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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for April: love, money, career

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for April of the year: love, money, career

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope draws your attention to important points that can radically change your life in April of the year.

For you, April will begin with a serious test. In connection with the negative influence of the Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, which are your antagonists, you may feel weak and underestimate yourself. Starting from April 9 and up to the 18th day, the Moon will be in trine with Saturn and Venus, which will allow a little to smooth out the negative and show creativity.

However, in order to achieve the desired result, you will have to exert maximum efforts, and even this does not guarantee that everything will turn out as you planned.

On April 20, the Moon will be in square with the Sun, which will help to change the situation for the better. From this point on, all difficulties will be solved easily, and unpleasant situations will be avoided. Despite the fact that the moon is still strong, the trigon of Saturn and Ventil sextile weaken its influence and allow you to express yourself.

Give preference to matters that require creativity, and delegate the rest whenever possible to other people.

The second month of spring will delight you with its activity and productivity. Everything you plan will be executed easily and quickly. This is due to the positive influence of the Moon, your patron planet. However, its impact will not always be so strong, so the negative moments can still darken the whole picture.

In this regard, from April 7 to April 9 and from April 17 to 19, the probability of losing large sums of money will appear. Therefore, on these dates it is best not to lend money and not invest it in questionable projects.

The remaining days can be devoted to moving up the career ladder and increasing your finances. Especially favorable dates will be April 22 and 26. It is then that the Moon will be in sextile with Mercury and a triangle with Saturn, which will further enhance its positive influence.

Use this time to make a cherished desire, and plan the most important things on these dates. So you will ensure your success.

In general, April promises to be quite successful for you. This is due to the increased energy of your patron planets: Saturn, Venus and Mercury. However, on April 20, the Moon falls under the influence of the square with the Sun, which can spoil all your plans. On this day, the Universe will test you for strength and provoke a negative in any way possible.

If you endure all the tests, then at the end of the month you will expect a long-awaited gift.

April 3, 22 and 26 are favorable for you, since the Moon these days will be in aspect with such planets as Saturn and Mercury. This interaction will allow you to emerge victorious from any situation and attract the views of the opposite sex to yourself. Use this opportunity to achieve goals and new useful acquaintances that will bring positive results in the future.

For you, this month will be quite changeable, not only in terms of mood, but also in terms of events. The beginning of the month can bring failures and mistakes in the work area. This will be due to the weakening of the energy of the Moon, which is your patron. On April 7, 8, 9, 18 and 19, you should be as attentive as possible on the roads, as the weakening of the Moon entails a decrease in attention and concentration.

And on April 17, the Moon will go into conjunction with Saturn, which can contribute to serious domestic injuries.

In the second half of the month, luck will come to your side again, because the moon will begin to gain its strength. However, on April 22, due to her being in sextile with Mercury, disagreements can arise with superiors and close relatives. To avoid this, do not take excessive initiative on this day and try to smooth out all unpleasant moments.

And on April 27 is considered the most favorable day this month due to the powerful influence of the Moon, so if at this particular time you get an advantageous offer, do not miss such a chance.

At the beginning of the month, the Moon, your antagonist, will be weakened, and its negative impact will be minimal. In this regard, it is better to plan all important meetings and events on April 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18 and 19. This will allow you to keep the situation under control and manage your emotions.

And in order to maintain your physical condition in the normal state, strengthen your energetics with special exercises.

April 3, 22 and 26 may become the most stressful and unsuccessful days, since the Moon will be in aspects with your antagonist planets, Saturn and Mercury. These days everything will depend on your mood and ability to benefit from any situation. Do not panic and do not give up. If you can find a common language with colleagues and ask for help in time, then in the end, everything will turn out for you in the best way.

Believe in yourself and call on the Fire element, which is the patron saint of the year.

The moon patronizes you, so for you the second half of the month will be mostly successful. However, success will be influenced not only by the satellite of the Earth. Because of aspects of the Moon with Saturn and Mercury, the most favorable dates are 3, 22 and 26 April. These days, you can safely offer fresh ideas and new ways of business development.

Also do not be afraid to apply a creative approach, because you will be overwhelmed with energy, which requires an outlet. Active life position will help you to distinguish yourself in front of the authorities and to improve relationships in your personal life.

April 7, 8, 9, 18 and 19 will be unsuccessful, because lunar energy in decline will not be able to have a positive effect on you in difficult situations. On April 24 and 28, the Moon will be in aspect with Venus. This can lead to undesirable equipment breakdowns and, as a result, unforeseen major expenses.

So be prepared to take advantage of the savings.

In general, you have a month of change. You will be able to catch luck by the tail and attract abundance into your life. All this is connected with the positive influence of your patron planets: Saturn, Venus and Mercury.

