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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from February 26 to March 4

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from February 26 to March 4

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most famous astrologers in Russia, as well as a popular TV presenter. Her forecast for the coming week will help you become more successful in all areas of life.

Winter is coming to an end. This week begins spring, the time is magical and powerful in terms of energy. This is the last week in which all the planets will move in the forward direction. It is worth taking advantage of this positive moment.

The sun and all the planets will be absolutely stable, so no new troubles and problems in life should be expected. It may seem like a great time to relax, but it’s not at all. It is necessary to start moving towards your goals correctly — smoothly, without aggression, without excessive emotions.

As always, the moon will change almost every day. This means that you will be in her power all week. Starting on Monday, she will constantly loosen her grip.

By the end of the week, the number of internal problems in Aries will be minimal. In order not to miss their opportunities, you will need to become as honest as possible to yourself. Set priorities according to the latest trends.

The sun is stable in Pisces, so it will be much easier to realize yourself this week. There will be no sharp rises or lows in emotions. The stability of this period is simply amazing.

Of course, there is a small risk that something will go wrong. The likelihood of problems in the love area will be low, but it is better to be on guard throughout the week. Meet the Spring of the Year of the Yellow Dog correctly.

Taurus will have to accept the fact that the creative spirit will not come all week, although, on the other hand, this is also not always bad. You need as much time as you can to work on yourself. Only then good luck in love, in the most important sphere, will be with you.

This is a good time to visit a doctor, to buy new things, to change the image. You can visit another city if you wish.

The stability of all planets for Taurus is always a great joy. The absence of retrograde planets is a huge plus for you. You can safely plan things for the future, as long as there is adequate time for it.

You will be able to dot the i’s this week, because everything indicates that you will be surrounded by success.

Twins will have to try not to rely on forebodings and signs. The main thing is to be yourself in any situation. No one can stop you because you will be protected by your own rules. This week may intensify insults from loved ones, as well as colleagues, friends, acquaintances.

Try not to do anything that would upset those you cherish.

Whatever happens now, you better stay at a certain distance from the negative that can spill over you. The sun is still stable, so your complexes will not go far. You will need to handle them. Do not be afraid of anything — you can do everything you wanted.

Good luck on your side.

You will manage to save finances this week, but it will be much more difficult to save love. The fact is that people will try to keep a distance, noticing the negative traits of your character. This will happen because of neutral Mars, which can provoke you into negative actions.

You will be more aggressive and rude in these seven days.

The very fact that all the planets will be stable will not be too positive for you, because it will not be enough to reach a new level in relationships or in your aspirations to become better. The fact is that you can lose yourself and miss the thread that led you to success earlier. Strive for peace of mind, but do not allow yourself to get bogged down in a routine.

It’s time to visit relatives and friends, as well as friends. Try to spend this week with maximum performance in matters that bring you closer to those you love and respect. Do not feed anyone «breakfasts» — do everything exactly at the moment when you feel the need to perform this or that task.

Live by the rule of «if you want — take it.»

The main thing — do not go too far, because the sun is not strong enough to protect you from the negative influence of society and yourself. You should understand one important thing — your health and luck now depend only on you, as well as on your attitude to life in general. Spring begins, and with it begins to increase energy.

You have this surge can go the wrong way. Control your emotions.

To attract love at the beginning of the spring period, you will need a little more than just dating and a good mood. You will need to feel this energy with all your heart. Try to understand your place in this world and determine the most important goals in life.

Perhaps now have a lot of work on themselves and on the worldview. In love, it is important to understand your true goals.

As for affairs, finances and work, then the Virgins will smile at luck, because Mars will be stable. On the other hand, Mercury, one of your main patrons, will be weak, as before. This means that you should avoid being in crowded places.

Try to solve all your problems yourself, because each of them is only a part of your life. Do not entice others here.

This week you will have forebodings that may come true. This Venus will help you in this way to avoid dangerous situations. The sixth sense will be very acute in the next seven to nine days. It is difficult to say which days between February 26 and March 4 will be the most successful for you.

You should not evaluate this week as good or bad, successful or unsuccessful. Take a moment to get rid of something unnecessary or reach new heights.

In love and deeds, the approach will be similar. It is necessary to strive for maximum observation without abrupt actions. As soon as you realize that you can act, take your own and hide in the shadow again.

This is reminiscent of the tactics of a predator who carefully tracks down his prey. Be the same. Do not be torn to prove or show something to other people.

Scorpios will need to communicate with humans as carefully as possible due to the development of empathy. Your sensitivity will be increased at the beginning of the week due to the active moon. All this will be especially true on Monday, when the Moon will be in the Sign of Cancer.

The next two days will be held under the auspices of the Lion Sign. It will be much easier for you to assess the situation sensibly. Next comes the stage of the neutral Moon in Virgo and Libra, so that again will have to restrain their recklessness.

Empathy will work in a positive way, because you will be able to understand who of your environment is holding back or doing something against you. Mars in Sagittarius will be stable all the time. This is very good news, as well as the news that no planet will be retrograde.

Keep the desire to move forward. You will succeed.

Sagittarius incredible tranquility of the planets and the sun promises an energy boost. Your mood will slowly rise up from Monday to Sunday itself. The end of the week will be a time of good luck and good mood for you, so try to work hard, solve all your most important problems and stop being afraid of what you should not.

In terms of fears, you may have several new aspects that need special attention. You may be afraid of strength tests. Do not go away from this, because the people who surround you will be able to see the full force of your character. Do not step back at the sight of problems — go to meet them, so that it sounds like an active defense.

Stars and planets on your side.

Meet the troubles with a sense of humor that will help you keep your luck. Next, let only those whom you really trust remain. The rest of the people should earn your trust.

Patronize the weak and protect them so that in the future they will be able to repay you the same.

You should not put yourself above the rest, and also go over your heads to the intended goals. At the end of the week, the Moon will become stronger, so you will have to trust common sense. At the beginning of the week the danger will be slightly less, but all the tips will remain relevant to you. Fight for your future, not forgetting that some people may need urgent help.

Going to sacrifice, you will go not through a minefield, but along the path of happiness and fortune.

The universe will remind you this week about the principle of the boomerang, if you decide that you can offend people with impunity. If you take the path of least resistance, then you will have to face certain consequences. Take responsibility for your actions, otherwise close people can no longer respect you.

It will be a great time for costly acquisitions, for changing the image and changing the situation.

In early March and late February, you can safely go on trips, go on vacation, look for new hobbies. The only thing that stars and planets exactly forbid is to follow the lead of their vices and weaknesses. The fact is that they can capture you completely, so be careful above all.

Selfishness in love and in relation to all those around you is not the best way to make the coming week successful. Stars are waiting for you to complete dedication and self-sacrifice. This is the best thing that can happen to you now.

Do not pursue good results at work. Try to show everyone your willingness to help.

In love, it is also better to work in a team. If you try to pull the blanket over to your side, the Universe will show you that this is not the best way to achieve success. Luck will turn away from lovers of getting everything for nothing.

Be prepared for the fact that all will have to achieve hard work and diligence. Perhaps the advice of friends and acquaintances will be useful to you.

It will be a great week for finding a foothold. Each sign of the zodiac can feel solid ground. The only thing that distinguishes each of us is the efforts that will need to be made. Someone will have more luck, and some less.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you to get what you dream of most in the world. Be yourself in any situation and try to bring positive thoughts into life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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