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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from April 16 to April 22

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week of April 16-22

According to Vasilisa Volodina, the influence of the planets this week will give a fatal tinge to the events. One should be attentive to the astrologer’s advice in order not to accidentally incur a series of failures.

The coming week will begin with the New Moon in Taurus. It heralds a period of personal initiative. The strengthened Moon will give the necessary inner spirit, which means it will turn out to change your life the way you want it.

We will all be a little bolder and more independent. Vasilisa Volodina foreshadows a lot of new situations in which you have to prove yourself, show the world what you are capable of. True, under the influence of the Taurus constellation, events will unfold slowly, but there will be time to think about each step and choose the most successful path for success.

Until April 19, the Sun will be in your Sign, which will help you to show your leadership qualities in upholding your interests and actively fighting for the best piece of cake. The positive energy of your patron will aim you at success, at achieving a specific result in any business you choose. The astrologer is advised to be more selective: you will not feel clear boundaries between good and evil, because of which you risk making an annoying mistake.

The second half of the week is quite a conflict period, which will be associated with the failure of your plans. You will look for the causes of failures in the surrounding world, blame life, circumstances, other people. At the same time, concepts about rules and norms of behavior will be blurred.

On this basis, interest in everything secret and hidden will increase, and there may be a craving for self-knowledge, spiritual development.

The coming week for Taurus — the most successful time. You will be focused on knowledge, learning, getting new impressions, expanding the horizons of the worldview, spiritual quest. It may spontaneously be a desire to go on a journey, to see the world, to get acquainted with the traditions of other nations.

If for some reason you cannot get off on vacation, this craving can be compensated by communication with representatives of other cultures.

Your promoter this week will be the enhanced Moon, so the upcoming seven days will be partly connected with communication. There is a risk to cross the line, point out the shortcomings and vices of loved ones, blame them for imperfection. A conflict situation, as the astrologer argues, is inevitable in this case.

It is possible that you can make a spontaneous decision to break off strong relations, to give in to an impulse. On the other hand, if something unnerving you long ago, it is possible to stop it.

This week, representatives of the Gemini constellation will be distinguished by active and courageous behavior. Stars report that you will increase the desire to get sharp impressions, to face situations that make you feel fear. Subconsciously, you yourself will start provoking people and circumstances at risk.

This is not surprising: a moderately active Mercury will influence you, who this week is under the impulse of the impulsive and sharp Aries. However, Vasilisa Volodina advises to be more careful: there is a risk of getting injured, causing trouble, destroying life.

The problem topic of this week will be financial situation, especially if you decide to go for broke and personal life. This is not the best time for risky adventures. In addition, your ambitious behavior can annoy your loved one, and even helping your loved ones in resolving the conflict will not correct the situation.

Despite the fact that this week is a time of personal initiative, it will be difficult for Cancers to manifest it. Most likely, you will begin to manage a loved one or a close relative. You will be at a disadvantage, you may fall under the shelling of criticisms of a very different nature. This is not the best period for the improvement or renewal of relations: the harmony in a couple and life in general will be broken.

You have to show flexibility, adjust to the circumstances in order to somehow wait out this storm and later take over the position.

The moon will leave its imprint on you and your life. Everything that was previously postponed, forgotten, was not fulfilled. Under such a burden of duties and responsibilities, it is difficult to firmly stand on your feet, but you have no other choice.

Try not to succumb to weakness and self-doubt: the stars are confident that you will succeed.

Transition of the Sun from the constellation Aries to the Sign of Taurus will open for you new horizons in the spiritual or social terms. Stars report that the coming period is intended for a lot of inner work on themselves. For you, this is rather a necessity: thanks to this, you will be able to understand how the world works and finally start moving along the path of your destination.

It is advisable to find time to communicate or get acquainted with educated or spiritually developed people. They, according to the forecast of the astrologer, this week will act for you as mentors.

Transition of the Sun to the Sign of Taurus will take place on April 20. Until this day, you will be free to expand your horizons yourself, or not to expand them at all, although you will have to face face to face with new circumstances that will ambiguously affect your world view. And on Friday, the influence of Taurus will emphasize the importance of personal initiative, strengthened ambitions and having a main goal in life.

With the New Moon on Monday, the period begins, which will be associated with large-scale life changes, spiritual renewal, extreme events and big money. According to the horoscope, in such periods it is best to work with other people’s money and personal problems. The coming week is rather a preparatory stage, when only prerequisites for new events will be around you.

