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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 3 to July 9

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for the week from July 3 to July 9

Vasilisa Volodina’s astrological predictions are accurate and are a valuable guide in gaining personal happiness.

The influence of the planets is reflected in the life of each person. Favorable opportunities, which will be indicated to you by the recommendations of the famous astrologer, will help to achieve the desired and change your own destiny according to your dreams.

This week, Aries should take advantage of the opportune moment of weakening antagonist planets. The only adverse day will be Monday: July 3, you will be hit by the negative impact of Venus, which will not allow you to avoid inconvenience in personal relationships. But starting from Tuesday the stars will be favorable to you.

There will be strength to successfully complete the cases.

On Wednesday, it is desirable to avoid vanity: astrologers recommend to slow down. Between July 7 and July 9 you will smile good luck. For the most part this is due to the positive aspects of the planets and the weak Moon.

The correct tactics on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will bring financial well-being and help strengthen personal relationships.

Taurus will need love, comfort, attention and care. Such a need will arise due to the weakened position of the Moon and Venus. On Monday, your patron will still have a positive impact on your energy sector, but from July 4, you will have to act on your own capabilities.

Pleasant moments will bring contact with nature.

On Wednesday, interpersonal relations and contacts should be at the forefront. With the help of people, it will be easier to handle energy-intensive matters.

On Saturday and Sunday, a strong decline in lunar activity is expected. The tension will increase; It is possible that at this time you will need helpers.

The week promises to be harmonious and go in a positive way, but some surprises are possible. Your patron planets will be in weak positions, so you should only count on their successful aspects, which will come on Monday and Tuesday. Venus’s ally and its relationship with Uranus will help find the right balance and follow your dream.

On Wednesday, the aspect of Mercury and Neptune will be inclined to take risky actions. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to do anything. On Friday, a favorable relationship of the planets will give you a new round of personal development.

Representatives of the constellation of Cancer luck smile on Monday thanks to the positive effects of Venus. July 3 is to use the opportunities and take the initiative. On Tuesday, it is preferable to engage in pleasant shopping, creativity and communication with loved ones.

On Wednesday, be prepared for the positive influence of the union of Mercury and Uranus. Victory will be paid for by your peace of mind. Starting from Friday and until the end of the week, a change of negative nature may mature.

The weakened position of the moon will reduce the amount of favorable energy.

The upcoming week promises to Lions successful opportunities and pleasant impressions. Planet antagonists will weaken their position, which will play into your hands.

Monday and Tuesday will take place in a positive way: the antagonist Luna will not interfere with the fulfillment of his plans. But it is worth refraining from new acquaintances and romantic dates.

On Thursday, thanks to the successful location of the planets, you will be able to show your best qualities. The weekend is the best time for Lviv. You can hope for harmony in relationships and spiritual comfort

Virgos should not give up the pleasures available. From July 3 to July 9, the activity of your patrons will be low, which can deplete your energy resources. This is especially true Monday.

July 3 is a hard day, requiring moderation in everything.

On Wednesday, the location of Mercury relative to Uranus will be unfavorable. Differences and financial risks are expected. On weekends, in connection with the critical weakening of your ally, the Moon may need help.

During the working week, Libra will be best served with a “workaround” strategy. It is worth counting on the positive participation of the patron-Venus on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

At the beginning of the week, luck awaits people who are not afraid of decisive action and responsibility. Favorable time to harmonize your inner world. The end of the week promises victory over circumstances and getting what you want due to the positive aspect of the planets.

This week, representatives of the Scorpion Mark will be inclined to skepticism, which will save them from making the wrong decisions. You will be helped by the absence of a negative impact of antagonist planets. The exception may be Monday, when the enemy Venus will be strengthened.

Astrologers advise to be more modest in their personal desires.

On Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, a decline in lunar activity is expected. Your antagonist will not interfere with its negative effects. At this time, there are good opportunities for the implementation of the plan.

It will turn out to use the experience based on another’s example.

The week will be full of surprises, both positive and negative. On the one hand, the enemy planets will not test your internal forces for strength, on the other hand, the interconnection of the planets may become critical for you.

Positive days are Monday and Tuesday. Antagonist Moon is indicated by a weak position. Circumstances prompt a good way to solve the problem.

But on Thursday, the aspect of the planets can activate secret enemies, which will damage the reputation.

Weekends are marked by luck. There will be positive developments and pleasant trifles.

Capricorn this week will be available a lot, but within reasonable limits. It is expected the weakening of the antagonist planets that interfere with your accomplishments.

At the beginning of the week, the positive participation of patron Venus will hasten you to the rescue. The 3rd and 4th numbers, her strong position and successful aspect with Jupiter will help you to show the best sides of the character.

Friday Day is fraught with complications that you currently cannot handle. At the weekend, the weakened position of the moon will not interfere with the removal of barriers that burden a happy life.

Aquarius should focus on supporting the patron of Venus and its bright aspects. The most successful day is Monday. It turns out to alleviate the difficulties and relieve tension.

On Tuesday, the aspect of the planets is unfavorable for haste and initiative. Moderation in action will give a chance to settle a household problem. On Wednesday, it will be possible to pay off small debts and avoid a crisis.

Friday Day is marked by good conditions for the realization of its potential: the interconnection of Venus and Pluto will help you.

Pisces this week should not be afraid of a critical turn of events: the positive participation of the planet-patrons will help to overcome the ordeals. On Monday you will be assisted by the strengthened position of Venus. Awakening of feelings and pleasant surprises from fans are expected.

On Tuesday you can find a way out of any situation. However, it is necessary to approach its own principles. Friday is a good time for the fulfillment of desires.

The weekend will be accompanied by increasing excitement due to the weakened position of the patron-moon. Anxious feelings will help you understand your own fears.

The forecast for the week from Vasilisa Volodina will help in achieving your goals. The famous TV presenter claims that some signs of the zodiac cope with difficulties much faster and easier than others. The horoscope of the strongest astrological signs will tell you how to show your best sides. Be happy, have a good week, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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