During the whole month they will help with their energy and build events in the way you need. The most successful days will be April 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 22, 26 and 28. At this time you will have a maximum of energy and opportunities that come from the most unexpected sources.

Use every chance to increase finance. Also, at this time, any acquaintances and scheduled dates will be successful, as well as bringing the relationship to a new level.

But without a fly in the ointment this month will not do. The most dangerous day may be April 20, because it is on this day that the Moon falls into a square with the Sun, which is your antagonist. Such interaction can destroy all plans and settled orders.

If you notice that the day is not set since morning, it is best not to resist the events, but try to adjust to the current circumstances. So you can get by with the least loss and not aggravate the situation.

You may get the impression that this month was simply not set from the very beginning. In fact, all the tests that you pass, fate sends you for a reason. In April, all the planets that will be active throughout the month are your antagonists and will take turns testing you for strength. April 3 and 4 are unfavorable days for solving serious issues and concluding important contracts.

All negotiations with business partners scheduled for this time may fail or affect you in a wrong way. On April 3, the Moon will be in opposition with Saturn, which could undermine your personal life. Also, the weakening of energy will be observed at the end of the month, namely April 22 and 26.

These days the sextile of Mercury and the trigon of Saturn will manifest itself in full force, which will significantly reduce your productivity and can provoke a scandal even on level ground.

However, not everything is so bad: you will have a respite in moments of weakening lunar energy. Favorable dates this month are April 7, 8, 9, 18 and 19. These days you will feel a surge of strength and be able to recharge your batteries from others.

To always be in a great mood and attract success, no matter what, use special affirmations for every day from Natalia Pravdina.

The beginning of the month you will be pretty calm. This will contribute to the weakened energy of the moon, which is your antagonist. However, on April 3, 5 and 6, the horoscope warns of possible troubles related to the communal sphere. It is these days that the Moon will be in opposition and a trine with Saturn and Venus, which negatively affect all representatives of your Token.

You may be subject to claims for non-payment, or fines are charged.

Towards the end of April, along with failures at work, heartfelt feelings may also appear. This is due to the increased lunar energy, which will entail a negative in all life spheres. On April 22 and 26, try not to provoke anyone and do not try to persuade others to your side, since it is on these dates that the Moon is affected by sextile with Mercury and trigon with Saturn.

It can also negatively affect your professional reputation.

The month can begin with not very good news. This is due to the strong energy of the moon, which negatively affects you. To alleviate this situation, practice universal meditation on the opening of the heart chakra.

It will strengthen your energy and attract more love and abundance.

Mid-April will be for you the most successful, because it is during this period that the influence of the Moon will be weakened and Saturn, Venus and Mercury patronizing you will come to your aid. The most fruitful days are April 12 and 17, because at this time the Moon will be in aspect with Saturn. Such interaction will further weaken the influence of lunar energy and attract the right people to you.

This time will be most favorable for the conclusion of major transactions, as well as the settlement of disputes and conflicts, both at work and at home.

Your patron planets will help you this month: Saturn, Venus and Mercury. But the sun is your antagonist, so watch out for magnetic storms. The most unfavorable day will be April 20, since it is on this date that the square of the Moon and the Sun will be.

His energy can confuse you with all the cards and disrupt the usual course of events. Do not be surprised if you suddenly run out of gas or sit down mobile. To avoid this, check these things in advance and do not give in to provocations.

The most successful days in April will be 3, 22 and 26, since the Moon will be in aspects with Saturn and Mercury. It is these planets that will give you confidence and reward you with energy for action. If you plan for these dates a major purchase or a serious event at work, then you are guaranteed success.

And to maintain determination, use special talismans with your lucky number of Destiny.

At the beginning of the month, everything can go awry because of the weakened Moon, which is your patron planet. April 12 and 17 can completely knock you out of the usual rut, because the weak lunar energy will not be able to withstand the negative of your antagonist, Saturn. These days, the horoscope recommends paying special attention to your diet and physical condition in general.

To cheer yourself up, practice breathing that will help you relax.

Starting from April 20, the Moon will gain strength, and the situation will gradually begin to change for the better. Favorable days this month fall on April 23, 27 and 30, when the Moon will be able to share its energy as much as possible. On April 24 and 28 be ready for good news and unexpected changes. This is due to the positive influence of Venus.

You should not refuse the proposed position or an unexpected change of situation. Use every opportunity, and then good luck will long remain in your life.

April will bring someone the desired victory, and some will add trouble. Everything will depend on your attitude and desire to change your life. To think in the right direction, use the psychology of wealth, which is used by all successful people. We wish you new victories, inner harmony, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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