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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for November

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for November of the year

The horoscope for November from Vasilisa Volodina will tell you about what the coming month will be. According to the forecast, each person is expected to make important changes in his personal horoscope.

The famous astrologer argues that major changes can occur in society and in the fate of people. The thing is that the movement of space objects in November will be dynamic: at once five planets will change their character. People will pull to conquer peaks, open new horizons, expand boundaries, create their own destiny, and even the air is saturated with the pungent smell of change. However, less attention will be paid to trifles, details and subtleties.

This will add big problems on all fronts. Be vigilant, curious and focused, otherwise attempts to succeed will be in vain.

Aries, the next 30 days you can devote to what you really interesting and necessary. The Sun will dominate among all the planets for you. To begin with, the first half of November can be a truly dangerous period. Your patron will weaken in the constellation Scorpio.

Up to the 20th day, invisible power will push you to rethink your life, more precisely, your relationship to it. Get ready: you will come close to the border between the new and the old. The sun will demand to abandon arrogance — in November it can ruin your life.

Beginning November 21, Sun activity will reach 80% of the total force. This is great news. Increased solar energy will force you to act and translate into your life the most audacious desires.

Over the past 9 days you will be able to achieve far more ambitious results than in the whole year as a whole.

This month, the necessary changes will be made, and all unnecessary — released. Venus will be at the helm of your life. This planet will help to let go of the past, renew energy and start a new life. The presence of Venus in your horoscope will make you more gentle and caring towards other people.

Stars promise Taurus romantic dates, the revival of what is expensive, pleasant moments and much more that you can wish with all your heart. However, it will be necessary to have time to seize the influence of Venus. It will be stable, but your life — no.

On the 7th, your patron will lose all his strength.

The remaining days of Venus will be in Scorpio, which is quite unfavorable for you. External stimuli will be encroached upon your harmony, there are risks of losing everything that you have been building for a long time. Try to find a balance in everything and allow yourself a drop of egoism.

Live here and now.

In November, the most important planet for Gemini will be Mercury. On the one hand, this is good news, but on the other hand, his stay in Sagittarius will reduce his activity to almost zero. You literally go to free swimming.

Try not to be discouraged, but be attentive to everything. Astrologers and experts of the site dailyhoro.ru do not advise immediately to give up what seems to you too bold — look closely.

Until November 4, Mercury will be able to help you: its moderate activity will be enough to complete what is haunted. On other days, you will have to independently strengthen your energy, or seek the help of loved ones. Squaring Mercury with Neptune on the 14th will present a lot of surprises: you will have to contend with someone more intelligent and agile than you.

In general, November will help you see life from the other side. It will seem to you a kind of mysterious and alluring game in which you can always change the rules.

Everything this month will depend on the patroness of those born under the Sign of Cancer — the Moon. We’ll have to Lunar calendar «> track the lunar calendar and keep track of which planets and under what circumstances the night star will meet. This month may expose your weaknesses and penetrate the defense in your defense.

The behavior of the moon can not be predicted in advance, but do not sound the alarm. Learn to look at yours correctly, then you will not miss your benefits.

As for the moon, it will give you a few days of luck, which should be used to the fullest. On November 4 and 5, it will be reinforced by the Full Moon and stay in Taurus. This will give you the opportunity to unwind, get new impressions, emotional recharge. On the 8th and 9th the Moon will be in your Token — use this for achievements in love or work.

From November 26 to 28, spend time with loved ones or alone with yourself. Do not lock yourself; give yourself completely to something new and good.

In November, the Lions will meet face to face with the contradictions that have tormented them for a long time. The active planet will be Pluto, which will retain moderate activity and its stay in Capricorn. Stars advise to defend their position in this period: do not try to change your principles, no matter what happens.

To some extent, Pluto is in charge of monetary luck, so it will be possible to attract well-being.

The problem will be your relationship with people. There are risks to show your dark side to your loved ones by complicating relationships. Beware of enemies and detractors: even the most loved ones will have potential danger to you. Communicate only with those who are open to everything new, who adhere to positive thinking, as well as with those who need your support.

For helping you all give in full — it does not matter, it will be material or moral.

Dev has, as always, all his views and his point of view, which, by the will of the planets, will have to be modified. In November, Mars will push you to the beginning of something new — it is possible that this will be a new stage in life. Find a way to clear your thoughts of everything negative.

Throw all your strength into it, otherwise virus programs and negative attitudes will capture your mind.

Although Mars is your second patron, his power will be negligible to help you open your eyes to reality. Much will not seem so rosy, clean and bright. But these are only emotional problems from which one can abstract.