Watch carefully for all signs of the universe and do not neglect other people’s advice.

Vasilisa Volodina warns: you may encounter something unexpected, going beyond your understanding. That is why it is necessary to expand the horizons, change attitudes, work on susceptibility. You will be dependent on the lunar energy, and this will give you the necessary physical and mental strength for the coming lunar month so that you can cope with all your obligations and problems.

Venus in Taurus will present a promising week filled with joyful events and new discoveries. The positive influence of the patron will solve all family problems that have been haunting you for a month. This week you will become an initiator in family matters, so the question of who is in charge in the family will disappear by itself.

Ignoring your opinions and desires can cause a storm of protest. You will be configured to complete domination and sense of duty on the part of a partner.

You will be immersed in privacy, therefore, to implement your plans in other areas you may need an enhanced exchange of information. You will need to learn a lot from people, so feel free to ask and be intrusive. Any communication will benefit you.

The week will be intense. There is a possibility that you will spend the coming period on trips, pleasant communication. Due to the influence of a strong Mars, intellectual activity will increase, new perspectives will be opened, the necessary connections will be found, and the necessary contacts will be made.

You show your best side by proving to others your authority. True, there is a risk that you will become a very critical person, able to make fun of other people below you in rank. Because of this, communication will not be so smooth and pleasant: with your provocative behavior you can cause a counter reaction.

This week you will try your best to show yourself as a different person, not who you are. There is nothing critical about striving to throw dust in your eyes, now you need it to make love or business relationships.

The influence of the restless Uranus will target Streltsov on the speediest deliverance from financial problems. Thanks to this impact, you will be focused on the success and willingness to take on any job that can increase your income level. High performance will help solve many of the problems of the financial plan, freeing you from pulling responsibility. True, Vasilisa Volodina does not exclude the likelihood of damages that may suddenly come upon you and demand immediate action.

On this basis, health complications can occur, so you should not overstrain your body over the norm.

Otherwise, you will be persistent, decisive and independent. Nothing prevents you from taking the initiative and getting the bosses, colleagues or business partners disposed. However, there will be another difficulty — you will be a little selfish in this period.

The tendency to listen only to oneself when looking for important solutions can cause problems in personal relationships.

The coming period of time will make Capricorns rely only on themselves, their strength and capabilities. This is a good week for all those who have decided to break out of someone else’s care and begin to live independently. The question of autonomy is the main one in relevance these days.

Thanks to the positive participation of Mars in your Token, you will have a great opportunity to analyze your life and work on your own behavior. The astrologer recommends considering all the mistakes of the past and understanding all the lessons that life has taught you.

Self-criticism now is your main weapon in the fight against uncertainty, which hinders personal and spiritual development. It is possible that this week you will get tired of empty communication and you want to retire. Unfortunately, it will not be easy to realize such a desire: people around you will continue to need you, to communicate with you and on your advice.

The week is successful for those representatives of the Sign of Aquarius, whose work is related to research, the study of any information and psychology. The whole point is that Saturn will force you to look at the world differently, see hidden meanings, understand something that is inaccessible to an ordinary person. We can say that you will be able to see the secret levers that set the pace for this world.

However, your energy will be limited, which will not allow you to act in a free mode.

The rest of the astrologers recommend to spend more time on spiritual enlightenment, rather than empty communication and stay in noisy companies. You can spend not only your potential, which is measured by the stars for the coming period, but also spend all your money on idle pastime. But this week you are not recommended to lightly handle money, give and borrow.

This week representatives of the Pisces Mark may sharply change their social circle. All the fault of the positive impact of Venus, which will force you to spend these days very fussy and hectic. You can quarrel with loved ones by deleting some from your life. Do not be in a hurry to get upset: new, fresh and positive-minded people who will seem smarter and more interesting to the past will take their place.

Also during this period you will be inclined to make quite realistic plans, to work for the good of your future.

The positive influence of Venus will make you very creative, interesting, but quarrelsome interlocutors. This week you will face in the fight for a place under the sun with some authority. It can be anyone: teacher, boss, parent, or just an influential person with high social status.

A sharp conflict is expected, since your behavior will go far beyond the generally accepted.

Even if you have to endure a lot of stressful situations this week, it will not mean that the Universe is unfair to you. On the contrary, any troubles signal that your life will change soon. This should not be confusing and alienating you from your own purpose.

Vasilisa Volodina advises considering any problems as an opportunity to improve your life. We wish you a great mood, success, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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