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Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for April

Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for April of the year

Vasilisa Volodina, an expert in astrology and astropsychology, has prepared a unique horoscope for each Sign of the Zodiac. Valuable astrologer’s recommendations will help to spend April most productively.

In April, according to the astrologer, we are waiting for shocks that can take by surprise. To prevent this from happening, Vasilisa Volodina personally prepared an astrological salvation plan for each Zodiac sign. Thanks to the valuable hints of the horoscope, it will be possible to smooth out sharp corners, because the influence of the planets will bring with it not only changes, but also a relocation — the exact opposite of idleness.

This is a rather strange state when you want to immediately get down to business and finish it as soon as possible. Any delay can cause not only irritation, but also an attack of anger. And this is dangerous — in this way one can incur a lot of troubles.

In April, it is important for Aries to set the right priorities. If you are still in search or revision of goals, the astrologer advises to hurry. You need to urgently change something in life, and radically and without reference to the past.

The stars report that you are standing at a crossroads, and it’s time to choose your path.

The Sun that abides in your Sign will help you, and if not in everything, so in many ways. It will be incredibly strong until April 20th. Such an arrangement of the patron and strengthen your energy.

You can say you have 19 days to find your place in life. Despite the positive astrological scenario, there are some problems that are worth mentioning. You will be more impulsive and assertive than usual.

There is a risk of making a critical mistake, which will be expensive.

Venus, being in your Sign, will add creative energy to carry out any creative project, but it will aggravate your relations with people. You will be extremely aggressive, trying to take out the negative and bad mood on others. Vasilisa Volodina recommends that you control yourself and not let go of the reins.

In the first and second ten days of April, the first place will be occupied by personal life. According to the horoscope, you can improve your relationship, bring them to a new level. This applies to both friendly and love affairs, and to business contacts. During the period of influence of the strengthened Venus, which will take place on April 1-23, increased ambition and exacerbation of the problems of the emotional plan are noted.

You will be between two fires, so you need the help of loved ones. Do not be afraid to ask for it.

April is the most mysterious month for representatives of the Gemini Sign. Astrologer notes increased activity of Saturn. Your patron will join forces with the constellation Capricorn, which will force you to accept double responsibility. Frivolous behavior will become a serious obstacle to success.

You will have a difficult choice: to accept and begin to bear compulsory responsibility, or go against the influence of the patron, following the voice of the heart. Saturn, active at 60%, will lead you into confusion, but it will provide an opportunity to choose your own path on your own.

It is worth noting that both options are useful for you in their own way. By choosing the first path, you will learn how to complete what has been begun. The second path will lead you to a new spiritual level. Perhaps you will find your purpose or answers to long-standing questions.

Saturn will give you a chance to decide their destiny. Do not be afraid to take a responsible step.

Vasilisa Volodina draws the attention of Rakov to the retrograde motion of Jupiter in the constellation Scorpio. For you, this means only one thing — a busy month, the events of which will evolve rapidly and not always predictable. It is advisable to outline a life plan in advance, otherwise you can make a lot of mistakes, which you will have to pay for with your own happiness.

Despite the fact that Jupiter is half active, your life energy will be almost at the end. Deal with things that require activity will become difficult. There will be a desire to protect oneself from a hostile world, to shut oneself in oneself and go out when passions are crouching.

Stars are advised to show at least a little interest in important matters: you will certainly achieve achievements.

Bringing good luck will be for you, perhaps, the most important task this month. Strengthened Mars in Capricorn will make you feel a powerful charge of positive energy. The consequences of such an effect are excessive self-confidence, high ambitions and an irresistible desire to succeed. It would seem that luck with such abilities is not particularly required.

But, alas, you will need it.

The fact is that the warlike energy of Mars pushes forward, to the very mouth of the volcano, not allowing even to consider other options. Because of this, it will be difficult for you to act consistently. The astrologer warns about the risks of being carried away by easy prey, chasing quick success, leaving aside the primary task.

To return to it later, you first have to reach the pseudo-goal, which is why luck will become the defining trend of April.

Mercury will be retrograde until the 14th, so you should be prepared for the fact that not everything will go as planned. In addition, Virgos will have to adapt to the influence of Aries. Your patron will be in the constellation of this Sign, which will make its own adjustments to your measured and detailed mode.

