremely careful.

Do not go on a journey in the first couple of days, and by the end of the week do not be alone. Enlist the support of someone you can trust always and everywhere. If there are no such people, then stay home and relax alone.

The basis of success in early August for you — forethought.

It’s time to get rid of laziness and apathy. These illnesses are the most terrible, because many new problems emanate from them. Motivate yourself and improve. We wish you the best of luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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