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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from April 23 to April 29

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from April 23 to April 29

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope comes to the aid of anyone who doubts himself or has problems with motivation. The periods of helplessness are peculiar to all the signs of the zodiac, but not everyone can pull themselves together.

From April 23 to April 29, problems may arise among the representatives of most of the Signs, because on the 22nd of the days Pluto became retrograde, and a little earlier Saturn went backwards. This week, Venus will weaken, or rather, completely lose all its strength due to the transition to the Gemini Sign. This is dangerous for some Zodiac signs.

As for the Sun and the Moon, both of these major space objects will be extremely stable. This is unusual for the Moon, but this week it is only on Monday and Tuesday that some Signs may have problems due to its fault.

The energy background will fall, so the forces will dry out faster and recover more slowly. A period of conflict and misunderstanding begins, despite the fact that the mind of many people will be clear.

Aries stars are advised to adhere to a strict diet. Try to avoid alcohol, fatty and spicy foods. Fast food will also be very inappropriate in these seven days.

See your doctor if you are worried about any pain, because now is the best time for examinations. In love, you will find a pleasant week of understanding and a good relationship. Of course, harmony can be fragile, so do not hope that your actions will not turn your soul mate against you. Try to remain always objective and not criticize any of those who are dear to you.

Restrain your temper.

Taurus this week will bring a lot of positive emotions, but for real success you will have to work hard on yourself. These seven days can be very spiritual. You will constantly look for a positive in the events and facts surrounding you. Often the desire to see only good things in you will be thrown back.

Excessive optimism will be detrimental to work and financial success. To change your life for the better, you will need more than just motivation. You will need a good mood and support of loved ones.

Collective work will be the most effective.

Gemini attract happiness will only fight with the complexes, which will worsen this week. Do not hurry when you make a difficult decision that requires attention and responsibility. Arrogance and vanity will be the most dangerous feelings and emotions for you.

The pursuit of undivided power will destroy you, and a sincere desire to meet other people, on the contrary, will help to avoid problems. Help others to support you too. Do not worry about what happened in the past — only what is right now is important.

Life is what is happening at the moment.

Cancers to attract luck will help new aspirations. In your subconscious, some new hidden processes will arise that will have an incredibly strong effect on your spiritual connection with your relatives, friends and soul mate. You will have an extra enthusiasm, so in business and in love you will definitely be in luck. Problems can appear only in monotonous and difficult work.

Physical activity will be very important, but do not go too far, going to the gym for too long. Do not lift weights this week — walk more, walk. New emotions will benefit you, so it’s time to go shopping.

The time has come to change the situation, because the only thing that the Sun in Taurus is capable of is maintaining your individuality. Run away from the routine away. You can safely go on vacation, travel or business trip. If you were planning a wedding for this period, then you did not lose.

The same applies to meeting with distant relatives, old friends, former classmates. This is the time of big purchases — you can buy expensive household appliances, cars, apartments. Stars do not warn you against making a mortgage or loan. But be careful and do not lend to other people — you can be deceived.

Follow the signs of money.

The maidens in the next seven days should pay special attention to intuition. The sixth sense will be sharpened in the coming period. It will be useful when making purchases, when making serious decisions.

Of the cases, the most positive things will be homework — cleaning, rearrangement of furniture. Throw away old things as soon as possible. Get rid of trash, while there is motivation.

Do not strive to leave with you people who you do not need and who do not need you. Not only old things can bring bad luck. The fact is that when you communicate with those who you do not like, you are charged with negative energy.

Weights this period of time will bring a lot of problems in communicating with people. You may have new enemies and detractors. Of course, you rarely enter into conflicts, but you will have to show your claws and fangs to everyone who crosses the line from April 23 to April 29. These may be people of different ages and positions, but in no case do not show disrespect for those who are older than you.

You can provoke, but think twice before you do something in response. This can badly affect your luck and success. You should not play with the law, breaking it and neglecting it.

Negative energy will accumulate this week in you, and not go outside. This is very dangerous because it can collapse. You can explode like a bomb, dropping tons of rage at those who love you. Be careful with statements in the second half of the week.

Words will hurt your loved ones in the heart, so they may be offended. This week will be full of misunderstandings, as Saturn will become more relevant with its retrograde, and Pluto will almost immediately flow into its rhythm and cause you to start conflicts with the whole world.

The best talisman for you this week is your soulmate. Friends and relatives can also be very useful, but you should only seek help from someone who is the most dear to you on earth. Here you may have a desire to argue, but it is quite understandable, because not everyone has the other half and not everyone has a harmonious relationship with your loved one. In this case, an exception can be made.

If you are alone, then the stars and planets will help you to direct all your strength to correct this situation. Whatever your love preferences are, you are more likely to get what you want.

Capricorns this week will not be able to find out the future, so planning is not worth doing. Better try to start some new things. You must be able to impress other people. Moreover, you can impress yourself.

You need to try a little more, then everything in life will take a new turn. Positive emotions can make you turn away from other people, locking yourself in your own world, so you should not strive for solitude — be more often in public, it is useful during such periods.

This week, love affairs will be the most relevant for you. It is possible to attract love into your life not only by attention to the opposite sex, but also by strictly reverse actions. If you are unable to win over the person you like, try ignoring tactics. Everything is not always consistent in life, so it is necessary to be able to go towards your goal in other ways.

If you want to succeed in one of the spheres of life in the coming seven days, then you will have to become insensitive. Nobody forbids you to pretend, and not to be so in reality. Show people that you are easy to lose.

This is useful in periods such as this.

This week’s love compatibility will often be tested for durability. Quarrels, unreasonable insults, anger are possible. In relationships with people in general, the situation can be very similar.

Surrounding people will find it much more difficult to communicate with you, and you — with them. This means that it will be necessary to avoid confusion at work and stay in the background. Avoid this week of greed, posturing, hypocrisy on your part. Deception to achieve success will not work, because people will feel it better than usual.

It is possible that you will form a new opinion on the previously adopted plans in the field of finance.

Raising energy from April 23 to April 29 should be your main task. The fact is that now the expenditure of your strength, regardless of belonging to any Zodiac, will be increased. This means that you need to properly and timely rest, lead a more active lifestyle and get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you an easy week and a wonderful mood. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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