You will have to sacrifice your habitual way of life for the changes that will happen to you in April.

This month you have no reason to panic. Mental abilities will become sharper, and life will turn into a chessboard for a while. You will have a rare gift — the ability to see a few moves ahead.

Use it to find unexpected solutions, the results of which will exceed all your expectations.

In April, Libra will have time to adjust its life literally on all fronts. Fortunately, Venus, your main patron in the face of the planets, will flare up with a new force. It will contribute to this finding in the constellation Taurus.

The harmonious symbiosis of Venus and Taurus, which will last from April 1 to April 23, will add strength to you so that you can finish things that you didn’t want to end.

The stars recommend putting in order the working mode: go to bed earlier, get up earlier too, redo all important matters in the morning, and devote the remaining time to yourself. We can say that April is entirely devoted to personal life. Venus will highlight important accents in relationships with people.

This will contribute to the resolution of all disputes. Until the 24th, you will be especially keenly aware of your needs and how other people influence your life.

Scorpios, in April, Saturn, reinforced in the Capricorn Sign, will influence you. First of all, the negative attitude of your antagonist planet will deprive you of favorable conditions for the realization of yourself or your creative potential. An overabundance of negative will prevent you from living easily, freely and enthusiastically. However, the astrologer advises not to give up.

In April there will be good days that will give you new promising opportunities, self-realization, good luck and personal growth.

This month, if you want to succeed, you need to stick to the «golden mean.» Working, loving and making courageous decisions is important without harming yourself. If because of work or relationships you cannot afford to relax and continue to accumulate stress, then it is time to look for something better or get rid of some of the responsibilities.

The representatives of the fire element in April, the stars promise good luck. Of course, just so fortune will not pay attention to you. This will contribute to Neptune, residing in Pisces and concurrently taking the place of your active planet.

Stars promise that it will be a productive and happy month for all representatives of the Sagittarius.

True, luck alone is not enough. In April, you will have to take a decisive step towards your own success. The astrologer recommends to work on your outlook — this is the best way to achieve happiness.

Do not try to find happiness at the expense of external resources, wealth, status in society or physical health. The source of happiness, which is closely related to the feeling of satisfaction, is considered to be a sense of self-worth.

In April, Capricorns will become more energetic and active. All because of the powerful influence of Mars, which will not leave you throughout the month. Immediately, you should identify the risks — under the influence of the warlike planet you will only be directed forward, because of which your behavior will become impatient and aggressive. It is not excluded that emotions left without control will draw loneliness or at least social isolation to you.

People will avoid you, avoiding the possibility of falling under the hot hand.

Also this month, business issues will escalate. Stars report that some unpleasant situation associated with money, will approach the denouement. Despite the fact that April will be for you a month of self-development, self-realization and achievement of key life goals, it can upset you.

A relationship crisis is possible, a strong desire to burn all the bridges behind.

The universe warns Aquarius: in April, all internal contradictions escalate. This can be a serious obstacle that hinders not only the achievement of goals, but also the realization of oneself in life. The positive influence of Venus will become dangerous, because it will increase the sensitivity and aggravate the emotionality.

You will need someone who can support you and help you understand yourself.

The best advice from an astrologer — continue to believe in yourself and do not lose hope. In fact, most of the problems will be fictional. It is advisable not to focus on such thoughts.

Strive for positive thinking, not forgetting the search for inspiration.

Representatives of this constellation in April, it is desirable to distract from the problems. This means that the difficulties that prevent you from enjoying life should be solved immediately, or you should choose the path of least resistance — try to let go of the situation, more precisely, the thoughts about this situation. Inaction in symbiosis with anxiety only exacerbates the problem, pulling in additional difficulties.

Uranium is your assistant, but its energy is rather unpredictable. This month, the restless planet resides in Aries. This is the sign of action, realization, execution. In other words, nothing will prevent your thoughts from materializing into life.

Stars recommend not playing with fire. Take control of your thoughts, otherwise they will begin to control you.

In April, the most dangerous feeling will be impulsiveness bordering on rashness. Unfortunately, almost all representatives of the zodiacal circle will be subject to this destructive feeling. The decision, according to Vasilisa Volodin, lies on the surface. Impulsiveness helps you understand what you want from life, what you lack and how to achieve it.

May April give you only the best. Successes in everything, and do not forget to press buttons and

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