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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from April 3 to April 9

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for a week from April 3 to April 9

Famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina shares her recommendations in the weekly horoscope. Thanks to her advice, you can improve your life and attract good luck.

The upcoming week will be quite diverse. This is mainly due to the energy of the moon, which will change from plus to minus. This will entail a series of events that can be prevented or benefited from them.

Everything will depend on the location of your patron planets.

Due to the negative influence of the moon in the first half of the week, your plans may differ from reality. There is a risk of problems at work and conflicts with loved ones. Wednesday and Thursday fall under the influence of your antagonist planets, Saturn and Venus, which will be in triad with the Moon. This combination will have a bad effect on your well-being and mood.

Therefore, you should not take any active actions until Thursday evening.

Starting on Friday, the situation will improve, as the Moon will weaken its energy, which will allow you to actively translate all your plans into reality. After a long lull, show all your creativity and do not hold back gusts. This will help to correct the negative moments that occurred with you at the beginning of the week.

The upcoming week will start for you with success and good news. All this is due to the strong impact of your patron planets. Monday will be the most favorable day of the week, as the moon will be in opposition to Saturn. This will allow you to do several things at once and catch a wave of luck.

Do not miss any opportunity, because your success will not last forever. Wednesday and Thursday will help you determine your goals and priorities. All tasks will be solved easily, and the right people will find you at the right moment.

All this is connected with the trigon of Saturn and Venus, which will give you confidence and fill you with energy for new accomplishments.

But the last three days may not be as bright as all the previous ones. After all, it is at this time that the moon will weaken its impact, and you can feel a breakdown. It is better not to climb on the rampage and to devote time to self-development or spiritual practices.

A simple meditation will help restore internal harmony and maintain a positive attitude.

In general, the week will develop quite favorably. Negative factors are practically absent due to the fact that you will fall under the strong influence of the planet-patrons, Saturn and Venus. Their energy will be especially felt in the first half of the week, which will help attract luck to your side, so try to carry out the most important tasks until Friday.

This also applies to personal relationships and business.

Closer to the weekend, the influence of the planets will weaken, and fortune can turn away from you, so starting from Friday you should only rely on yourself. It is better to spend this time with the closest people and avoid noisy companies. Otherwise, you may simply not be strong enough.

This week will be for you rather diverse. You will have to learn to respond quickly to changing circumstances. All this is due to the influence of different planets.

On Monday, the Moon, which is your patron, will give you confidence, but its strength will be slightly weakened by the opposition with Saturn, your antagonist. So do not be surprised if people around you inflate the problem from scratch. On Tuesday, the situation will stabilize, but so that luck always remains with you, the talisman will not interfere.

On Friday, the impact of the moon will weaken, which can lead to a number of troubles and mistakes. You should pay particular attention to the details and check the information several times before doing something. In private life, you shouldn’t argue with your close ones and put the question straight.

Try to smooth out sharp corners, and then all misunderstandings will quickly be resolved.

In connection with the negative influence of the Moon, Saturn and Venus, opponents of your Token, the beginning of the week may set a negative attitude. Everything will literally fall out of my hands, and relatives from any trifle will inflate a scandal. In order to somehow mitigate this situation, use positive thinking and use anti-negative techniques every morning.

By the end of the week, the Moon will weaken its influence, and you can breathe freely. At this time, you can do serious business projects, as well as arrange a date or spend time with your soulmate. Leisure is better to spend in the circle of close people who will breathe confidence into you and help you cope with the accumulated fatigue.

In the coming week, the horoscope draws your attention to the environment, which may bring not very good news. This is due to the interaction of the moon with your antagonist, Venus. In this regard, it is precisely on April 5 that you may have disagreements with your relatives or your soulmate.

Also, do not plan to be too active on weekends, as the influence of your patron, the Moon, will be weakened. This increases the risk of injury and catarrhal diseases.

But the beginning of the week will be filled with opportunities and useful dating. To get the most out of these days, use the runes that will enhance your luck and contribute to the fulfillment of your desires.

This week will be quite successful for all undertakings, especially for trips and travels. Such luck is due to the influence of your patrons Saturn and Venus, who will be particularly active in the first half of the week. The most favorable days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

At this time, the energy of the planets will attract the right people to you and set you up for positive, so you can safely admit your second half to love or ask for a raise from your superiors.

On April 7, you may feel some weakness, which will appear due to the fact that the planets stop their impact. Try these days not to take initiative in business, but to perform only the most basic tasks. Repair in the house or general cleaning is better to move for a more suitable period.

The first half of the week will provoke you to the negative and throw tests. This is due to the powerful influence of your antagonists: the Moon, Saturn and Venus. Monday may be the most unpleasant day at the event, since the negative energy of the moon will intensify opposition with Saturn.

You should also be careful about using household appliances due to the high probability of injury.

The end of the week promises to be more rosy and successful if you tune in to a positive in advance. This will help you breathing practices and aromatherapy, applying which you can get rid of the problems.

From April 3 to April 6, the Universe will show your dark sides. This negative is associated with the increased energy of your antagonists: the Moon, Saturn and Venus — who will take an active part in all life spheres. For this period it is not recommended to plan long trips or business trips.

It is also best to avoid active sports and socializing in noisy companies.

But the end of the week will please pleasant surprises and unexpected offers. Do not rush to abandon the proposed options, as this may be a magic ticket to a new, more prosperous life.

The negative influence of the Moon, your antagonist, on Monday will be mitigated by the opposition with Saturn, your patron planet. But on Tuesday you will have to wait out the storm, since this day is considered the most unfavorable for the whole week. Wednesday and Thursday will be held under the auspices of Saturn and Venus.

They will give you energy, so you can safely do the planned things.

The second half of the week will be fairly smooth. If you do not build Napoleonic plans and divide your goals into small tasks, you will have time to do everything that you have planned. Astrologers recommend that you move at your usual pace and not rush things.

So you will achieve much more than if you begin to fuss and take on several things at once.

This week will give you the opportunity. And it is necessary to thank your patrons, Saturn and Venus, who will support you with their energy in any business. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will be successful for you, so it is recommended at this time to show your talents and to appear in the best light before others.

Be sure that you will succeed. The main thing is to correctly distribute your forces and draw up a clear plan of action.

Starting from April 7, the action of the planets will weaken, and you will have to rely more on your strength than on someone else’s help. Even if someone from your environment promised you support in business, it is not a fact that he will keep his word. Do not be upset: you will have enough resources to cope on your own and after to collect a rich harvest.

Mondays and Thursdays are unfavorable days. This is due to the negative influence of the trigon with Saturn on the moon. On these days, disagreements may arise with the authorities, a negative sediment from which may also appear at home. Try not to take out the garbage from the hut, and do not discuss working moments with your relatives.

This will help avoid scandals and misunderstandings. At the weekend, you should also be calm, because the positive influence of your patron, the Moon, will weaken considerably, which may not be the best effect on your physical condition.

On other days, luck will be on your side, so use this time to the maximum. If you were planning to move to a new place or change your work environment, then choose the most favorable days for action. Also at this time you can work on the mistakes and ask for forgiveness from your second half if you feel guilty for the deeds committed.

A week from April 3 to 9 will help you understand your desires and set priorities. Those who engage in self-development should pay attention to meditating on the opening of the heart chakra. It will help you attract abundance and bring your consciousness to a new level. We wish you new victories, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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