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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for October: love, money, career

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for October of the year: love, money, career

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the best astrologers of this time. Her deep knowledge of astropsychology will help you overcome any obstacles in love, finances and career issues in October of the year.

The astrologer’s main advice for all the signs of the zodiac is: “If you don’t know what to do with yourself this October, engage in far-reaching planning.” This will help you horoscope for the year. However, now it is only October, so many people need to concentrate on the present.

Love in October of the year

The astrologer reports that in love the most lucky are the signs of the zodiac that love to work with brains, not with the body. This can be attributed humorous and cheerful Twins, who will be successful due to their charm and charm. Also lucky wise and judicious The virgins, who will be able to prioritize correctly.

Luck promise stars Aquarius and Sagittarius, who can hit the opposite sex with their erudition and charisma.

General advice horoscope Vasilisa Volodina for those who want to succeed in love, simple. Beware of impulsive decisions. Everything must be balanced and deliberate. Resentments caused by you to your second half will be extremely dangerous for the further development of good relations.

Dating single people should be as careful as possible, since one wrong word will make you start all over again.

Equal situation on the love front Aries, Lviv, Taurus, Capricorn and Cancers. Concentrate your strength on something else and keep calm. By the end of the month, it will be possible to change the direction of development. Other Signs that are in neutral territory, it is better to be careful: this is Libra, Scorpio, Pisces.

If you are invited to a romantic date, do not refuse. Excessive self-confidence can be detrimental, so avoid selfish Zodiac signs and do not be selfish.

Finance and career

Vasilisa Volodina recommends searching for compromises in career and financial issues. If you go ahead like a bulldozer, breaking everything in your path, then it may come out not so much benefit as conflicts with colleagues or even with the boss. Carefully weigh the words.

Aries, Gemini, Crayfish, Lions and Scales, Your emotions and energy may be unstable. It is also not worth much to risk, even if the conditions of a possible adventure are cloudless and pleasant. The chances of moving up the career ladder are still low, which means that it is better to consolidate the successes already achieved and accumulate strength in October.

Will be lucky in money and work to those Signs that are able to find workarounds in difficult situations. Be like them if you are not on the list of the most “nimble”. This, first of all, is attributed Sagittarius, who always knows what awaits him around the bend, and where to find a convenient loophole.

Successfully formed the horoscope in October, according to Vasilisa Volodina, for Aquarius. In career and monetary matters, Aquarius does not always show an amazing invention, but they are often rescued by a sixth sense.

But Scorpions lucky because they can rely on themselves. Alone, they always work better than on a team.

Concerning Dev, Crayfish, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces, Much will depend on your desire to cope with your “cockroaches”. Virgins and Taurus better not to worry about trifles, Capricorn and Taurus — do not be lazy, and Pisces — do not hesitate when the question is very acute.

Career advancement in October will be difficult, but possible. The astrologer advises to keep yourself in the hands of all the signs of the zodiac and not to be nervous in vain. Even defeat can be turned into a victory.

Remember that the main rule of success, relevant to any time, is as follows: “Imagine victories rather than defeats, for any thoughts are material.” This is the main law of the universe, which closely watches all of us. We are the Universe, so use this energy connection for your own benefit. Look at Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscopes and don’t forget to press buttons and

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