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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from January 1 to January 7

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from January 1 to January 7

Vasilisa Volodina knows how to start a new life in the new year. The famous astrologer shared her predictions for the first January week, so that you could enter the year correctly and make your plans come true.

Vasilisa Volodina shared her thoughts on the first week of the new year. Good luck will be next to those who hurry events. The main problem this week is a festive mood that can prevent you from starting a new life correctly.

Now it is important for everyone to tune in to the changes that will occur inside. Dreams of a beautiful life come true — the stars will help you to carry them out. Each Zodiac sign will have to discover something new: someone will change their habits, others will have a pace of life, and the third will be a style of thinking.

for Aries will start on a business note. This week you will be engaged in self-development under the strict supervision of Pluto in Capricorn. Your behavior in the coming seven days may become selfish, but that is normal.

Now you need to think about your interests, and then everything else. Due to the fact that you will be inclined to independent and provocative behavior, your life can change dramatically, so try to turn it around for the better.

During the week, Pluto will not change its character and will not enter into any aspect with other planets, retaining for you a creative mood. On this basis, you will be overwhelmed by the energy you need to spend in the enhanced mode, otherwise you will literally be torn apart from unrealized activity. The astrologer advises to draw a line under all the loud and unfinished business, or planning for the future.

Just do not sit idle.

For a while, your intuition will leave you, but on Monday and Tuesday it will be several points higher than on ordinary days. From Wednesday there will be a dark time when you have to act blindly, using only common sense and life experience. The whole thing is that the Moon will take control of your luck, but already on January 3 it will lose some of its strength, being in the constellation Leo. Selfishness at this time is an unaffordable luxury.

You should not force the development of relations and test them for strength, as soon as your mood deteriorates.

This week will be difficult for many representatives of the Sign of Taurus, especially for those who will be in a hurry, trying on changes for their lives. Specifically, you can not rush things. All the fateful decisions made during this period will not meet your expectations. Rid yourself of unnecessary disappointments, let your thoughts come in order.

During these seven days, you need to rest, not with your body, but with your soul, in order to correctly meet the changes of the year.

In the first week of the year, Gemini will have many responsibilities, and of a different nature. Mercury, who controls your Sign this week, will expect great accomplishments and loud victories from you. The feeling that you owe something to someone will haunt you. But you can earn yourself points in the form of recognition and respect from people and the Universe.

Of course, the accelerated pace of life does not add you free time, but someone must save this world. Superheroes have no holidays.

In the middle of the week you will have new perspectives in work and love. Mercury’s activity will only be enough for motivation: his position is too critical, but you can handle it. True, do not wait for the tide of money and feelings. In this you will be limited: the income will be less, but for love will have to fight.

If you are purposeful and patient, all restrictions will fall.

The horoscope for the year states that this year the number of people close to you will be reduced by half. Vasilisa Volodina does not recommend thinking in a negative way. Of course, the astrologer does not undertake to deny the possibility of activating envious people in your life whom you have burned on your chest, but it is not known what exactly your relationship will suffer from.

The fact is that important contacts with others will be reduced to a few — but very significant — people, after which many acquaintances will fade into the background.

Stars are advised to stay positive. The first prerequisites for a break in relations will be laid from January 1 to January 7. However, these seven days will bring not only confusion in your usual way of life, but also more free time, love stories, creative enthusiasm and even travel.

All because you will be governed by Jupiter, which will help replace the old and the unnecessary with the new and useful.

Leos need to pay attention to the business and personal spheres of life. The period from January 1 to January 7 is not very suitable for work, but it is ideally combined with the energy of love. The work that you did last year will be replaced by the theme of romance, relaxation, fun, creative expression, the search for a hobby and your mission.

You will find an exciting week filled with interesting events. There will be several turning points — the lack of support for the patron saint of the Sun and the Moon in your Sign on January 3 and 4. Wednesday and Thursday are happy days for you, but much can go against your plans and expectations.

Try to keep sober head, not letting go in all serious. All the risks in these two days should be justified and balanced, otherwise you will remain trampling on the start.

For Dev, the guiding star this week will be Mars, strengthened in Scorpio, and he will also lead you through all thorns into a world of abundance and happiness. True, now you need to become more attentive. Around you will be the envious who want to ruin your life.

Be alert and do not discuss with outsiders what is dear to your heart.