The movement of Mars through the constellation Libra will knock him and you out of the usual rut. It’s not so bad: listen to the ideas that the stars want to impress on you. It is in them that the way of solving your immediate problems is hidden.

Possession of your good fortune will go to Uranus, who has managed to show himself as a leader among the patron planets of your Sign. In November, you will have the opportunity to become the happiest person. Although Uranus will be retrograded, it does not completely reduce its creative attitude.

And being in Aries will give the planet even more power.

It is known that Uranus is a planet of change and originality. His influence will be a kind of harbinger of unexpected events in your life. Get ready for an awakening, an inner revolution.

In the middle of the month, from the 11th to the 13th, you may find yourself at the crossroads of two roads, each of which will be happy. The inner will and inner energy will wake up inside you, you will only have to direct them to improve your life.

The planet of happiness, Jupiter, will be active in the horoscope of Scorpios. Jupiter is a formidable but fair teacher who will never demand more from you than you can do. In November, he will not change his character.

Part of his creative energy will go to you, because Jupiter just recently started moving on your Sign.

The beginning of the month will be easy, but promising. Jupiter will reward you with incredible strength and power, which may even be a negative factor. By the middle of the month you will be able to deal with all the cases, trials and problems.

And as soon as they run out, you will begin to invent them so as not to sit idle. To avoid this, interact with the world, desire more, splash out your emotions in your work or use them for tender confessions, romantic meetings. You will succeed.

To the share of the omnipotence of Streltsy will give reinforced Neptune in Pisces. This will mean that it is time to use all the features to the maximum. Do not worry, difficulties should not arise, you will feel an unprecedented rise, life will sparkle with new colors. Only one rule that is worth observing — interact with strong and strong-willed people, they will pull you forward.

Communication with like-minded people will have a positive impact on attitudes; positive emotions will bring good luck along with the tailwind.

Until November 22, Neptune will be retrograde, and then it will begin to move along its normal course. Visible changes should not be expected, changes will occur inside. It will be easier for you to look at life, people and events in general.

You will learn to notice the clues of the universe and use them to your advantage.

Capricorns, it’s time to open your eyes and look boldly into the future. Jupiter will come out of the shadows — the giant of heaven, and in combination your worst enemy. It will not be easy to bring dreams to life, as, indeed, change your life for the better.

Waiting for you calm. But this does not mean that you need to sit idle or hide from the negative impact of Jupiter — in any case, it will overtake you.

Being in the sign of Scorpio, an ardent fighter for justice, Jupiter will not change his mood throughout the entire month. It will be moderately active and destructive, respectively. Do not give in to provocations, try in every way to maintain a great mood. Use this period to express yourself at work, in love.

Try on the life of a happy person, rejoice in every detail.

Despite the autumn, the autumn blues and the destructive influence of the Sun, astrologers advise Aquarius to take everything from life. From 1 to 20 November, your antagonist will be in a weakened position, being in the constellation Scorpio. This will completely deprive the Sun of the forces that for you is one of the great news. The decline in solar activity will herald the beginning of a good period, when emotions will only help the cause.

Do not try to ignore your mood, be sincere with the world, and the world will answer you the same.

Your life will be slightly impaired by the transition of the Sun to the sign of Sagittarius, which will take place on the 21st. The last days will be very negative for new beginnings and initiatives. Do not worry too much about this — this period will end soon, and everything will return to normal.

Life events will begin to test you for strength, and only someone’s strength or your unconventional approach to this will prevent solar activity from depriving you of luck.

According to astrologers, November for Pisces will be rich in events. Lead your luck will be Neptune. This planet is your patron. Staying in your Sign throughout the entire month, she will help you make your wildest dreams a reality.

Devote this period to doing only pleasant things. Each new day will throw up tips on how to get around the trouble and finally find your way. Happiness is already very close — it remains to reach for it.

Until Neptune finishes its movement back, you better protect yourself from unnecessary contact with unpleasant people and unnecessary expenses, both material and emotional. Already on the 21st you will gain strength to leap forward. You will be ready to accomplish something bright, to embark on all serious things — do not restrain yourself.

If not now, when else?

Vasilisa Volodina «> Vasilisa Volodina is not only a famous astrologer, she is a happy and successful woman. And in many respects this is the merit of the stars. She built a world around her that she is completely satisfied with, and every day helps people do the same. Almost every day planets and constellations give people the chance to live the life of their dreams, the main thing is to learn to notice it.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes you good luck and success in finding yourself. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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