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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 24 to July 30

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 24 to July 30

The horoscopes of Vasilisa Volodina, a famous astrologer, will help everyone to make effective plans for the week. With the help of the proposed recommendations, it is easier to avoid the negative impact of the planets and spend every day with benefits.

Planets significantly affect every sign of the zodiac. On days when negative energy prevents active actions, it is necessary to use one’s own strength and help of elements for success in personal and business life.

The strong position of the Sun ally will support the energy of Aries throughout the week, but the antagonist Mercury will negatively affect the business sphere of life.

On Monday, the weakened position of the moon will give impetus to action. On Tuesday, Mercury will cause mood swings, and on Wednesday in conjunction with the Moon will lead to internal conflicts and confrontation. On Thursday, the astrologer recommends moderating ardor because of aspects of the planets that will negatively affect your mood, and on Friday, planets unfriendly to your Sign can lead to errors in work.

On weekends, it is important for Aries not to be led by their short-term desires, in order not to commit rash spending. This period is fraught with financial losses and unfriendly attitude of the people around you.

This week Tauruses need to follow a predetermined plan. From Tuesday, the strong position of the patron of Mercury will be successful in resolving financial matters, and the weak position of the Moon may lead to mood swings.

Since Tuesday, the active support of the patron planet will require action to address business issues. However, aspects of the planets can cause indecision and doubt that will negatively affect your plans. Use whispers to bring good luck and be attentive to the events around you.

On weekends, the astrologer recommends doing personal affairs, as well as exercises that increase energy and elevate mood.

The week from July 24 to July 30 will be very productive for Gemini. Your patron Mercury will be in a strong position from Tuesday, and his energy will help to achieve success.

The negative energy of the Sun on Monday will have a negative effect on the personal sphere of life, therefore, on July 24, it is better not to plan meetings and discuss important issues with the second half.

From Wednesday, aspects of the planets can influence important financial decisions. The astrologer advises Gemini to be vigilant and not disclose their plans to strangers.

At the weekend, negative solar energy will adversely affect mood. To avoid emotional outbursts, Gemini should pay attention to the practice of meditation, leading to inner harmony.

The strong position of Mercury since Tuesday may cause the Cancers to quit all things and spend time alone with themselves, and the weak support of the patron planets will cause heightened sensitivity and sentimentality.

From Monday to Tuesday, the astrologer recommends the Cancers to show perseverance in achieving their goals and not go on about emotions. From Wednesday to Friday, under the influence of aspects of the planets, representatives of your Sign may have financial difficulties and problems in communicating with the opposite sex.

At the weekend, Vasilisa Volodina advises to keep the body in good shape and pay attention to maintaining the energy balance.

Lviv this week will energetically support the patron of the Sun, but since Tuesday the strong position of the enemy Mercury will greatly diminish your enthusiasm.

On July 24 and 25, an astrologer recommends Leo to be active in order to join the work. Since Wednesday, the negative impact of Mercury will negatively affect the performance of thoughtful work, so Leoes should look for classes that do not require increased attention.

On weekends, Leo has a tough choice to make between his favorite business and financial issues. The astrologer recommends using intuition and listening to the advice of loved ones.

Your patron Mercury from Tuesday will be in a strong position and will support your activity in both business and personal life.

The first days of the week the moon will hold in a weak position, which will have a bad effect on mood. Emotional outbursts can negatively affect responsible decision making. On Wednesday it will be a good day for active business work, and on Thursday and Friday aspects of the planets will again destabilize the emotional background.

On weekends, it is important for Virgos to take a neutral position and try to find a compromise in communication in order to avoid trouble and conflict situations.

Weights have a very fruitful week. Since Tuesday, your energy costs will be compensated by Mercury, which is very successful for laying the foundations for future accomplishments, developing and implementing far-reaching plans.

The aspect of Mercury with Uranus on Monday will negatively affect the perception of the surrounding reality. From Wednesday to Friday, Libra will have many opportunities to improve their financial situation.

On weekends, negative solar energy may upset your plans. The astrologer calls for vigilance and attention to your own mood. Quarrels and misunderstandings with the opposite sex are not excluded.

Scorpios this week should be wary of rash actions. The negative impact of Mercury may push for adventures, which will adversely affect the overall activity.

Favorable time is expected from Monday to Tuesday. The weak position of the moon will not interfere with the implementation of plans. Productivity and the desire to achieve financial independence will help the Scorpios to resist the negative influence of the planets from July 26 to 28.

Showing initiative and perseverance at the weekend will help the representatives of your Sign achieve their goals. This will help you in conducting business negotiations and building relationships with colleagues and partners.

Strengthening the influence of Mercury, your antagonist, will require an internal mobilization of forces and the adoption of responsible decisions.

The weakened position of the Moon, an antagonist of Streltsov, from July 24 to 25 will be successful for matters connected with calculations, new projects and the development of one’s own business. The increased activity of Mercury in the middle of the week, according to the astrologer, will adversely affect the performance. From Wednesday to Friday, Strelets Troops should abandon their hard work.

The strong position of the Sun ally will favorably affect the energy of Streltsov at the weekend. This time is worth devoting active leisure and exercise, aimed at maintaining the tone of the body.

The beginning of the week will be successful for solving questions about work, finding a new vacant position or moving up the career ladder. In this they will be helped by the absence of the negative impact of the enemy-Moon.

From Wednesday to Friday, the active support of Mercury will be an excellent incentive for the development of creative abilities, active work on your own projects and improving relations with relatives.

On weekends, the astrologer recommends to be attentive to your money and to purchase goods on the list in order to eliminate rash spending.

Business activity at Aquarius will be associated with the energy support of a strong Mercury. This week you should start implementing your ideas and plans.

Conflicts in the business sphere are possible due to the aggressive influence of the enemy of your Token, the Sun. In this regard, the astrologer recommends starting the week at a single job. A good time to solve the difficulties will come from Thursday to Friday with the support of aspects of friendly planets.

On weekends, energy support will help Aquarius to solve many tasks, as well as to look for a part-time job.

The astrologer recommends fish to be patient. The strong position of the antagonist-Mercury since Tuesday will create obstacles in the business sphere.

On Monday and Tuesday, you should beware of impulsive flashes associated with the weakened position of the patron of the Moon. From the middle of the week, thoughtfulness and prudence will help Pisces avoid risky enterprises and eliminate monetary losses.

On weekends, it is important for Pisces to begin a course of wellness procedures in order to restore the energy balance before the upcoming work week.

In order to avoid overwork, the astrologer recommends that each of the representatives of the zodiacal constellations should devote time to physical exercises that contribute to the maintenance of tone and good mood. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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