The whole week will be under the influence of the positive energy of Mars. It will be a magical time, because you will become stronger, more confident and purposeful. Since the wisdom of your sign does not hold, you can competently use all the gifts of the stars. Try not to change the rules of the game, even if your enthusiasm abuts the clouds.

Now you need to understand exactly how to improve your life and realize yourself, but you still shouldn’t step towards new discoveries. Opportunities will not leave you for a long time, so try to rest properly before jumping into a new life.

This week Venus will be in the constellation of Capricorn, retaining its power only half. Life will give you surprises, and of a different nature. Now it is important to maintain positive thinking or learn it. Look at all the problems through the prism of optimism.

Yes, a lot goes against our plans, but this should not in any way affect the mood. Let this year one addiction will be less.

Be flexible and adapt to people and events. Lack of comfort and difficult responsibilities will be directly related to your attitude. Venus will help with the overestimation of views, aiming you for success.

Remind yourself often of what lies ahead — happiness has been waiting for.

This week, the Scorpions are fully able to enjoy the support of loved ones. Jupiter will fuel your luck, so these seven days will be the most positive for you. True, it will have to pay a certain price. Jupiter will test your strength until you forgive your close people for their weaknesses.

If you did not have the strength to leave all the insults in the past until the New Year, now you will have another chance.

People sometimes hurt other people, and that’s fine. Now the main thing is that you can adapt to the changes. The astrologer offers to try on the role of another person and look at the situation with his gaze. Resentment is a poisonous feeling and your most important enemy this week.

You are very mistaken if you think that by taking revenge you will get relief. This behavior only attracts problems. Let go of thoughts of the bad — they prevent you from being happy.

With the arrival of the New Year, Mars will strengthen the leadership abilities and interpersonal skills of Streltsov: you will become overgrown with connections, due to which powerful people and great opportunities will appear around you. And the stars are not interested in your position in society — they will allow you to enjoy authority and respect just like that. Enhanced patron will share on his own, making you noticeable and significant in the lives of many people.

Sagittarius, who are little concerned with social prestige, will find room for self-realization in their spiritual quest. But even here the inner work on yourself will make you more visible and different from other people, for which people will highly appreciate you. Wherever you go in these seven days, people will want to follow you. In many ways, this is the merit of militant Mars.

In any case, you will have to live with the role of a leader and begin to conform to it.

So that the year does not disappoint you, this week you should try to end all toxic relationships with people. Other people’s problems should worry you the least, otherwise the troubles will catch up with you. Now it is important to keep your luck next to you, because at the helm you will be reinforced by staying in your Saturn Sign.

He is your patron, but his strength will be aimed at improving life, and not at getting rid of problems.

Stars advise to spend this week in their own thoughts, but you should not isolate yourself from society. Total loneliness can distort your mind, forcing you to plunge into the negative. Choose with whom and how you spend your leisure time.

Hold on to successful people and versatile personalities who will help you to keep your enthusiasm and conquer new heights.

The period from January 1 to January 7 will be the best time to resolve difficult situations. Strengthened Neptune in Pisces will help you to overcome your own contradictions and look to the future without fear. However, it’s not worth making your plans to the public — it will be dangerous this week. Even if you will need an outside view or practical advice, discussing your future with outsiders is prohibited by the stars.

You have to decide for yourself, and Neptune will help you with this.

You will remember the first week of the year for a long time if you spend it in the circle of close friends and relatives. Do not be indifferent, try to get in touch: call, write, invite to visit. It is people who will charge you with optimism this week, so do not neglect social life.

In Pisces, the universe has its own plans. This week, you will carry spirituality, love and compassion into the world, becoming role models for people. Venus will show you the world of subtle matters, emotions, inspiration and creativity.

Perhaps, from January 1 to January 7, you will be the only Sign for which all borders will be erased. You will cease to condemn people, seeing the world in its entirety.

Venus, dwelling in Capricorn, will not be distinguished by increased activity, but rather the other way around. Therefore, for the support and energy saturation experts of the site dailyhoro.ru advise to contact your close people. Perhaps this week you will find a person who will be on the same level of spirituality with you.

Now you need to actively make contact with the outside world in order to open up spiritually and show your strengths in order to achieve success in everyday life.

Starting a new life is always difficult, but necessary. You can not stop halfway, in everything and always have to go to the end. If you promised yourself to change in the New Year, then keep this word. Vasilisa Volodina is sure that life should be arranged until she starts arranging you.

Remember — on your side of the star. We wish you a great mood, success., and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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